5 Exciting Ways To Get Close To Nature In Australia

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Australiainfo-icon is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife in the world and has some of the most stunning scenery. So, it’s no surprise visitors to the red continent want to take the opportunity to take in these natural wonders while there. But seeing the landscape and its inhabitants from a car window as you drive by is only sometimes the best way to see them. Instead, there are many exciting ways to get up close and personal with Australia's nature safely.

By Boat

Australia has over 21,000 miles of coastline and numerous islands and reefs, all of which are home to many marine species. One of the best ways to visit different areas and see these creatures is by boat. Cruising along a river on a tourist boat may sound tame, but if you see crocodiles and snakes swimming along, you'll soon realize it's not. 


If you prefer a better view of those creatures living below the waves getting out of the boat and into the water is essential. Snorkeling in shallow areas affords a good view, but many places are deep, making scuba diving the best option. The qualified instructors at Abyss Scuba Diving are ideal for getting you started on your scuba journey. Offering PADI courses for beginners through guided dive trips for those with experience, anyone will be able to enjoy the deep-water sights safely.


There are many stunning places in Australia to go hiking, but one of the most magical places is Uluru, in the heart of the country. Uluru is a sacred site to the local aboriginal people, and the route up its sides is permanently closed. However, it’s still possible to join a guided hike around the base of Uluru, where you'll learn about the cultural and natural history of the area. 

Camel Rides

While in the red center, take the opportunity to experience a camel ride through the desert. Introduced to Australia in 1840, camels took to the arid environment, and a feral population quickly took hold. Now with over one million camels living in the country, they afford a unique way to see the countryside. 


The small island state of Tasmania, situated off the mainland's south coast, is a stark contrast to the rest of the country. With an entirely temperate climate and high mountain peaks, the landscape is very different from the vast desert in the Australian interior. Home to the Tasmanian devil, one of the best places to view these curious creatures is on Maria Island. As well as getting you up close to wombats and wallabies, a trip to Maria Island involves a beautiful coastal drive and the chance to stop and enjoy fine food and wine.

When visiting Australia, it’s almost impossible not to come into contact with some of its wondrous nature. But if you want an experience beyond seeing a kookaburra in a city park, try one of the many adventurous ways that add excitement to your interactions with the natural world.