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Saturday, January 6, 2018

No matter if you’re a travel blogger or simply a person who is passionate about traveling, the chances are you’re interested in the best travel blogs online. As we’re living in a digital era, it’s effortless to stumble upon exciting and valuable information about anything. Globalization makes the process of traveling more manageable, so with each day, more people decide to take a trip. How to learn about the destination you’re planning to go and things to do and see there?

The easiest way to do it is to simply follow and read travel blogs from people who already visited a destination. These blogs can be the ultimate source of information that you can’t find anywhere else. Travel bloggers usually go into details while explaining destination which will definitely answer all your uncertainty. There is a plenty of misleading information on travel blogs, and it’s crucial that you differentiate a reliable source from other. This article will help you achieve just that – finding the most reliable and best travel blogs that will help you in learning about your next destination.

How to Find a Reliable Travel Blog

How to find a reliable travel blog pretty fast?

The easiest way to navigate a reliable travel blog is by checking their social media channels and content. Travelers who are serious travel bloggers will definitely have exciting and inspirational social media accounts. That way, you can be sure that the things they are preaching are actually true and they know about destinations.

With the huge popularity of blogging technologies in last decade, there are many low-quality sources of information you can find online. It’s crucial that you know the difference between the quality of information. What’s the easiest way to spot a high-quality and reliable travel blog?

Well, I recommend you to always check the About page on every blog to get familiar with owners and their stories. If you like their story at first, then you’ll probably like their content, and you will get valuable information from that source. Always check if the content is written from their experience and pay closer attention to the pictures. Are they putting their own photos? Their photos can tell a lot about reliability and overall quality.

Now when you know how to spot a travel blog that will provide you with interesting information, it’s time to check out some of the best travel blogs you can read.

Here is the list of my favorite travel blogs I love to read to inspire myself for the new lifetime adventure:

3 Best Travel Blogs I Read on a Constant Basis

Here's the list of the best travel blogs I read on a constant basis.

My favorite travel blog is The Bohemian Blog. It started as an online platform for travel writer Darmon Richter who was passionate about his traveling, so he decided to share the experiences with the world. He was mainly writing about odd travel experiences like visiting ghost towns around the world, abandoned places and factories. A few months after starting a blog, his story got noticed by an online magazine that promoted his article. Soon after that, he becomes a well-known travel blogger. Right now, you can literally read hundreds of different topics on his blog, mainly about architecture and art in communist regime countries during the 20th century. All the photos on the site are taken by the writer and stories are explaining his experiences visiting odd places. Are you crazy enough to visit a ghost town? Go ahead and read story or two from Bohemian Blog.

Another out-of-the-box travel blog where I constantly get inspired is called Adventures Overland. The team who’s working on the site has amazing achievements like holding a Guinness Record for driving the longest distance in a single country by car. Their trip was also featured on Indian Discovery channel as 10-episode series about their adventures from the road. You can read many interesting stories and learn about cultures and people around the world. Also, if you’re looking to start traveling, you can check their organized tours. These tours are not a regular tourist trip. Prepare yourself to have an adventure of a lifetime.

A fascinating travel blog that is continually putting up a new content about different destinations is called Etramping. Whenever I think of unique trip, I always check this blog to see if the owners already visited the planned destination. They’ve been traveling full-time since 2011 and visited all continents, so they have some interesting advice about food, activities, attractions, and adventures you should do. In my opinion, you can get an in-depth overview of many destinations around the world that will help you tremendously on your next trip.

Prepare Yourself Before Each Trip

Be sure always to check an authority travel blogs that will help you in preparation process with genuine information. I shared three blogs that I love to read on a daily basis. These blogs can help you with their comprehensive guides before taking a trip.

Always be sure to read the reliable information you can find on the internet so that you won’t spend extra time or money. Open these best travel blogs, read some interesting stories, get inspired and start exploring the world.

Do you read travel blogs on the constant basis? What's your favorite travel blog and why?

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