Best Coffee Shops in Pattaya, Thailand

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Couples, families, and business travelers all flock to Pattaya because of its famed beaches and nightlife. The city has countless options for recreation, amusement, and dining. Some of the best Thai cuisine options are available in Pattaya cafes, along with cuisine from other countries. We have listed down the best cafes in Pattaya for you to choose from. 

1. Bake and Brew

Bake and Brew is the most well-known cafe in the city. It is also one of the busiest coffee shops and bakeries in Pattaya. The breakfast menu and desserts at this restaurant are well-known. Here, you can hang out with friends and family while indulging in fantastic Thai cuisine and fantastic coffee. 

To accommodate customers from all over the world, they also provide a variety of Asian and European dishes. The cafe has a welcoming atmosphere and provides top-notch meals at affordable costs. Vegans and vegetarians can choose from a vast selection of foods that suit their palates and dietary needs.

2. Jasmin’s Cafe

Jasmin's cafe is a tiny and cozy establishment close to the water. It offers delectable meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This restaurant is close to Beach Road and only seats a small number of people at a time due to its low seating capacity. 

You can savor some wonderful Thai cuisine at this neatly organized cafe, along with delicious shakes and coffees. Additionally, they feature a big selection of western cuisine. Due to its excellent food and timely service, it is one of the top cafés in Pattaya.

3. La Baguette

La Baguette, a popular French-styled bakery, is noted for its superb cakes, pastries, baguette bread, and chocolates. It is among the most favorite coffee shops in Pattaya that can brag freshly baked goods produced with the best ingredients.

They offer different kinds of coffee and European cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Their interior is tastefully designed. The cuisine is a tad pricey, but it's worth it because the quality is excellent and the setting is opulent. They provide cozy inside and outdoor seating alternatives.

4. Sketch Book Art Cafe 

It is a wonderful cafe with a distinctive collection of sketchbooks, images, and paintings, making it one of Pattaya's unique cafes. The cafe is owned and run by a family who is gracious hosts and serves delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

The café features a distinctive atmosphere with handcrafted artwork. A vast tropical garden surrounds the cutting-edge restaurant to provide you the ideal outdoor sitting experience. Along with other Asian and Western cuisines, you may indulge in mouthwatering native Thai cuisine. In addition to serving delicious smoothies and excellent coffee, they also have options for vegetarians and vegans.

5. Pirate Bay Cafe 

It is a pirate-themed cafe situated on Jomtien Beach. This cafe has a family-friendly location and atmosphere, unlike the majority of them in Pattaya. You may savor a wide range of Thai specialties while taking in the beauty of the ocean. 

All day long, English breakfast is available, along with robustly made coffee. Additionally, there is a sports bar there where you may drink cocktails and watch widescreen screens. Due to the fact that they also provide fantastic Western cuisine, this is a great spot for families.

6. Cabbages and Condoms

This Pattaya cafe made our list of places to eat since it's great for a romantic date for couples. The restaurant's name and aesthetic are intended to raise awareness of HIV prevention in Thailandinfo-icon

It is a must-visit location for brunch, lunch, or a sunset dinner due to the stunning ocean view and delicious food. You may eat delicious seafood and beverages as well as Thai, Asian, and European cuisine. They also offer meals that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

7. The Coffee Club

It is one of Pattaya's 24-hour cafes, which is perfect for breakfast, lunch, supper, and late-night meals and drinks. The café is a part of a well-known Australian business that provides excellent food and services. A variety of appetizers, open grills, gourmet wraps, and light meals like sandwiches and salads are available on the menu. 

This cafe's breakfast menu is available all day, which is another specialty. The cafe features a contemporary aesthetic and a friendly staff. They have a skilled barista who provides you with the ideal blend. After shopping at the mall, unwind in this inviting cafe or simply hang out with family and friends.

8. Cafe De Beach

Cafe De Beach is a relaxed sea-view restaurant that is situated on the highway that connects Pattaya and Sri Racha. Unlike the other packed cafés in Pattaya, Café De Beach is surrounded by palm trees and has a relaxed tropical ambiance. You can also go there for a special seaside meal and indulge in mouthwatering Thai cuisine while admiring the stunning vista of Jomtien Beach. 

In an outdoor garden, they have choices for cozy interior and outdoor seats. Amazing seafood is available here, including salmon, prawns, squid, and mussels. They are highly known for their pastries, sandwiches, and freshly brewed coffee. At their bar, you can dance to live music while sipping beverages.

9. Reader’s Cafe

Reader's Cafe is one of Pattaya's coziest cafes. It is a perfect destination for book enthusiasts and is situated in the Kasetin neighborhood. There is a wide variety of books at this chic café that you can read while enjoying delicious food selections in a welcoming atmosphere. They provide affordable all-day breakfast options, brunch, lunch, and dinner with Thai, Asian, and European fare. 

Along with food, the café serves a variety of drinks, such as teas, coffees, smoothies, and mocktails. While the cafe includes features like a kid's menu to draw in families with young children, it is a terrific hangout for book lovers. In order to convey the culture, they also offer intriguing handcrafted ornaments like motorcycles, sewing machines, tuk-tuks, etc.

10. The Hopper 

Just 100 meters separate this gorgeous garden cafe from Pattaya Beach. You can come in and have a peaceful cup of coffee and some delectable pastries. They also offer English Breakfast all day long, just like many other cafes in Pattaya. 

Several Western and Thai dishes are also available to you at reasonable prices. The cafe includes a calm outside seating area in a verdant garden, a straightforward menu, and polite personnel.

The Pattaya cafes offer a break from the packed beaches and busy streets. As you relax and sip your coffee, you can explore the local cuisine and discover more about Thai culture.

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