8 Fun Things to Do in Branson, Missouri

Monday, April 4, 2022

Branson is a cozy little city named after Reuben Branson, a postmaster and store owner who attracted immigrants and transformed it into a town in 1912. Branson is cradled within the Ozark Mountains and is now a quaint little city perfect for a family vacation. If you think it's almost impossible to find a holiday destination fit for the whole family, Branson is just the place you have been looking for. The city speaks for its romantic scenic views, live music performances, and endless theater shows. Branson should be on the bucket list of spots that make the American dream true. 

If you are planning a trip to southern Missouri, there is more than just Ozark Mountain to keep your eyes on. Here is a list you might want to consider if you want a wonderful vacation in that city: 

1. Trip to the Titanic Museum

Branson has a lot of museums preserving history at its best. Imagine getting a tour of the great tragedy that sank far away from Missouri, the Titanic. On the waters of Branson lies a replica of the original ship, within which is the Titanic Museum. As you get on board through a faux-iceberg, you show the ticket and explore various corridors of the ship. You can take a look at over 400 artifacts from the shipwreck or interact with stand-in crew members of the ill-fated ship. You can also troll along within the replica of the dining rooms and bedroom suites, experiencing its wonders like never before.  

2. Dinner at Dolly Parton's Stampede

One of the most fun things to do is dining out with family at Branson dinner shows, and Dolly Parton's Stampede is the top-rated traditional dinner show at Branson. Where you can enjoy a feast while performers awe you with trick shows riding on horses. In a 35,000-square-foot arena, you can treat your family to a four-course meal and thrilling stunts of 32 performers on horseback. They perform tricks, musical routines, special lighting, and effects from a LED light wall and inclusivity of the audience to create a memorable show. You will experience true national tradition, not just in food but in every aspect of the show. 

3. Ziplining Adventure 

Is your family up for rushing their adrenaline? There is a zipline adventure in Branson you would not want to skip. You can explore the true beauty of the Missouri mountains and seek a thrilling ride across seven various zip lines and rope bridges. At more than 70 feet above the ground, you can cross sky-high rope bridges speeding up to 50 mph. More adventure rides inside the theme park tailored for kids and adults, a rustic lodge, and an observation deck will ensure an unforgettable day at Branson. 

4. Silver Dollar City 

Whether you want to shop, eat or have fun, Silver dollar city is a one-stop spot for family entertainment. Within the vicinity of over 100 acres of the park is an 1880s theme of over 40 rides and attractions. Silver Dollar city encompasses restaurants, performance shows, and gift shops. You can also enroll your family to be part of culinary classes or demonstrations of arts and crafts. It also has a marvel cave tour where you can go 300 ft. below the ground and thrilling rides like roller coasters and a runaway mine train. An annual harvest festival also takes place around Halloween within Silver dollar city. 

5. The Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area

If you want to soak into some nature or probably have a hike with the family, the lakeside forest wilderness is just the place. The forest holds awe-inspiring waterfalls, wildlife, lake views, and hilltops fit for nature enthusiasts. It has a six-mile hiking trail for both expert hikers and beginners and biking trails for the whole family. 

6. Visit the Dinosaur Museum

Another family fun spot in Branson is the dinosaur museum. It has over 50 cast replica dinosaurs from different dinosaur eras, including the four-winged Micro raptor and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The museum has detailed information on various dinosaur species, and you can have a self-guided tour with your family. The kids will love getting close to the gigantic creatures from history while you can explore the ancient fossils. 

7. The Entertainment District

Branson is called the Live Music Show Capital of the World for this very reason. So much so that the Entertainment District will always have an endless list of shows happening. List of entertaining exhibitions, including magic shows or animal-based routines. The entertainment district has everything you name go-carting to the mini-golf course. There are rides so big you can spot them from miles away; the Ferris wheel, the 200-foot-tall Bigfoot Action Tower, the Super Sling, and the Gravity Bomb. In summer you can also visit the water park and cool off some heat. 

8. Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Found in the heart of Branson Landing is the aquarium, home to around 250 species of marine creatures. You can spot menacing sharks, manta rays, and cute little turtles on your journey within the water tunnels. You can't miss snapping a family picture with the 24-foot giant silver octopus' sculpture over the building. The colorful coral reefs are just so marvelous; the time will fly by as you are spot exotic fish inside. You can also make fish friends at the touch pools, where you get a chance to feel all kinds of sea creatures. 

There is much more to do in Branson for everyone; you can also plan a solo trip and connect with yourself in nature. You can go and check out the College of the Ozarks or enjoy a staycation in a lodge within the mountains. There are a lot of 4-star hotels with the Ozark Mountain view where you can meditate and soak in nature. The trip to Branson city can be anything but boring as you can find anything to match your interests. Search the web for the ongoing theater shows and book the tickets in advance. You won't have much trouble finding places as everything is easily accessible.