Senegal Vacation Guide: 5 Places You Must Visit

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Exploring the treasures of nature is exceptionally fulfilling and serene. It relaxes your mind and makes way for enormous tranquility. Travelers like to explore different places like the sandy beaches, high-rise mountains, and lush green forests. Certain regions possess the right blend of everything. From turquoise waters to natural aesthetics and hiking trails, Senegal in Western Africa is a place you must visit. This region is famous for its enormous diversity, filled with botanical gardens, architectural wonders, and high tides of the oceans.

While in Senegal, there are some popular places that you must not miss. Keep reading to know the famous attractions of this ecstatic country that might leave you spellbound.

Dakar, The Capital City

With the perfect mixture of arid sands and fish marketplaces, Dakar never fails to stand out amongst other cities in Senegal. The region is full of cultural diversity, natural energy, and sea-shores to dwell upon. You are likely to come across both the technological advancements as well as a sustainable natural attraction here. Make sure to embark upon Sovietism with top-notch architecture like the African Renaissance Monument. Lovers of art and crafts must take a walk down the Museum of African Arts in the city. Also, fulfill the foodie inside you by exploring the energetic bazaars, peanut stalls, and spicy stills offering the city’s delicacies.

Retba Lake, The Pinkish Marvel

Here’s one of the unique marvels of the Cap-Vert Peninsula in Senegal. Retba, the pink link, is a sight to watch for all the visitors in this country. While the lake is not the only pink lake in the world, it surely is a place worth visiting. Filled with the unique algae population Dunaliella salina algae, this lake reflects a pinkish-hue. As the sunlight falls on the sparkling waters, the lake offers a spectacular view. Along with this, the locals extract salt from this lake now and then.

And, while you set out, don’t forget to put your luggage on your vehicle's cargo roof rack. Making sure that a robust rook is intact is one of the essential things before setting out.

Unique Features

  • Scientists suggest that the unique color is due to the abundance of individual organisms like Red Algae Dunaliella salina & Red Halophilic Bacteria bacterioruberin. These creatures create a red dye in the water and transform the color to pink.
  • Visitors can choose to undergo an ecstatic safari or sightseeing around the Retba Lake. Even if you don’t want any activity, watching the lake at sunset is a mesmerizing thing.

St. Louis, Old French Town

If you like to explore the french-style food and houses, make sure to visit the St. Louis city in Senegal. This city is filled with ecstatic french delicacies, colorful buildings, and colonial monuments. However, the fun and frolic of this African country don’t end here. You can perform the fishing activities here and catch the unique Pisces species without any hassles. Also, the arched steel bridge construction at Faidherbe Bridge is something that you shouldn’t miss. In the end, your exploration ends with soothing jazz music and vibrant French culture. Overall, the city has a vibrant blend of culture, heritage, and modernism.

Popular Attractions

  • Traditional Monuments dating back to the 18th century offer a historic vibe to this place. You must explore the oldest church and the Muslim cemetery that speak for secularism in this country.
  • Kayaking across the Senegal River and Atlantic pond offers extreme serenity and relaxation. Not to forget, you can have a closer view of the underwater species and diversity.

Ziguinchor, The Colonial Region

Senegal is full of historical regions with old-school designs and immersive colonial character. Ziguinchor, the live example of modern-day colonial towns in Senegal, is yet another must-visit place. You can find the pastel-colored houses boasting Parisian patterns and optimistic vibes. Also, this is the perfect place to get the European vibes and see the historic monuments yourself. You must check out the hustle-bustle of Marche Saint Maur des Fosses for an enriching experience. Other than this, Place Jean-Paul II offers some life-long memories to the tourists as well.

Popular Attractions

  • Karabanne Island is situated in the heart of this town and has some eloquent aquatic vibes in the store. You can enjoy the breath-taking sunset and adore the high-rise waves by the Atlantic coast.
  • Eateries that offer the best delicacies are enormous in this town. You can visit the popular eateries like Le Erobon and Le Kassa. You shouldn't miss out on the mouth-watering sea-food while exploring the city at these popular spots.

Popenguine, Medley Of Wildlife

If you’re fond of natural attractions and rich biodiversity, make sure to visit Popenguine in Senegal. The place is full of unique animals as well as plant species residing in this region for years altogether. Do explore the Natural Reserve of this city for gazing at the antique flora and fauna.

Popular Attractions

  • The Natural Reserve of this region boasts a turquoise colored beach right in the middle of some Arid lands. It is home to some astonishing animals that will leave you spell-bound.
  • Cap de Naz has the perfect lagoon around it with the most enchanting birds. Hence, choose this region for a delightful bird watching experience.

Final Verdict

Travelers wish to explore the entire world during their lifetime. However, the top locations are the first on the list. One such place that will leave you mesmerized and craving for more of nature are Senegal. Owing to the rich culture and natural habitat, you are likely to adore this place right after landing. With the top-notch cities like Ziguinchor, Popenguine, and St. Louis in store, you can explore the country in every aspect possible. Don’t forget to spend an evening by the pink lake, i.e., Retba Lake, for an enthralling experience.

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