Uncovering the Lesser-Known Attractions of Saudi Arabia's Landmarks

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabiainfo-icon has recently opened its doors to tourists. Thus, people have been amazed by the diversity and beauty of the Kingdom. Since tourists have started to explore the spectacular landscapes and sites of Saudi Arabia, it has quickly become a highly anticipated holiday destination. So, if you plan to visit the region, you must take your time while uncovering the lesser-known attractions of Saudi Arabia's landmarks.

From religious sites associated with Islam and Islamic history to ancient ruins and spectacular deserts, Saudi Arabia has everything. This is what makes it the perfect destination. Whether travelling to the region for a pilgrimage through Umrah packages all-inclusive or for tourism purposes, you must spend enough time exploring this unique country. 

Unique Attractions or Landmarks of Saudi Arabia

Some unique tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia are listed below;

1. Al Souda

If you have known Saudi Arabia for its deserts only, this tourist attraction in the Asir region will surely surprise you. Al Souda is a stunning mountain area with approximately 3000 meters in height. 

Juniper trees cover all the mountains in the region, giving them a mesmerising visual appearance. This mountainous region in Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly unmatched for its natural beauty. It is also a good break from the scorching desert climate in most of the other areas in the region. 

2. Wadi Al Disah

 Wadi Al Disah is another mountainous valley in the northwestern area of the Tabuk province. Translated as the ‘The Valley of Palm Trees’, this valley is undoubtedly a sight to hold with its palm trees' glory. In addition to the palm trees, the valley is surrounded by massive sandstone cliffs and pillars. 

This valley is all about palm trees, natural springs, massive mountain forms, and rocky columns. Therefore, Wadi Al Disah is the perfect attraction for tourists who love the diverse natural landscapes of KSA. 

3. Jabal Abayad

Volcanos are among the many different types of landscapes in Saudi Arabia. Jabal Abayad, also known as the White Mountain, is the tallest volcano in the whole region. It has a rare white ash coating around it, which makes it stand out. 

Moreover, Jabal Abayad is almost 1093 meters high, giving it a glorious look. As it is located in the Madinah region, you can easily make a short trip to visit this volcano if you are in the area for a pilgrimage. 

4. Athr Gallery

Athr Gallery is an intriguing place to visit in Jeddah if you are an art lover. This gallery displays numerous delicate and unique art pieces that intrigue those interested in art. The gallery holds many events and exhibitions. These exhibitions and events show exceptional artworks such as photographs, sculptures, sceneries, and other art pieces.

You get to see the artwork of artists from around the world in this gallery. Moreover, this gallery's primary purpose is to promote contemporary art in Arab countries.

5. Al Ahsa Oasis

Al Ahsa Oasis is an incredible tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia. It is the perfect mixture of sand-toned hamlets and stunning greenery. Moreover, it also has fresh springs and shady palms, making it the ideal tourist getaway for tourists in the region. 

Al Ahsa Oasis also has some historical significance, making it much more intriguing. You can also explore various canals, wells, and artesian springs, making your visit worth the while. Therefore, you must take advantage of this while uncovering the lesser-known attractions of Saudi Arabia’s landmarks.

6. Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands are located in the famous Red Sea of Saudi Arabia. These islands are popular for having marine biodiversity. Even though there are 80 of these similar islands, only three of them are open to tourists. These islands are protected pieces of land because of their rare bird species, pristine coral reefs, and much more. 

There are multiple luxury hotels and restaurants around these islands, making it perfect for a good relaxing day during your holidays. With its clear blue waters, exceptional marine biodiversity, and beaches, you will not have a dull day at these beautiful islands. 

7. The Yellow Lake

The Yellow is a breathtaking and mystical lake at Al Ahsa. Located at a remote location, the roads to this lake can get a little misleading. So, it is ideal to hire a guide while you visit this lake. Moreover, you will need an efficient 4-wheel vehicle to get to this remote location. 

It is an incredible natural lake surrounded by dunes all around. You must visit this exceptional Saudi Arabian natural landmark, which is unmatched in its beauty. 


If you have your Umrah packages 2024, you must visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon. Saudi Arabia offers much more than religious and historical sites. So, suppose you want to take your time while uncovering the lesser-known attractions of Saudi Arabia's landmarks. 

In that case, the numerous natural and artificial sites all over the region will surely surprise and intrigue you. Be vigilant and explore as many of these sites as possible.


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