5 Secrets about SEO that no one will tell you

Thursday, December 15, 2022

The SEO game has changed. In the past, you could get away with keyword stuffing and other black hat practices and still get ranked high on Google. Nowadays, it's more important than ever to stay away from those types of strategies. If you want your website to rank well in search engines like Google or Bing then there are certain things that need to be done right - starting with keyword research!

Keyword Research is very important

Keyword research is the base for any website and it is the most important factor for SEO. You need to know what your target audience is searching for, and it helps you determine which content to create. It also helps you determine which keywords to target in your content.

Stay Away from Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a practice that violates search engine guidelines, and it's often used by unscrupulous webmasters to trick search engines into ranking their sites higher than they normally would. This can make the difference between getting your website found by a potential client or never seeing any traffic at all.

The best way to avoid black hat SEO is by staying away from these practices:

  • Going keyword-rich but not optimizing content for user experience (UX)
  • Link building with spammed or low quality links

Make User and Search Engine Friendly Website

Use descriptive links to other websites that have the same content or things in common with yours. For example, if you write about dog grooming, don't just link to one website on the topic; make sure there are many others that talk about dogs and how you can groom them too! This will help search engines better understand what kind of information people are looking for when they search for “dog grooming” or something similar (i.e., “How do I groom my dog?”). It's also important not only link out but also include relevant keywords within these links so people can find what they're searching for easily without having read through every single article published online first before finding anything useful within them at all!

Use a site map, this is basic but still does matter.

Link to other pages on your site, which is called internal link building.

Title Tag and Meta Tags Still does matter

As per the seo expert in Dubai, the Title tag and Meta tags are still important. The title tag is the first thing a user sees when they visit your page, so it's imperative that you make sure it contains keywords relevant to what you're doing. The Meta description is also very important as it shows up in search results when someone searches for your site or product name. Meta descriptions should not be overly stuffed with keywords though; just enough so people can understand what kind of content they're about to read.

Page load speed matters more than ever before.

Page load speed is the time it takes for a browser to download all of the images and scripts on a website. In other words, if your page takes too long to load, it will frustrate users and they'll leave your site before they even see what you're selling or offering.

Here's how page speed affects user experience:

Faster pages mean happier customers—and more revenue, that is website speed optimization, is required. You can improve page speed by doing things like optimizing images and reducing the number of external domains being loaded into your site (which will also reduce server load times). But don't just rely on web optimization tools—you should always test how fast different versions of each page load using different browsers (for example Safari vs Firefox) before making any changes.


You should take away the following:

  1. Keyword Research is very important
  2. Stay away from Black Hat SEO
  3. Make User and Search Engine Friendly Website


I hope you have learned a lot in this article, if so let me know what you think about it! So that's it. I hope you found this list helpful, and if so please share it with your friends!

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