Places to Visit in Mozambique

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Interesting places to visit in Mozambique were scarce during the recent civil war. For years, the country was down, and the government has been working hard at rebuilding it to the once vibrant country it was. Over the years tourist numbers have risen which is good for the economy of this nation.    

Their official language is Portuguese, but they have a few other dialects. Did you know that Mozambiqueinfo-icon is the only country that is one word but carries all the five vowels?

Okay, stop thinking too hard, join us in our escapade as we scale down the best places to visit in Mozambique.

#1: Maputo

Places to visit in Mozambique

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique and the largest city too.  One of the main tourist's attraction is the railway station which is apparently one of the best built in Africainfo-icon. It was designed by Gustav Eiffel, and it has a grand design with an ancient touch. Another iconic building built by Gustav again was the “Iron house” as it was dubbed, due to the building having being made of iron.  

It was for the Governor to live in but due to the tropical climate it was too hot to move into and was instead preserved as a museum, talk of perfect planning!  Look also for the Tunduru Gardens which is a small botanical garden.

Get down to the Maputo shopping center, get yourself some African printed fabrics and batiks and grab some cashew nuts to snack on.

#2: Tofo Beach

Stunning Tofo beach

Located on the north side of Maputo this small sandy beach is a diving and snorkeling sanctuary with big sea creatures like whales, sharks, and dolphins. There is plenty to do here. Take a boat ride on one of the wooden canoes and don’t worry they are quite strong and will get you around.  Play with quad bikes or watch whales and dolphins playing.  

If you are not up to doing any activities, you can just relax at the beach and sip in some sun.  At the beach front, you will find many restaurants, bars, and small shops.  Tofo also beach has fantastic hotels you will be spoilt for choice.

#3: Quirimba Archipelago

Quirimba Archipelago

The Quirimba Archipelago is a natural heritage lying on the northern side of Mozambique that deserves to be called paradise.  It is made of a string of 32 emerald islands that run along the coast.  With sparkling white beaches and virgin coral reefs, this makes it a top destination of places to visit in Mozambique.  

The astonishing marine diversity confirms it is a hot scuba diving spot.  You can get yourself busy with the various water sports offered like kite surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing or just a simple boat cruise.  

#4: Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa national park

Gorongosa in the Mwani local language means “place of danger”.  But far from danger this park which almost vanished due to conflicts at one point was reestablished and is now home to a big diversity of animals and plants. Waterbucks are found here in huge numbers. Elephants will be seen roaming around, but the lions can be elusive.  

Expect to see hippos, crocodiles, bird species, reptiles and lots of vegetation.  Take a game drive and check out what this park has to line up for you.  With the many places to visit in Mozambique lined up for you, this particular park trip would mean a lot as a support to keep this venture going.

#5: Cahora Bassa Lake

Cahora Bassa Lake

This lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Africa and also a big power source to the biggest hydroelectric scheme in southern Africainfo-icon.    

A large variety of fish like the catfish and tiger fish are found here, and fishing is one of the major activities.  Boat tours will give you a picturesque view of the surrounding especially the mountainous scenes, lush vegetation and rich birdlife.   Hippos are very common here so please be careful not to touch the water before looking out for their huge nostrils, or we may have another story to report!

#6: Turtle Nesting in Ponta Mamoli

Turtle nesting

How about doing something out of the norm and heading down to Ponta Mamoli to see how these interesting creatures nest.  When the sun goes down, the turtles come out in big numbers dig some holes, lay the eggs, cover them up and crawl back into the water. The night tours to the beaches will give you a chance to see this spectacular occurrence, and it is recommended not to disturb them during this motherly act.  While at it you can also snorkel or dive too.

Best places to visit in Mozambique

If you are up to an adventure, nothing should stop you from visiting this marvelous African nation. A lot of places to visit in Mozambique mentioned above are safe to travel. However, always be cautious and check with your local guides on where to avoid especially during the nights.

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