Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A tradition since 1991, It is a distinctive event that is held in the gorgeous deserts in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. This race is an important occasion because the points that are scored during the race are used to determine the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and also in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. The race is organized through The Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emiratesinfo-icon (ATCUAE) that is the only representative of the FIA and the FIM across the region. The entire race is led by its founding member Mohammed bin Sulayem and has set new accomplishment standards with each passing year. Since its beginning, the event has gained acclaim in the form of the UAE Desert Challenge simply because the route included several Emirates. In 2009, however, the organizers changed the rules, and all routes were limited exclusively to the deserts around Abu Dhabi. This was the time when the grand event was changed to become the Abu Dhabi desert challenge. Abu Dhabi desert challenge.

What exactly is the race all about?

Abu Dhabi desert challenge is an epic race that runs across six stages, and one of them is a special stage that is kept secret from the competitors until the very last moment. The motorsports race involves driving through the desert landscape that is Abu Dhabi and reaching out to the finish line before the racers. The world's top drivers take part in this race. The sheer intensity of the tactics and the rubber burning in the desert racetrack are certain to make racing fans yearn to see more. The race is one of the most famous sporting rallies that attract car enthusiasts in large numbers to watch the most skilled drivers battle for the top spot. Motorbikes and cars take part in the race.

Who is the person who founded the company?

Mohammed bin Sulayem The man who is the brain behind the entire spectacle is not a stranger to the thrills of racing. A passionate driver and professional, he is the proud owner of the honor that he was the Middle Eastinfo-icon Rally Champion 14 times. He has also won 60 rallies during the FIA Middle East series. His accomplishments include a long list of wins, including 2 Group N successes in the FIA World Rally Championship, in Spaininfo-icon and Argentina. Mohammed bin Sulayem clinched his first win back in 1986, and his most recent win came in 2002. While he's not officially been able to retire from the race, every year, participants gather in hopes that the Middle Eastern's most renowned driver will return to the track for a race soon.

About the terrain

In contrast to the typical track tracks that you see in other world regions, The UAE's biggest event is about enjoying the thrilling times that can be enjoyed within the desert. The concept of experiencing adventure in the desert is exciting for both the driver and spectators. Furthermore, the scenery is stunning. Dubai is known for taking entertainment to a new stage, and people love to be part of the festivities. The different atmosphere is why the race is so exhilarating.

A yearly event

The 2017 Abu Dhabi desert challenge was an incredible success due to the sheer number of participants. The constant effort of the organizers to try things differently has helped keep the excitement of the event increasing with each passing year. The event is divided into two parts; the race is a combination of motorcycles and automobiles. This year, the top drivers from different nations came out to prove their skills, and the result was a thrilling array of events. For the list of this year's races, you can always click. 


Yes! The races have added a vital element of adventure to regular holiday programs in Dubai. The races within the deserts in Dubai are a fantastic occasion for fans of cars to enjoy the scenic beauty and, of course, thrilling races. Many people from all over the globe attend these events and the level of adrenaline they bring. In essence, UAE has a lot to offer to every tourist, making UAE one of the best sought-after destinations globally. From the tranquil Oasis town Al Ain, the ruggedly attractive Hajar Mountains, the ancient forts and archeological sites in the Northern Emirates, to the beautiful beaches and diving locations offered along the East coast, the UAE is a tourist destination that will please all kinds of tourists.

What if you're not familiar with what it takes to be a racer? You still have the chance to participate in the race and take advantage of your visit to this region of the globe. The stunning hotels and resorts provide the ultimate luxury year-round for sun-lovers. Traditional Souks and modern-day malls make an ideal environment for shoppers; The desert provides amazing opportunities for off-road adventure with custom safaris, 4WDs, camel rides, and many more!

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates; this location is truly a most precious jewel. You can find a variety of tourist attractions that are certain to keep you entertained all day long. Because the culture of Dubai is multicultural, some influences are certainly international. Therefore, if you find traditional souks, then you can also play the modern golf course. All of this and more is available when you visit the city to participate in one of the city's most important occasions.

How can I get there?

