7 most unique places for your honeymoon

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

After your wedding fiesta is over, the drinks have stopped flowing and your wedding guests have departed, the only thing that’s on the minds of the newlyweds is their honeymoon. It might be the very first journey they take as a couple and spend some much-deserved downtime away from it all, secluded and with each other’s company. Of course, whilst this feeling of absolute sheer bliss might be enough to keep the new couple preoccupied for days, a honeymoon is definitely an unforgettable experience in a couple’s life.

We’ve put together a list of some breathtaking yet unique honeymoon locations for you and your spouse to consider whilst planning your trip. 

Vaadhoo Island – Maldivesinfo-icon

If you’re a couple that’s fond of surreal sceneries, pristine, sandy beaches and romantic evening walks, Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives might be an ideal destination for your honeymoon. However, it’s probably not the calm waters, the white sand beaches or the awe-inspiring sunsets that you might be looking forward to, Vaadhoo Island is definitely world-renowned for its sparkling blue-green waters, popularly known as the “Sea of Stars” and rightly so, it is surely an experience that must be slowly savored for more than just a few fleeting moments. If you want to add even more exclusivity and luxury to your honeymoon trip, you could even charter a private jet through a company like Jettly (you can do this without buying a fractional jet share) at an affordable rate and avoid queues for an ordinary airline.

Udaipur, Indien

Whilst Udaipur and a lot of places in Rajasthan might seem common to host your wedding in, these places are on top of the list for a reason. These destinations offer some of the most regal venues where you can tie the knot. And what’s more? You can save on the expenses and the stress of figuring out a holiday destination and planning an entire trip by staying back in Udaipur after your wedding celebrations for a mini-moon at a more private resort of your choice. You can easily find hotels and resorts in Udaipur as the options are endless.

Serengeti, Tanzaniainfo-icon

For the couple that’s seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience of pure exhilaration, the wildlife safaris in the forests of Serengeti offer fantastic, panoramic views of the plains, which is home to one of the most diverse and special wildlife migrations on earth. Honeymooners are sure to wake up to the symphony of birds or even the trumpeting of elephants if they’re lucky. Take an early morning balloon ride to experience the tranquility of Serengeti. Or, for something even more unique, witness the brutal stampede of wildebeests on an excruciating game drive. This is a journey into the core of the majestic animal kingdom, and the total experience would be elevated by extravagant accommodation, top-notch food, and professional service with a smile. This remote destination captures the true spirit of wild Africainfo-icon

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is known as the Jewel of the South Seas. Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s most special island. More than a romantic ambiance, she truly boasts expanses of unrivaled beauty. Sunbathe in the floating villas in this private paradise in the western part of the globe perfect for nothing but pure marital bliss. From the moment you arrive at this pristine paradise until the moment you leave, you and your beloved spouse are sure to be stunned by the crystal-clear blue-green waters, coral reefs brimming with fish, picturesque mountains that look better than a postcard. 

Borobudur, Indonesiainfo-icon

If exploring ancient runes and getting away from the modern world is probably the perfect way to spend some alone time, Borobudur can be one of the ideal spots to honeymoon in. Whether you’re looking to experience a spiritual awakening, it is inevitable to take in the sheer beauty of the sunset behind an age-old monument or simply to marvel at and take in a majestic monument, Borobudur is the right place for you. This region boasts expansive surreal and beautiful scenery, sprawling, lush green rice fields, and traditional villages.

Medjumbe Island, Mozambiqueinfo-icon

This destination is probably the perfect blend of undiscovered spirit, as well as, romantic ambiance. In this part of the world lies this luxurious yet untouched paradise, this honeymoon destination is full of endless possibilities with uninhabited shores, sun-kissed shacks, and vistas of endless blue and nothing else around you. It’s certainly the prime destination if you wish to have the ultimate island experience, with understated, rustic luxury with a serene ocean surrounding and your spouse.

Zermatt, Switzerlandinfo-icon

Zermatt in Switzerland is a newlywed’s idyllic honeymoon destination where the couple would be able to enjoy the most expensive summer skiing region in the Alps mountain range. The highest peak, called the Matterhorn, is surely a sight to behold, standing with the clouds at 14,692 feet. The mountain top village of Zermatt promotes a serene, and clean environment thanks to the prohibition of cars in the region. Newlyweds can take in the quaint sights of cobblestone paths, and seek warmth in the Swiss chalets, shop the finest goods from boutiques aplenty, or relish in the snowy splendor with something so simple, yet fulfilling as sipping Glühwein (mulled wine) around the hotel’s common fireplace.

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