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Friday, January 12, 2018

By joining forces with National Geographic Travel, G Adventures brought adventurous travel to a new level, offering the perfect adventure internationally. Not only do travelers get an authentic experience by getting to know local people and tasting national food delicacies, but now they also get to visit sights they once only got to see on pictures in National Geographic Magazine.

G Adventures was founded in 1990, and its goal was offering travelers an authentic adventure. Nowadays, over 150 000 travelers per year embark on their journey with G Adventures. They offer a variety of packages, including travels specifically designed for young people, adventurous trips for families and ones where the traveler gets to visit unique spots and pick the brains of renowned experts who have left their mark there. Whichever package you choose, you will always be accompanied by a CEO or Chief Experience Officer. This is a local guide, who knows all the right places and all the right people. 

At G Adventures, they believe traveling is for everybody, but in case you prefer to experience your great adventure with people of similar age, they got your back. Just choose the 18 to Thirty-somethings style, and you can rest assured your travel buddies will be young, vibrant people who can keep up with your pace. These trips are longer than other types, but they are still designed for travelers with a limited budget. Maybe you think you couldn’t handle a big adventure in an international environment financially, but be sure to check out their offers before you close that door.

If money is not so much of an issue, but you feel like your wild, carefree days are behind you, because you have already settled down with kids, think again. Families go on vacations as well and with G Adventures that vacation is going to be a fun, but age appropriate adventure for the little ones. Enrich your children’s childhood by taking them on an adventure international they will remember forever. They will remember it forever. Instead of dragging them on some boring tour of a city, take them on a trip where they will not only have a blast but learn a ton about different cultures, wildlife in other countries and the importance of preserving the environment.
If you are already impressed by what they offer, you are not the only one. They have won many awards for their work and have featured in many magazines, including National Geographic. Two years ago, when G Adventures was celebrating their 25th anniversary, they teamed up with National Geographic and now offer travelers the adventure of a lifetime. 

National Geographic Journeys

Adventurous traveling with Gadventures is guaranteed.

Imagine going to places National Geographic’s scientists have already explored and seen in real life what you once only saw on pictures in a magazine. You can now make that a reality with the National Geographic Journeys offered by G Adventures. They share a similar attitude towards traveling. Forming a strong bond with fellow humans around the world, asking a scientist or expert all the questions you want to ask and supporting National Geographic’s non-profit work is what these journeys are all about. 

To give you a better idea of what it is like, we will try to paint a picture of some of the National Geographic trips they offer. If you sign up for a safari in South Africainfo-icon, you are welcomed by a braai or South African barbeque where you can get to know your fellow travelers. The safari will take place in an open vehicle, and you can try to spot Africainfo-icon’s big five – the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo. Afterwards, enjoy a conversation with a member of National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative and learn about ongoing field research.

Another great adventure with an international atmosphere awaits you in Peruinfo-icon where you have the chance to explore Machu Picchu and the Amazon River. Before you head of to the famous ruins, you will learn a thing or two about the agricultural life in the Andes where the locals work hard to preserve over 700 species of potatoes, which are of great significance to the region. You won’t go hungry here either as you will get to indulge in the traditional Peruvian pachamanca. Afterwards, it is time to explore the Inca ruins of Pisac and Machu Picchu with the local CEO. The second part of the trip you will be spending a couple of days on a boat where you can observe the wildlife surrounding the Amazon River. Additionally, you can take a walk through the jungle and learn about the life of the people who live along the river. Last, but not least you will learn about the amazing work the Pilipintuwasi Rescue Centre and the Butterfly Farm do to rehabilitate animals and preserve the Amazon ecosystem.

If you are not into high temperatures and would prefer to go on a (literally) cool adventure internationally, perhaps observing polar bears in Canadainfo-icon is more up your alley. Who hasn’t dreamt of watching fluffy white polar bears? You won’t just be passively observing either, but learning about their life and the challenges they face. A naturalist expert from Polar Bears International will tell you all about their work to protect these animals. You can also enjoy a unique view of the landscape by going dog sledging and having a picnic on the tundra. Keep an eye out for arctic foxes and ptarmigans as they also inhabit the area. 

No more excuses: adventure international

Adventure international - experience a national geographic like traveling

Whether you opt for a National Geographic journey or another one, it will be an amazing, authentic experience, where you won’t just be part of endless, meaningless tours, but will be part of a culture by interacting with locals through various activities and reconnect with nature by respectfully observing and learning about the wildlife.
Even if it’s your first time going on a great adventure international, you don’t have to worry, because won’t be alone. However, instead of being surrounded by clueless tourists, you will be accompanied by locals and experts. So, now you have no more excuses not to do this thing.

Natasha Car freelance content writer at aSabbatical.com
Travelling is the best way to broaden your horizons. We all overestimate our knowledge about the world, until we start exploring it.