The Best Times Of Year To Visit New Zealand

Monday, June 1, 2020

New Zealandinfo-icon is in the Southern Hemisphere so it will be winter when the Northern Hemisphere is dealing with the heat waves of the summer months.

Which makes it an interesting place to visit based on what kind of activities you like to do. And when you have your vacation will also play a part in planning your trip. You have a lot of options in New Zealand as the landscape changes dramatically along with the weather you can expect based on location.

Nature lovers will find their paradise in New Zealand but you have to make sure that you plan according to the season. You’ll want to be there at the right season to get the most out of it based on your preferred activities.

Whether you plan to backpack or take a motorhome holiday in New Zealand, you’ll need to read on for the tips on what season to travel.

Don’t like crowds?

Most people are traveling to New Zealand in the summer months. Which, to repeat, is the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. So if you don’t like dealing with crowds then traveling in January or February will see many sites crowded with tourists.

If you want to get away from the crowds then planning a trip in March or April is definitely going to be best. However, you will be dealing with cool or even very cold weather.

This is autumn in New Zealand and the bulk of the tourists have already fled. If you love seeing the leaves changing and don’t mind crips weather, then you will have many sites to yourself.

Want to be active?

If your idea of the ultimate trip to New Zealand includes staying active then the spring and summer months are going to be best. You can hit the beaches starting in November and kayaking can be done anytime after September if you hit a warm day.

The weather is highly dependent on which island you find yourself in spring. If you are down on the southern tip of South Island then you could see some very chilly temperatures even as summer is approaching. After all, this is the jumping-off point for many cruises going to Antarctica.

There is a lot of epic skiing in New Zealand. If it’s summer where you live and you miss the powder, then head on down to New Zealand. July and August are the best months to ski so plan your trip there. The Southern Alps are the area where you’ll find the best skiing that rivals anything in Switzerlandinfo-icon.


Keep in mind that New Zealand comprises two main islands that stretch from north to south. And within those two islands, you have some mountain ranges. What this means is that the weather is very variable and can be unpredictable.

Even if you travel in the perfect season to enjoy your activities, you may find the higher elevations rainy and cold. Or you might even encounter hot temperatures when you expect it to be cool.