What Makes Austrian People So Charming?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Take it from someone who not only lives near the border of Austriainfo-icon but as someone who happily goes back and cannot get enough of Austrian people. As a whole, this country is one of the few places where one trip cannot satisfy your adventure needs.

You must keep coming back throughout the years to appreciate and enjoy the excitement this country carries. Skiing in the Alps; Drinking beer in the Bier Haus in Summer; Autumn picnics near the lake beneath the changes leaves and picturesque mountains in the backdrop. No matter the time of year, Austria will always make you keep coming back for more!

Meet one of the friendliest people - Austrian people!

Austrian people
Austrian people are bunch of nice and friendly people who are very fun to be around.

The Austrian people to me always seem like they don’t get the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people to rope Germans and Austrians together because both countries have German as their primary language. For instance, most of us probably have assumed Arnold Schwarzenegger was German do to his ever so popular “German” accent. However, the Terminator instead is from Austria.

The Austrian people are native German speakers but possess many different dialects that differ from region to region. Actually, it’s quite easy for both Germans and Austrians to know exactly where an Austrian is from based on their dialect. This is something that travelers don’t easily pick up on.

However, lucky for all of us, a majority of Austrian people use English as a second language. In fact, Austrians are not shy about using it – the Austrian people are a proud and confident bunch who would brag or boost but don’t mind demonstrating all skills they acquire through those years of being taught English in school.

Want to explore the capital, Vienna, but you don't know where to start or go? Here's my experience in Vienna!

Being that I’m Swiss, I’ve frequently traveled to and from Austria for one reason and another and have always found the Austrian people some of the kindest people around. Typically, they’re a conservative bunch; not displaying too much emotion in public, but at the same time always being the utmost professionals with their manners; especially to those not originally from Austria.

Austrians as a whole are very diversified, where only about 50% of the country are born within Austria. Many people, including refugees, have found a new home here in Austria and the country has welcomed them with open arms and kind hearts.

I also felt right at home around the Austrians – they’re constantly moving, always being active whether it be sports or leisure outdoors activities. Coincidentally, despite all the high rates of activity, half the Austrian men are overweight. Although, it’s understandable once you sink your teeth into some of these delectable treats!

What makes Austrian culture and people so unique and charming?

Austrian culture is very rich and goes in the history
It won't be a surprise to stumble upon a stunning castle in the middle of nowhere while you're in Austria.

It’s clear to see why Austria is one of the premiere landing spots for millions of tourists and travelers alike every year. Austria is home to some of the wildest partiers on the planet. A lively and exciting atmosphere could be an understatement if you find yourself brave enough to enter one of Austria’s many Bier Haus. Beer Houses are like pubs but most time are outside under tents.

Like their neighbors to the North, the Austrians love to drink – beer is much more like a religion, making Bier Haus a church like meeting ground to congregate and socialize about life, work, or just about anything.

However, you should be aware that most Austrians love to smoke (30% of the country smokes) and have been known to casually smoke away regardless of their smoke drifts into your face. Apart from that, this is exactly the types of activities and opportunities a traveler should not miss when coming to Austria.

The funny thing is, Austria is more than just beer and mountains. Culturally, the Austrian have one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Its 8.6 million population is roughly the same size as the population of New York City, despite being 107 times as large.

If that’s not enough for you, maybe knowing that 30% of the country’s total population lives in the five biggest cities will do the trick! People here live in the extremes – either you live packed in one of these major five cities or you are scattered throughout the open land, amongst the alpine slopes and rolling hills of green.

No matter where you call home one thing is for certain, you’re never alone. Austrians are greatly unified and have an unfiltered sense of togetherness. Ball Season is a perfect example of this. Ball Season is the time of year where Austrians put on their fanciest clothes and glide their way onto the dance floor. Austrians are known to be light on their feet and wonderful dancers. My advice, if you want to be swept off your feet ask any Austrian to dance!

Finally, here are some things you won’t read on other blogs or fancy traveling books. For starters, the people of Austria have an undying passion for all things food (may explain why most men are overweight).

Not to mention, they’re also hooked on the go-go juice known as coffee. Next, don’t ask me how I know this, but most, if not all Austrian males sit to pee. As fascinating as a trivia fact that may be, I did try this method when I was here and should say I did find it much more comfortable, but it’s not for me.

Lastly, so nobody comes here too shocked or appalled, Austria is very comfortable and accepting of nudity. It’s a part of life and the Austrians maybe a bit more than others are completely okay with it. You’ll even find some stations use nudity as a standard form of media and nothing more. This is probably why many people call television “boob-tube”.

