Being A Digital Nomad is Being an Own Boss : Victoria's Story

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Welcome to this Travel Lifestyle Interview Series where we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Victoria from Pommie Travels and Fashion’s on Vacation. Victoria is a frequent traveler, both for work and vacation to gain new life experience for her blogs. Check out our Q & A with her as she gives some insight into working efficiently while traveling, her favorite destination and how she kick-started her travel lifestyle.

1. How and when did you discover the digital nomad lifestyle?

I was in my 20s, I'd just graduated from university and decided to go travelling. I met a boyfriend at the time who was a web designer and had chosen his career so that he could have the kind of lifestyle he wanted. He told me about people making money from blogging, so I looked into it and started a website. We moved to Bali for a bit - the relationship ended but the blog didn't!

2. What about being a digital nomad made it preferred as opposed to a "traditional job"? Do you still use the same skills?

I don't deal well with being told what to do. I've tried an office job but I felt so restricted and I realized that I am just meant to be a boss; my own boss. I like being able to get up when I want (I'm not a morning person) and to be able to work when I want. It doesn't make me lazy, I just like to work to my own schedule. It means I can go travelling and work from any country in the world. I definitely use the same skills but I have the creative freedom and I can do things at a much faster pace. In offices, there's too much protocol and you have to have permission.

3. Can you share some tips on balancing work and life while traveling full-time?

It's really difficult, I'm not going to lie. I can't travel full-time anymore, so I live in London right now and I go on short trips. I wouldn't want to be nomadic, I like having a local coffee shop, friends, saving money etc. When I am travelling I have to make sure I get work done before I leave the house, otherwise I feel like I'm not being productive. The trick is to set an alarm, give yourself a few hours on the computer and then go and enjoy your day. It can be difficult though when I'm on press trips. The days are packed with activities, they're plying you with wine and then you realize you have to go back to the hotel room and write a blog post before bed.

4. What has been your favorite destination to visit and why?

I just went to Cape Town and thought it was the best place ever. If it wasn't such a long flight to get there, everyone would be going. It's cheap and the food is so colorful and fresh - you can eat like a king there and spend very little. I loved being able to go to a fancy restaurant and order anything I wanted from the menu. The scenery is just breathtaking too - you've got mountains, beaches, penguins, wineries...that city has it all. Plus, the weather is mild.

5. How do you decide your next destination to travel?

I often go somewhere because I saw a friend posting about it on Instagram or through word of mouth. Sometimes I go places because I'm invited by the tourism board or a brand. Other times I just look online and see what flights are cheap.

6. What is your reason for traveling?

I travel to feel free and independent. I like having the change of scenery.

7. Advice for people interested in being a digital nomad?

I'd say think very carefully about it. It can look glamorous but it's not for everyone. You have to be really self-motivated and be prepared to work your ass off for little to no reward in the beginning. Things get easier as time goes on but it's not always easy to juggle travel and work.

Victoria is the author of award-winning travel blog Pommie Travels as well as a fashion and travel magazine called Fashion's On Vacation. After leaving university in 2008 she packed her journalism degree into her suitcase to travel the world and be her own boss. She has travelled to over 50 countries across 6 continents, most of the time solo.

Follow her journey on her FacebookInstagram, and Twitter page.

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