Best National Parks to Visit over Christmas

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

With the Christmas holiday season just around the corner, we must take time out for our loved ones and friends and spend quality time that allows us to create memories and unwind and relax. Different families have different preferences and choices on how they want to spend the Christmas holiday time. However, if you are going along with your friends and kids you need holiday options that offer something for all age groups and at the same time aren’t boring and provide a balanced dose of entertainment and education.

Believe it or not, national parks can offer you the right combination of holiday experiences that you need when you are traveling with your family and loved ones. Instead of heading to some exotic places that would only add to your budget you can look for heading to the best national parks that offer you insight into the wide variety of ecosystems on the planet, natural wonders, and adventure tours that you would otherwise never experience. If you are planning to visit national parks this Christmas you can opt for NatureTrek wildlife holidays that would help you make the most of your time and budget.

Here are 6 best national parks that you shouldn’t miss this Christmas season.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USAinfo-icon

While many people and families visit the Rocky Mountain National Park during the summer months, this national park in Colorado comes into its own during the bleak winter months. If you are heading out with your family for a white Christmas vacation, this place can become a great place to create memories and spend time in nature. With fewer crowds, you can find time to unwind and relax and enjoy some winter wilderness adventure. There are plenty of snow activities to do here and therefore you must pack right for the cold weather to ensure that the weather doesn’t ruin your Christmas holiday fun.

When you are here you can go sledding at Hidden Valley or you can snowshoe through various trails with a professional ranger. You can also go snow tubing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, ski biking and ice fishing which would offer you ways to celebrate. While you are here you can also cut your Christmas tree and attend various winter festivals with your loved ones and celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canadainfo-icon

If you are visiting Canada, Alberta has a lot to offer. However, if you are particularly looking for a national park, Banff National Park is the best option you can choose. This national park transforms into a winter wonderland surrounded by snow-topped mountains, ski resorts, comfy lodges and plenty of outdoor adventures. Winter in the Canadian Rockies can be intimidating but that shouldn’t scare or discourage you to not venture outside. If you are looking for some wildlife experiences, Banff has plenty of elk, bears, wolves, caribou and other animals that you can encounter during your trip.

While you are here you can explore some of the frozen glacial rivers. If you prefer to do some adventure you can head for various ice walk tours that allow you to experience something that you cannot experience during the summer months. You can get guided tours of Grotto Canyon Ice walk and Johnston Canyon Ice walk. You can also go dogsledding here and participate in various family and kid activities.

Chitwan National Park, Nepalinfo-icon

When you are heading towards the Indian subcontinent, Chitwan National Park in Nepal certainly can offer you a warm and unforgettable wildlife experience. You can find plenty of tailor-made holiday tours that allow you to explore Chitwan National Park with the kids. This is the best time of the year to visit Nepal with its pleasant temperature that allows you to focus more on your trip than the heat. You can go canoeing deep into the jungles and enjoy some bird-watching experiences. Here you can also opt for jeep safari experiences with an experienced local tour guide that would educate you offering an immersive wildlife journey. You can also find some tigers roaming around the park, but Chitwan has a lot more to offer than just tigers.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, Indiainfo-icon

India has always been a dream destination for people and families around the world that would want to experience the history, culture and vibrant diversity of the country. If you are looking for some wildlife experiences in India, there is no doubt that Jim Corbett National Park is the best wildlife reserve in India. With plenty of greenery around, you are set for some exceptional wildlife experiences that this national park has to offer. You can find accommodations inside the park which offer a perfect setting for you to experience the wildlife up close and personal. If you are into birding, this park offers plenty of sightings during those foggy mornings in India.

Saxon Switzerlandinfo-icon National Park, Germanyinfo-icon

Located in the German free state of Saxony, Saxon Switzerland National Park is a great place for families and individuals planning a winter wildlife experience. It is an exceptional retreat for foodies, romantics and escapists looking to get away from the urban chaos and looking for some quiet and adventure time in the lap of nature. With snow and rocky landscape, it is a great place for those winter hiking and snow sports activities. While you are here you can enjoy the local culinary delights that enhance your holiday experiences. You can have multi-course meals that would take you on a gastronomic trip.

Ecrins National Park, Franceinfo-icon

Nestled in the southeastern part of France in the Dauphine Alps, Ecrins National Park is another excellent national park that is a great destination for those looking for some adventure this Christmas. You can get to Ecrins National Park from Marseille or Grenoble and find plenty of accommodation options here. When you are here you can find plenty of activities that will keep you busy and allow you to explore the locality. With plenty of wild open spaces, you can enjoy some snowshoeing or hire a naturalist guide that can help you with some natural encounters. You can also do some snow hiking which would test your endurance to some extent and snow biking. If you are into skiing and snowboarding you can find plenty of off-track pistes that would allow you to try your skills. For extreme sports enthusiasts, you can go ice climbing with professional guides that would train you to improve your skills. Since you are in France, food is going to be a major draw and you can enjoy some excellent French meals that would make your trip memorable.

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