Bhutan Tourist Places You Have Never Heard Before

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tourism is a relatively new industry in Bhutan. The popular Bhutan tourist places reflect many years of the Bhutanese culture stretching back to its original. 

Bhutan is a South East Asia country that is landlocked. It’s located between countries such as China and India. Its location made it a significant stop along the historic Silk Road. Bhutan had a lot of cultural influence throughout its development from the surrounding countries and also the Buddhist religion. 

Tourism has very strict rules in Bhutan. The country understands the effects of heavy tourism and wants to preserve the untouched land and national heritage. Visitors are required to pre-plan their trip via Bhutanese agencies so here are a few attractions around the country you’ll surely want to see.

Ancient Ruins of Drukgyel Dzong

The Ancient Drukgyel Dzong is still staying strong after enduring a fire.

The Ancient Ruins of Drukgyel Dzong is one of the top Bhutan tourist places to visit. This landmark is an archaeological site located in a hilly region of Bhutan. This landscape was important for the original structure because it served as a defense fortress in the country. It was used during times of power struggles.

The original fortress was destroyed in a recent fire, but a large part of the fort remains. You’ll get the opportunity to walk through the ruins which consist of the original walls and partial building components which were made of stone. This fort is part of a series of fortresses that were built so you will get to see the original architecture that went into creating them.

Walking through these ruins will let you experience the history of Bhutan. These ruins have been preserved by the country because of the importance that it held in their history.

Trongsa Dzong

Trogsa Dzong was renovated many times to preserve its original architectural beauty.

Dzongs can be found all around Bhutan. Dzongs are fortresses that have been used in the past and are now popular Bhutan tourist places to visit. Not all dzongs are still standing, but each has their own significance to the country.

Trongsa Dzong is the largest fortress in the country. This dzong has been renovated and resurrected over its lifetime. It has held many uses in the past. First as an administrative center as the headquarters of the regional government. It was then used for protection in times of war as well as for festivals in times of celebration.

Tours are held at Trongsa Dzong as it is considered a cultural landmark. The original structures have been converted to attract visitors. The watchtower now houses a museum detailing the dzong’s history. 

Large gatherings also happen year round in the courtyard. The Trongsa Dzong is used as a monastery that houses hundreds of monks. Visiting this site gives you the opportunity to learn about historical Bhutan as well as see how the country is currently developing.

Tiger’s Nest

The cliffs on which the Tiger's Nest is located offer a mind-blowing view.

Tiger’s Nest is the common name for the Paro Taktsang Temple. This site is a Himalayan Buddhist temple that was built into a cliffside. This cliff overlooks the Paro Valley. 

Tiger’s Nest’s origin is a significant factor in the Bhutanese cultural identity. It was built around a cave where a Buddhist master meditated for over three years. This was the start of introducing Bhutan to Buddhism, which is currently the country’s main religion.

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What makes Tiger’s Nest one of the best Bhutan tourist places to visit is its location. This current monastery has one of the top viewpoints in Bhutan. The actual cave is near the temple itself. Visitors are allowed to go to the cave, but it’s only open to the public only once a year to go inside.

Tiger's Nest is the most iconic landmark in Bhutan, and a major festival is held every year in the valley to celebrate the temple.

Royal Manas National Park

This is just one of many other diverse areas in the  Manas National Park.

Bhutan has a very diverse landscape which you can see throughout the country’s numerous national parks. The Royal Manas National Park is one of the oldest parks in Bhutan. It’s also one of the largest, stretching across several political districts. 

This park got its early start thanks to the Bhutan Trust Fund. It received a lot of funding in an attempt to develop the environmental conservation of Bhutan.

You can explore a lot of areas of the national park. You can take advantage of guided tours that take you around its various ecosystems. 

The plant life is one of the notable features while venturing through the park. On one end of the park, you can see tropical forests. On the other end of the park, you may see nothing but ice fields. Many of the plants found here are used for important Bhutanese products such as in medicine or religious purposes.

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The Royal Manas National Park is one of the rare Bhutan tourist places where you can experience their wildlife up close. You can easily come across anything from Bengal Tigers to one-horned rhinoceroses.

Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

The entrance to one of the most important natural reserves in Bhutan.

The Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is smaller than the Royal Manas National Park but still holds a lot of importance to Bhutan. It’s another place where you can experience a lot of the natural beauty of Bhutan since it’s a very scenic location. 

It was established to preserve the natural landscapes as well as to protect the plant and animal life that lives here. It has a diverse group of plants that grow in the area. 

The Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary is especially known for its birds. There are a variety of bird species that you can see here. Many of them are rare or only native to Bhutan. When you explore this sanctuary, you will come across many cultural and religious sites that are found in the area contained by it.

In Bhutan, tourism is growing. There are many popular Bhutan tourist places that many tours will take you around to see. Getting the chance to explore this country will let you experience a truly untouched society by the outside world. Every part of Bhutan has been important to its development. From the beautiful landscapes to the iconic landmarks. Traveling to Bhutan gives you the opportunity to see it all.

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