5 Amazing Places to Visit in Lesotho

Saturday, October 7, 2017

So you want to travel across Africainfo-icon but don’t know what places to visit in Lesotho?

Lesothoinfo-icon is a small country that was part of South Africainfo-icon before it detached itself and the descendants then moved to Lesotho Mountains, due to the constant attacks from the Zulu people and it then formed what is now the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Due to its high altitude over time it got its nickname the “Kingdom in the Sky”. And to live to its name it is the only independent state that lies above 1000 meters in elevation. Even though the country is not as big, you will be surprised at the choice of places to visit in Lesotho you will have.

#1 Thaba Bosiu

Thaba Bosiu cultural village in Lesotho showing traditional african life
Thaba Bosiu cultural village in Lesotho showing traditional african life

This unique plateau located between two rivers, the Caledon River and Orange River used to be the capital city of Lesotho. Amusingly the word Thaba means mountain and Bosiu means “at night”, translating it to the “mountain of the night”.

Tourists have the chance to climb up the hill as it is a monumental site now. Many kings are buried here but the grave of Moshoeshoe who was the founder is the biggest landmark. The story of the “mountain at night” was the fact that people believed this hill grew bigger in the night and in the day it got back to its natural size.

Apparently, this protected the locals from night attackers as they would not be able to pass the big hill to get to them. If you are a bit superstitious why not get there maybe stay overnight and experience the hill “grow”.

With the humor in this, a visit will enrich you with some history of the inhabitants and their lifestyle in general.

#2 Kome Caves

Kome Cave with ancient African Rock Art in Lesotho
Kome Cave with ancient African Rock Art in Lesotho

Kome caves which were built in the 1900s as an escape by the inhabitants from cannibalistic people is one of the historic places to visit in Lesotho. Don’t get scared this does not exist in the modern age and the cannibals are non-existent too.

It was a hideout for them during the drought season when the attackers were said to reign on them as a way of survival. The small mud-thatched houses which are built beneath the caves are so artistically done and still inhabited by the descendants up to this date.

Though most paintings on the rocks are faded, you can still be able to see them with a bit of squint. Let the locals give you a guided tour to get a feel of the experience of how life really was. Around the area, you will also find restaurants, souvenir shops and also a picnic area. There is also an annual fun event dubbed the “Kome Caves Beer Fest”, come to join in the spooky fun!

#3 Lesothosaurus


What an exciting tour this would be especially with the fascination of dinosaurs in this modern age. Who would have thought this hidden country has one of the most dinosaur footprints in the world.

Just touching these prints with your hands is enough to make this particular tour one of the places to visit in Lesotho. It is possible to see other footprints as well in many different locations. It is not unlikely with such facts there is a dinosaur named after Lesotho known as the Lesothosaurus.

#4 Afriski Mountain Resort

Afriski mountain resort

Tucked somewhere in the Maluti mountains, this lovely luxury ski resort is the only one of its kind in Lesotho. It offers other sporty activities like hiking, biking, off-road activities and more but with the main activity being skiing.

This might come as a surprise to many that this country has not only snow but quite enough for such ski escapades. You can relax at the lodge which offers excellent accommodation and good eateries too. If you fancy some outdoorsy thrilling fun then make this one of the places to visit in Lesotho.

#5 Maletsunyane Falls

Maletsunyane Falls

This magical waterfall about 192metres high is such beautiful scenery that it has to be part of your tour. With such high heights when the water plunges down the sounds that echo are out of this world. The locals believed these sounds were people who had died in the falls and those were wailing sounds.

Okay, this is just part of the humor since we are not superstitious, or are we? Located near the Semonkong town this waterfall is fun for the daredevils who want to take a plunge into it as it is listed as the single highest fall in the world and documented in the Guinness book of world record.

The hike back up is not that easy but you will get a bonus of exploring some great nature around here.

As it is said don’t judge the book by its cover, you may think this is a small unknown country but we now believe we have brought your trip closer. Elevate yourself and let’s go discover this Kingdom in the sky called Lesotho.

Have you ever been to beautiful Lesotho? What are your favorite places in Lesotho?

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