The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is one of the most awaited occasions on the calendar. So, booking tickets for the event should be planned early enough. Since the location is serviced by the top airlines, getting to the location from anywhere globally isn't going to be difficult. Dubai's primary airline, Emirates, is well-known for its superb connectivity. In essence, there are flights from the most important cities around the globe which connect you to the city. Therefore, getting to this destination is effortless! Also, if you reserve your flights early, you will likely enjoy great discounts too.

It's even better when it's paired with a vacation!

The event is usually viewed as a celebration by participants, their families, and supporters who stay longer to experience the country's numerous things. Why should you not take advantage of your time in the country?


Dubai has a wide range of accommodation options. You can find budget-friendly hotels available for people who are looking to stay within the budget. There is also the option of luxury accommodations in which you can have an extravagant stay within Dubai. Dubai hinterland. Booking hotels is simple. You can make a reservation in person or make the reservations on the internet. It's only a matter of minutes. For food or other lodging needs, your possibilities are endless!

Travelers can also contact the organizers and chat with them about a variety of alternatives to travel. There are a variety of exciting deals they can offer, and you'll be able to discover something that will suit your budget.

How can you get involved?

If you think driving would prevent your participation in the festival, it is not the case. Although car driving is the festival's main purpose, you can also do many more things during your trip here. There are many other activities held in the desert atmosphere which keep your interest. Even the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge organizers host numerous events that provide many options for those who attend. For example, participants can upload their videos. Organizers will choose the most effective videos and upload them on the site as well.

This will allow you to be a part of the event in a variety of manner, and it's absolutely enjoyable!

About the facilities

Although there are a variety of options for tourists to enjoy the facilities, there's an equally numerous array of options for racers and race drivers. Ensuring the event is run safely and ensuring the safety of all drivers has been the main goal of the organizers of the Abu Dhabi desert challenge. Recently, Swedish rider Tony Land stated that his Search and Rescue team, who helped him when he was badly injured during his participation in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge last month, is the best of the best in the entire world. This is a statement that affirms the high standard of facilities for the competition. In the most recent desert challenge, the medical team provided all-time protection for the 149 participants in vehicles, buggies, bicycles, and quads. At the same time, they tackled the five-day trek through Al Gharbia's Western Region of Al Gharbia and across many of the more challenging desert terrains in the world.

In the event of an incident or accident, our rescue crew was able to be on-site within a matter of minutes. Medical assistance was brought in via medical assistance.

The Conclusion

The year held this year was the 25th year of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and was attended by a huge crowd. The event kept the excitement up to the very end and made people want more. The festivities culminated with a gala meal and the award ceremony held at Yas Marina. Yas Marina circuit. The event was attended by some of the top of the line of the automotive circuit. The top winners were the Russian Vladimir Vasilyev, who captured the car's title for the second time in succession, and Spaniard Marco Coma, who secured the Desert Challenge bikes crown for the eighth time.

Ahmed Al Fahim and Mansour Al Helen were the two delighted winners of the home field. While Fahim took home the category of T3 buggies and fellow Emirati Mansour Al Helen won the production class cars of T2 title. The Qatari Mohammed Abu Issa won the Desert Challenge quad crown for the third time in the space of three years, with the excitement rising in terms of expectation and popularity of supporters.

The Desert Challenge was the second round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies for cars and the inaugural stage of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship for bikes.

What are you most looking for next year?

It is no secret that the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge has become one of the most-awaited races of the season. One thing you can be sure of is that next year's event will feature a bigger and even more thrilling racing event. The most famous racers will be there, and if you're interested in watching the action unfold as sweat is poured down the race track, then this event is a must. This is your chance to plan your vacation and plan everything perfectly.

To find out more about the schedule, event or facilities, sign in to the portal or call the assistance team for more information. Pre-planning tickets will enable you to save plenty of money too. Therefore, why not make the most of your bargain and make plans for your trip to the next edition of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge today.

This is your chance to take in this desert with its peaceful beauty while experiencing an adrenaline rush as you've never experienced before, as cars compete against each other. Furthermore, it will be your opportunity to watch some of the most impressive racing in the world when world-class cars race through one of the most challenging terrains on the planet. Each machine will delight your eyes from the bicycles to the automobile when you see the cars race towards the finish line. They display the force and beauty that they are renowned for.

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