Must-visit 6 attractions of Nepal for authentic taste of Nepal

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Nepalinfo-icon is a country with radiant natural beauty and fascinating cultures offering a vast range of experiences. Yet, the country is mainly known for the big sky dominating mountains for trekking purposes. It is a good thing; however, trekking to the hills of Nepal only showcases the mountain finesse. It does not allow travelers to see the vibrancy of hilly villages and tropical terai. Henceforth, to taste the authentic features of Nepal that give a local touch, here are the must-visit 6 attractions of Nepal. 

Kathmandu Valley – Land of the Royalties of Nepal

Kathmandu valley is an accumulation of three major cities of Nepal, i.e., Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. In ancient times, these cities used to be individually ruled by respective royal families of Nepal. All Kings hailed from the Malla dynasty and built grand palaces in their respective cities. However, during the unification of Nepal, King Prithivi Narayan Shah of Gorkha district acquired Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kathmandu one by one, along with other neighboring cities.

Besides great historical background, these cities also possess a truly artistic and architectural skillset adorned in the grand palaces and temples. Part of UNESCO heritage sites, these cultural sites let travelers witness intricate wood designs and monuments built by Newar artisans in ancient times. Moreover, Newar being the natives of these cities, one can observe the evolution of the Newar community with time. Some places still harbor medieval lifestyles allowing visitors to reminisce the life of Newars in ancient times. 

Additionally, the valley houses several sacred sites for Hindu and Buddhist followers. With religious sites such as Pashupatinath temple, Boudhanath, and Swayambhu stupa, wanderers get to observe Nepal’s religious and spiritual side. Similarly, the valley is home to more than 1 million people hailing from different parts of the country. Therefore, visitors will observe a diverse culture at once without spending much of their precious time. Every ethnic group resides in Kathmandu valley and spreads the color of different festivities, letting others enjoy them. To sum it all, exploring Kathmandu valley gives you a basic idea of how Nepalese life persists in the city.

Khumbu valley- home of the giant mountains

Nepal is bestowed with innumerable mountain scenes by Mother Nature. Housing one of the giant ice masses is Khumbu valley in the northeast of Nepal. The primary route to Everest Base Camp and its summit, every trekker and mountain, bypasses the charming hamlets of Khumbu valley. Adorned with colorful houses in the shadows of the tall peaks of Everest massif and Himalayan magnificence, people can encounter religious and cultural splendor.

An accumulation of charming towns such as Lukla, Namche, Dingboche, Pheriche, etc., the valley includes all the major cities that house trekkers heading towards different mountains of the Khumbu region. And for this particular reason, this beautiful valley is included in the list. Native to the Sherpa community, the valley is not only reserved for the traditional lifestyle. Traditionally, Sherpa’s engaged in agriculture and farming, but with the change and rising popularity of Everest Base Camp Trek, the valley has interestingly adapted a different profession. Manaslu is another beautiful mountain to climb and trek in Nepal. Now, a commercial town and most engaged in the tourism industry, it is interesting to see the community manage tradition, culture thrives with evolving modernism.

Henceforth, to taste Nepal’s traditional and contemporary essence, one should definitely head to Khumbu valley and experience a culture that prospers with changing times. Visiting the valley allows travelers to see inspiring lifestyles and religious landmarks such as the Tengboche monastery. Overall, Khumbu valley is a beautiful place to perceive remarkable natural attractions and cultural elegance.

Ilam – The largest Tea Estate of Nepal

Famous for tea gardens, Ilam is one of the beautiful places in Nepal. With acres of land cultivated for tea, the tea gardens of Ilam are well-known within the country. A perfect destination for a peaceful vacation, Ilam offers plenty of recreational activities for traveler’s indulgence. As the village is covered in tea bushes, it lets you reconnect with Mother Nature. Moreover, Ilam is not only about the tea plantation. The district includes experiencing religious sites which garner Hindu pilgrims from various parts of the country.

