A Guide To Encourage A Love Of Travel In Your Teenager

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Traveling is a wonderful way to recharge and look after your wellbeing, know other cultures, gain independence, and learn valuable life skills. This is why more parents are taking their kids along to visit a different city, state, or country. Moreover, a new survey has found that 56% of US teachers believe that travel can increase a child's confidence and may even help improve their academic performance. Since travel can be beneficial in so many ways, parents should make it a point to encourage their kids to get out of their comfort zone and see the world. Here's how you can encourage a love of travel in your teenager. 

Assure Them That They Can be Financially Capable to Travel

People in their late teens often do not need much encouragement to travel as it's one of their many goals. In fact, one in four of Generation Z plan to travel solo in the next six months. However, one thing that's stopping them is the lack of funds. It's no secret that no matter how rustic or simple a travel plan is, there will always be a need to have a certain amount of money on hand to cover day-to-day expenses and to have a rewarding travel experience. This is why teaching teens financial literacy should be a priority. This would involve making a budget for the trip, finding a way to earn money for it, and making good money management choices.

Encourage them to find a part-time job or a side gig, and advise them to set aside a huge chunk of their earnings for their trip. Let them set a realistic timeline regarding their travel plans so they can figure out how much they need to earn and how long they'll have to work before they can start booking flights and hotels. Being financially capable of traveling can be highly empowering, and it lets your child appreciate their trip even more since they know how hard they worked for it. 

Keep Their Interests in Mind

Another way to encourage wanderlust in your teen is to keep their interests in mind. Niche tourism, or travel that fulfills a personalized need, is highly popular these days, so if your child is interested in a certain activity or is enthusiastic about certain products, there's sure to be a travel plan that's suited for their tastes. For instance, if your teen is into fitness or yoga, try getting them to look into yoga retreats somewhere in Southeast Asiainfo-icon or Mexicoinfo-icon. If they're into Hallyu or Korean pop culture, they can plan a weeklong holiday in South Koreainfo-icon. Meanwhile, if they're a fan of "The Lord of the Rings," then a trip to New Zealandinfo-icon would be highly rewarding. Finding out what they like will help you get an idea of which places would be interesting to your teenager. 

Be Supportive

Sometimes, teens need a little help so they can spread their wings and explore. If it's their first time making travel arrangements, be supportive and help them select flights or point out which hotel would be a better option for their stay. You can also advise them on which apps to download to improve their experience and help them stay safe while they're away. Giving them some pocket money would also enable them to enjoy their trip more.

Traveling can benefit your teenager in so many ways. Encourage a love of travel in your teen to help them grow into a responsible, confident, and well-rounded adult.