Borobudur Temple Compounds and Other Highlights on Java

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Borobudur Temple Compounds and the Prambanan Temple complex are two of the most well known religious structures in the world.

They are both located on Java. Java is one of the most visited islands in Indonesiainfo-icon. It has historically been a center for culture and religion. The religious influences on the island have made it a destination with many landmarks to see.

Borobudur Temple Compounds

Borobodur Temple is considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

The most visited site for tourism in Indonesia is the Borobudur Temple Compounds. This compound consists of three temples.

The main temple is the Borobudur Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The other temples are the Pawon and Mendut. This entire compound is a UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve the 9th Century structure.

The Borobudur temple is the centerpiece for the complex. It was built as a shrine to Lord Buddha. A notable characteristic of the temple is the architecture.

It’s built of stacked platforms and a main central dome. It’s a great reflection of the religious influence blended with local Indonesian style.

In addition to tourism, this compound is also a site for Buddhist pilgrimages. The Borobudur temple provides a guided route throughout the temple.

Panels are located along the walls with Buddhist scripts. It’s also a place where the annual Vesak celebration is held.

There are a couple of museums within the compound. Both museums house archaeological artifacts recovered from the temple grounds.

Prambanan Temple Complex

Prambanan Temple is located on Java, and is one of the largest Hindu temples in the Southeast Asia.

The Prambanan Temple Complex is the next top site in Indonesia after the Borobudur Temple compounds. This is the largest Hindu site in Indonesia and one of the biggest in Southeast Asiainfo-icon.

The first structure was completed in the 9th Century. Since then, more than 200 temples have been built on this site.

Each one of the temples were built for various Hindu Deities. The main temple that you’ll see at the complex is a Shiva temple. It’s the largest, most central temple.

Smaller temples surround this structure. Many of the temples have been renovated or reconstructed. There are also temple ruins within the complex.

The Prambanan Temple Complex has been established as a center for culture. It has become a place where you can discover the history and traditions of Indonesia and the temple’s impact on Java.

There are indoor and outdoor stages that are used for traditional dance performances. It’s also where you can see religious activities for the Hindu faith such as ceremonies and other celebrations.

Mount Semeru

Even though it's an active volcano, Mount Semeru is still the most popular for hiking.

The Borobudur Temple Compounds is an excellent destination for witnessing one of the most significant man-made landmarks in the world.

Java is also a place to explore the natural wonders of the island. Mount Semeru is a top tourist destination for those looking to experience nature.

Mount Semeru is the highest mountain peak on the island. It’s also an active volcano. This volcano has been active for many years and has frequently had small eruptions.

There are many myths and legends about the volcano. Some of the tales are about the origin of it and how it caused the development of Java’s landscape.

Others are religiously based. It was named after a symbolic mountain in the Buddhist religion.

This is a popular destination for visitors. Hiking is still the main activity here although it’s an active volcano. There are many ways to trek up the mountain, many of them lasting a couple days.

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Camping can be done along the mountainsides. At the top peak, you’ll be welcomed by a fantastic view overlooking Java.

Taman Safari

Taman Safari is one of the best ways to experience nature and wildlife of Indonesia.

Another way to experience the natural attractions on Java is at the Taman Safari. Taman Safari operates in a few locations around Indonesia, including a marine park. The biggest of these parks is called Taman Safari II which is located on Java.

The Taman Safari II is the largest safari in Asia. It’s definitely the place to go to see some amazing wildlife set to the beautiful backdrop of Mount Arjuno.

A majority of the animal species found at the park are native to Indonesia. They also have foreign animals from five continents. Some of the most popular animals are tigers, giraffes, cheetahs, and elephants.

There are a few ways to cover the entire area of the safari park. The most recommended way to explore is by car. Drive through tours let you get up close to the animals for either petting or just photo opportunities.

National Monument

National Monument towers above almost all buildings of Jakarta, and is the essential part of its skyline.

The National Monument of Indonesia is almost as iconic as the Borobudur Temple Compounds. This monument is located in the capital, Jakarta, which is located in Central Java.

It’s part of the Merdeka Square, one of the largest squares in the world. It can be seen towering over many surrounding Indonesian buildings. It’s an essential piece to the Jakarta skyline.

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Indonesia’s independence was gained in 1945. The National Monument was completed a few decades after that. The monument is detailed with reliefs of the history of Indonesia.

At the top of the structure is a gold-covered flame. The design was chosen as a result of a local competition.

The highlight of the National Monument is the viewing platform. The monument is open six days out of the week for visitors to ride to the top.

This platform gives excellent views overlooking Jakarta. For even more history, you can check out the National History Museum, located at the base. This museum features exhibitions about the origins and construction of the monument.

Java is not the largest island in Indonesia, but it is definitely a favorite for travelers. This island is where you can find many of the best landmarks in Indonesia. Its rich culture and history make it the perfect place for discovering the country. The temples are record-breaking and attract countless visitors daily. The Borobudur Temple Compounds is the largest in the world and is a must-see for everyone visiting. There are also other places for sightseeing on Java. Being an island is also a benefit to this destination. The scenic landscape all around always makes visits that much more enjoyable.

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