Travelers similarly opt on a short hiking trip to Sandakpur from Ilam to observe panoramic vistas of Mt. Kanchenjungam, Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and more. Or one can settle for a short walk to Shree antu and watch a splendid sunrise or sunset view. Similarly, the journeyers can also leave the tea estate and catch the jungle trail leading to Maipokhari, a sacred site for Hindu, Kirats, and Buddhists. The lake is surrounded by greenery and offers a peaceful ambiance.

Furthermore, the general populace works in agriculture and small-scale businesses that sell traditional delicacies like churpi and chocolates made from cow or buffalo milk. As a result, Ilam is one of Nepal’s wealthiest districts, with a diversified cultural attractiveness, beautiful scenery, and religious sites displaying local flavor.

Chitwan- Explore the wild vegetation of Nepal

Chitwan National Park in Chitwan District is another must-see place in Nepal. It is well known for being the best site to see Nepal’s tropical splendor. Similarly, famous for wildlife abundance, the national park offers various safari activities to engage in. Housing wild creatures like Asian elephants, royal Bengal tigers, sloth bears, monkeys, one-horned rhinos, and numerous birds, touring Chitwan national park is an exceptional experience.

Moreover, visitors may go on a forest stroll with a wildlife guide to learn about the jungle’s core or take a relaxing canoe trip along the Rapti River’s calm waters. Furthermore, the national also allows interaction with indigenous Tharu people. The Tharu, who are indigenous to Chitwan, has an outstanding and environmentally sustainable way of living. Their lifestyle in accumulation is exciting and worth a visit.

All in all, offering a broad scope of interacting with wild vegetation of Nepal, do add a visit to the national park. A stay here is relaxing and thrilling, and truly unforgettable if shy animals make an entrance during your visit to the jungle. 

Dolpo Valley – Land of the Snow Leopard

Explore one of the lesser-known terrains of Nepal in the west of Nepal, where valleys are towered by Trans Himalayas. Home to the practitioner of disappearing Bon Po religion, the valley homes Bon monasteries older than 500 years. Hiding in its woods are the snow leopard which rarely makes an appearance in front of locals. Here you see life that is entirely different than your imagination. Most residents of the valley are Tibetan, thus speaks Tibetan language and follows pastoral lifestyle.

People here show deep reverence for nature and actively participate in traditional conservation customs for its preservation. Also, their religion worships the landscape, mountains, lakes, rocks, rivers, and wildlife, emphasizing their religious practice based on praising Mother Nature. And due to this reason, they have an innate understanding of nature. Besides the intricate spiritual aspects, the place itself is breathtakingly astonishing.

The Dolpo valley is also known for the blue waters of Phoksundo Lake, many high passes, and fortified villages. Located in Shey Phoksundo National Park, Dolpo valley is an excellent opportunity to regal with natural attractions. Do visit the Dolpo valley in the remote west of Nepal and encounter a lifestyle that detests materialistic admiration.

Pokhara – A mesmerizing valley in the shadows of Annapurna massif

Get stunned by the sheer natural beauty and pristine charm of Pokhara. The touristic hub of Nepal, this picturesque city is an all-time favorite of all travelers. Travelers get nostalgic when meandering the streets of Pokhara as they realize the town harbors a balanced beauty amid the natural setting with the adaptation of modernity. Culturally holistic town, you will find an equal number of foreign and domestic travelers enjoying their vacation.

The city is also an excellent location to explore the culture and flora of the hill around the city. One can combine a regular walking trip to a semi-urban town and experience life away from the city. Also, one can opt for adventure sports like Paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, zipline, and many more. Pokhara is insanely famous for outdoor adventure sports along with indoor healing activities such a yoga and meditation.

A few days may easily be spent visiting the city’s attractions, ranging from relaxing walks to exhilarating outdoor experiences. Pokhara offers an endless variety of leisure activities, ensuring that everyone has a fun and rewarding vacation.

Final Words

Beyond these beautiful destinations, several other beautiful destinations offer the authentic beauty of Nepal. Yet, these are prevalent for offering local touch and are pretty famous for ages. It is from these places that tourism in Nepal evolved. Henceforth, these destinations still harbor a special place. Make sure you add one of these places in your journey and get a local taste engulfed with natural beauty.