AfricanImpact Platform Review - Volunteer in Africa

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How would you like to visit a country where people live in absolute poverty? People in Africainfo-icon live in a natural paradise, but their economic situation is holding them back. With AfricanImpact, you can travel to one such country, and make a positive impact on the communities there.

Its goal is to embrace volunteers from all over the globe into the African culture and teach them how to improve it.

Volunteering in Africa is a little clunky. There are a lot of volunteer platforms to choose from, but most of them are somewhat unorganized. AfricanImpact makes sure that every volunteer project is sustainable and acceptable to the local community.

Their approach to volunteering is a two-way relationship. It's about what you give to Africa with your skills and mindset and what you get in return from this beautiful continent.

What Kind of Volunteer Projects Can I Enroll Into?

Many different volunteering projects

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities with AfricanImpact. Currently, you can enroll in volunteer projects in 11 countries:

Throughout these 11 diverse nations, you can enroll in following volunteer project categories:

Community Volunteering - teach and educate communities how to solve their common problems such as poor sanitation and poor nutrition. Visit orphanages and make more kids smile by teaching them English. Enroll in community development programs to spread more eco-knowledge throughout Africa.

Conservation Volunteering - spend time with majestic animals like elephants and lions and stop their extinction. You’ll learn a lot from these programs, and you can even connect your hobbies to these activities, for example, photography. Go on a safari and teach more people how to conserve the majestic nature and wildlife of Africa.

Internship Programs - develop your professional skills while working for a good cause. Improve your marketing skills by spreading the word about the community development program that encourages more eco-friendly solution for the environment.  If you want to improve your medical skills, there are also a lot of possibilities in African clinics and veterinary clinics.

Group Volunteering - join up with a group of other volunteers from all over the world. Teach communities about different cultures and how to improve their social standing. Use the power of synergy to improve Africa!

Whether you're following your interests or trying something new, AfricanImpact has got you covered.

What Makes This Volunteer Platform Unique?

AfricanImpact is a very unique platform

Of course, when you decide to go volunteering, you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone. The staff of AfricanImpact will always do their best to help you have an experience of your life. They live with other applicants at volunteer houses, and their goal is to support them in any way possible.

Bringing volunteers together allows them to learn a lot about other cultures. That often leads them to be more active and appreciate the environment they are in currently. The atmosphere that this platform creates encourages just that and makes volunteers citizens of the world.

There is no doubt that many long-lasting friendships will be built during your stay with AfricanImpact. To make all of these projects a success, their impact is measured, ensuring that they benefit Africa on a larger picture. All projects are structured and sustainable and meet the needs of communities and the environment.

That means that the project will be greenlit once the organizations and community leaders have established that the specific project can be beneficial to locals and volunteers alike.

To further increase the efficiency of these projects, they are reviewed on a constant basis and improved with new goals.

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Permanent teams work alongside volunteers to make sure that every volunteer has the best experience possible. They also help to make more significant impacts by encouraging a positive atmosphere.

The more comfortable you are, the bigger your contribution to the project will be. That is why this volunteer platform puts extra care into making volunteer houses feel like a real home.

There are a lot of organized activities like themed dinners and weekend trips. That way, you can explore the African culture and environment even more, and experience great things. Face your fears by bungee-jumping from the Victoria Falls, or experience walking with majestic lions.

There are many possibilities for you to choose from, and the experiences that accompany them.

What Do the Participants Think About It?

It's no wonder that this volunteer platform was picked as the best Volunteer Abroad Organization. The volunteers who have operated with this organization had so many positive experiences with AfricanImpact.

The general consensus among AfricanImpact reviews is that it can offer one of the best experiences if you play along. That means that you need to be open-minded to learn more about yourself and others around you.

The organization of the staff is also highly praised, as they are trying their best, every day, to improve the experience for all volunteers. They are volunteers themselves, so they know what is optimal for volunteer newcomers. Volunteers feel right at home with the healthy community around.

As this volunteer platform is very organized, you can be assured that your stay in Africa will be epic and filled with great experiences!

How Can I Get Involved?

Apply yourself and start making change

You can apply to one of the numerous projects this volunteer platform offers online. You just have to:

  1. Choose project and impact type and the country you want to volunteer in
  2. Choose one of the projects that are filtered to your category preferences
  3. Choose for how long do you want to stay
  4. Send your personal info to the organizations or contact them via social media.

The prices are mostly ranging from 1000$ to 3000$. They cover:

  • Accommodation
  • Three daily meals
  • Transportation required for the project
  • Additional education regardless of the project you enroll in

Of course, you have to keep in mind that there will be some extra costs regarding:

  • Vaccination
  • Visa
  • Airline tickets
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Weekend Trips

When you decide to get aboard, the Pre-Departure Support will help you with arranging your flight and accommodation in Africa. The staff is amicable and will try to help you all the time.

If you're an open-minded person and want to experience Africa from a local perspective, then look no further. You'll definitely work hard when volunteering, but you know that all the hard work will pay you back.

Whether your project of choice is, you can be sure that you'll feel great. Meeting new people, improving lives with your skills just makes everyone enjoy in that.

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Traveling is a powerful tool to change yourself and the world around you, use it responsibly for a good cause!