Best Channels For People Who Love To Travel

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

“Travel is, as they say, therapy for the soul”. While some say that travel is a thousand miles journey, they hesitate to start with a single step. Some do it at times when they hit rock bottom, some do it for leisure, and some do it to seek themselves and find what they have lost. No matter the reason for travel, you can agree that traveling does teach you a lot and it gives you a lot of new learning to take into your life ahead or memories to live by. However, for some travel does not come easy. Or it could be on your “new year's resolutions”, or “the to-do list before you die”, and for such travel enthusiasts, there are many live travel streams to watch on their TV channels, to indulge while they make these travel plans come to life.

For these people, there are many travel TV shows, YouTube live streams, and live TV shows to watch, you only need a good extensive cable and a smooth internet connection to watch such channels or stream on the internet. One such recommendation for an extensive channel lineup is the RCN TV cable lineup, with a vast variety of channels to choose from and with one of the best services in town. A great option for people looking for an extensive lineup and the option to have on-demand content too. Of course, unless you are pretty satisfied with your cable TV provider. 

Now, back to the main topic of having travel channels, you would love to watch. These could turn up your plans a notch with your research of places to travel or just watch these channels for the fun of it lying down in your cozy sheets with a cup of coffee in your hand. 

Check out our list of the top five TV channels to watch that will provide you with a wide range of travelers/hosts and shows about their traveling adventures, for people who love to travel and for ones who can’t do so. These shows will give you joy and might even entrance you to plan a getaway after all. Not all of these shows may be airing now but have been on the re-run and are popular for their amazing travel coverage. 


This show is about two friends named Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach from Canadainfo-icon with production and videography by Andre Dupis. The two friends decided to head off on an adventure after being bored of the consistent life. They ended up with an exploration of the vast areas of the world and making a name in the process too. The Departure TV Series continued for 42 episodes starting in 2008 and ending in the year 2010. 

Rick Steves Travel Series

Another prolific traveler with hands-on knowledge and learning through his traveling videos and shows. You might even find this website top of the list in a number of European-related travel searches. He is a traveler who seems to be everywhere in the world and made a TV show about it too. Both online and offline, he has great content that appeals to the older demographic as the commentary is a little serious and captivates the audience with the authenticities of the places he travels to.

Long Way Round 

A show from years ago but is still vivid in the memories of many. The host is the world-famous Ewan McGregor who comes along with his co-host and best friend, Charlie Boorman. Together they pursue an adventure, dating back to 2004. These best of friends pursue their passion for adventure and BMW bikes by traveling throughout East London and Europeinfo-icon on their bikes together, all the way to the USAinfo-icon (New York). A crew is thrown in the mix too. However, this is a hardcore trip of the outlands with many harsh conditions, which they had to beat. The best thing is, they did not miss the messy parts out of production and let them air in too, so you get the beat of the reality with this show. With 19 thousand miles and 33,000 KMs of adventure, the Long Way Round show is the best for all the diehard fans of backpack traveling.

Travel Man

An adventure of a man named Richard Ayoade who teams up with multiple different celebrities each week and spends 48 hours traveling across Europe, exploring the world through their lenses. With dry humor and banter to add up in the mix, it is definitely a fun watch. The show has been on air since 2015 and with the latest episode coming on 13th January of 2023 with the 8th and latest season. However, the comedian and actor Richard Ayoade stepped down in July 2019 and had been replaced by Joe Lycett, while the new host’s first episode aired in December 2021.

Globe Trekker

A series that aired in 1994 and has episodes broadcasting to present times concluding with its 18th season and 200 plus episodes. It is all about adventures across different destinations, offering an insight into local cultures and multiple different cuisines of the world. There are many special guides about the local features of multiple countries and cities around the world, the beaches, festivals, food guides, and local practices. The Globe Trekker show has been broadcast in 40 countries and across 6 continents of the world.

An Ending Note

With this, our mentions of some of the best travel shows end. You can choose to watch one or all of them but you will find them all interesting if you are a travel enthusiast looking for learning about travel or someone who just finds pleasure in watching travel shows or live streams for the fun of it. 

Lastly, we hope this list makes it to your watch list and wish all those who plan to travel, could mark their list of places with a check mark. Good luck to you and with the New Year on the roll, we hope for great things for all our readers.