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  • riding down on fresh powder snow with the last sunshine of the day in Arosa


    7050 Arosa, Switzerland


    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Personal highlights

    1. Brüggerhorn: mountain of nearly 2,500 meters height in the Arosa ski resort
    2. Relaxing: the slowest skilift of the resort makes the ride a scenic experience
    3. Powder: incredible deep snow experience off the slopes after every fresh snowfall
    4. Downhill: the slopes reach all the way down to the town centre in one long ride
    5. Sundowner: taking the last ride up and enjoy the last sunray before sunset

    Image sources

    1. Top of the Brüggerhorn
    2. Skilift up the mountain
    3. Fresh powder snow
    4. Bottom of the mountain
    5. Entering the skilift