7 Popular Destinations for Solo Travelers in the USA

Monday, June 28, 2021

Solo travel is an exciting journey one can take in search of self-discovery, self-growth, and inner peace. There is a sense of freedom that you get when you travel alone and explore places at your leisure. There are many places you can visit on your solo travel, and some of them are not that far and may even be within your region or state. Read on for some recommendations of popular destinations you might want to visit on your next solo travel adventure.

Napa, California

The verdant valleys of Napa County in California are a wonder to behold. This county north of San Francisco is home to some of the world’s famous vineyards and wines. If you have a passion for wines, it can be a heavenly place to visit. Napa is not just about wines, there is so much to explore in this county which has a splendid balance of history, nature, and progress. There are various parks with RV campgrounds and other amenities that will let you explore hiking trails, amazing wilderness, and crystal clear lakes and rivers. Napa can be a place you can explore and enjoy at a leisurely pace and enjoy a rich wine tasting and dining experience.  

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The iconic Grand Canyon has a timeless charm and appeals to travelers all over the world. As a solo traveler, this destination is an excellent place for meaningful solitude and spiritual discovery. You can feel the spiritual vibe that the canyon exudes as you watch the sunrise and sunset during the day or stargaze at night. You can take a rest from your nature trip and explore the rest of the town of Tusayan where the canyon is located and travel to the nearest town of Williams, AZ. You can take a train tour around these towns and check out museums, breweries, wineries, hotels, shops, and restaurants to make the most out of your trip.

New York City, New York

Solo traveling is not just all about nature trips and trips to the countryside. It is an adventure of fearless exploration that can also take you to urban jungles like New York. The Big Apple is an excellent destination for exploring various things you might be interested in - museums, art galleries, shopping centers, restaurants, and many more. There is never a dull moment when you visit the City That Never Sleeps.

Los Angeles, California

The West Coast is another awesome destination for finding an urban jungle. Los Angeles is a place you’d want to wander off and discover various things. Hit the low gear and slow down as you take a scenic drive on Mulholland Drive or other famous canyon roads in LA. The Hollywood sign is a picturesque location where you can take Instagram-worthy shots of your trip to the City of Angels. If it's a gastronomic journey you are after, you can head to the Grand Central Market and try out different trendy food stalls that serve well-known international dishes. If you just want a leisurely stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, there are various attractions and places you can visit, such as Universal Studios Hollywood, Lake Shrine, California Science Center, Venice Boardwalk, and many more.

Washington D.C.

The United States capital is a superb destination for solo travels. It is a city teeming with history and knowledge that you would love to get around and create a connection to the past, present, and future of the United States. Taking a tour around the Library of Congress, the Washington Monument, presidential and war memorials, and museums will help you discover the history and events that shaped this great nation.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

One of the lesser-known yet well-loved destinations is in the northern part of the country - Minneapolis. It is where you can get to truly enjoy summer with its lush green spaces, parks, and lakes. It is also a splendid winter destination with its various skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding locations. The city itself has many activities and places to visit and enjoy at any time of the year.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is an excellent city to visit for those who love music. The city is home to many talented musicians and you will enjoy your evenings listening to rock, punk, metal, jazz, blues, hip-hop, and other musical genres. The city is teeming with activities you can enjoy alone or with the company of other tourists and locals. Its iconic Space Needle is something you can take Instagrammable shots to share with friends and loved ones.  

The USAinfo-icon is a large country that offers a wealth of places that solo travelers can discover and enjoy. Before you think of taking a plane to another country on your next solo trip, try exploring your own country first. The list of destinations here is just a few suggestions which you can expand as you grow to love solo traveling. Life is short, so enjoy, explore, experience, and see more of the world through traveling.