Nature & Geography of Austria

Nature in Austria
Austria is a land gifted with stunning landscape and untouched nature. There are many glaciers, mountains, lakes and wild rivers that you can explore while you're staying there. We don't need to talk about the number of different activities you can enroll!

As a traveler, you’ll have difficulties finding a Central European country with as much untouched beauty than Austria. Hands-down travelers love every second they get to spend in Austria because there’s an unbelievable view around every corner.

Austria is 60% mountains, and that’s all from the Alps – but in each town, each city, the Alps stand tall as the perfect picturesque backdrop. Adding such grace and poetic appeal to the already gorgeous lush green landscapes. Imagine hiking your way to the top of one of these majestic mountains or even sitting in one of its many valleys, gazing off into the distance to steal a little slice of heaven.

Austria is broken up into nine total Provinces: Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Carinthia, Stevia, Burgenland, Lower Austria, and Vienna. Throughout these unbelievable regions, you will expect to see crystal blue lakes below snow-capped mountains, within valleys and rolling hills of farmland.

All the way to the swamps and marshes, including the beautiful glaciers. This landlocked country is sure to steal your heart and your breath and make you consider a yearly trip to this majestic location.

Seeking for traveling ideas in Austria?

It is a crime if you venture into Central Europeinfo-icon and don’t travel to Austria. How could you ever pass up the grueling and strenuous hikes to Austria highest mountain, Grossglockner (3,770 meters or 12,500 feet high)? Or, spend the day walking the exciting and colorful streets of Vienna? It’s just not possible to pass up something so thrilling!

Despite its alpine landscapes, you are never limited to what you can do here. Whatever maybe your cup of tea, like hiking, Austria has plenty of it, and yet why only settle for things you’ve already done? Austria is known for its exciting cultural – why not channel your inner Austrian and dare to try something new?

Try your hand at rock climbing, skiing, soccer (football), mountain biking, paragliding, sky diving, ice skating.

Travel austria
Stunning castles in the mountains are usual things around Austria. You can usually go inside and explore the rich history of these beautiful castles.

No trip could be completed without a taste of Austrian home cooking! You haven’t lived until you engorged yourself on the heavenly food of the Austrian people. Wurstelstand sausages, pork and potato dinners, Wiener Schnitzel (every version of this dish needs to be tasted, you’re welcome), Knödel (dumplings), Kaiserschmarrn (think funnel cake made with pancakes and icing), and everyone’s favorite Apfelstrudel (Austria’s own slice of heaven).

No country can call itself a country without having its own traditions. Austria is no different – it’s home to many exciting and popular traditions, including festivals and concerts that captivate the country and millions of tourists every year. Feel free to strap on a pair of lederhosen, or squeeze into a classy dirndl and hit the Beer tents, and don’t forget to eat the food!

Want to get more ideas for a crazy road trip around Europe? Check out my experiences from the European road trip and start planning!

Lastly, you must hit the towns and cities – soak up some of the most iconic sights that Austria has to offer. We all know about gorgeous Vienna and historic Salzburg, but what a lot of people don’t know are the places you will get more “bang for your buck.”

I’m talking about places like Salzkammergut; the enchanting resort surrounded by a swarm of crystal blue lakes below the breathtaking mountains off in the distance. Also, you cannot afford to miss out on Lake Constance (and Meersburg Castle), the medieval town of Hallstatt, Bad Gastein, St. Anton am Arlberg, and finally Zell am See (the picturesque village that looks as though it was plucked from a J.R.R. Tolkien novel).

Still looking for more ideas to fill your Austrian itinerary? Don't worry? I've been traveling through Austria many times, and there is always something new to explore or experience. Here's the list of places to visit and explore in Austria that will make your trip unforgettable. 

Home, sweet home in Austria

Millions upon millions of people take time out of their busy lives just to visit Austria. But have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple, and often never thought of. It’s simply because no pictures, no videos, no reviews from a professional can do Austria justice.

Seeing a picture or a video is looking through a part of the world through someone else’s eyes. What these millions of people all understand is a place like Austria, and enchanting and beautiful country, can’t just be seen by someone else. It must be seen in person, by you.

Breath this country in, feel the excitement in the air. Talk to the ever kind and polite locals while engaging in the wonderful cities and towns they offer you. Few countries will have such an everlasting effect on you like Austria and its people.

I have little doubt that once you’re here and experience this amazing country for yourself, like Arnold Schwarzenegger you’ll be saying, “I’ll be back’.

Have you ever traveled through Austria? What was your impression while traveling around the country and meeting Austrian people?

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