Stunning Things to Know About Bulgarian People

Monday, June 4, 2018

Bulgariainfo-icon is a great representation for the Balkan region. Tourism has blossomed here in the last several years, and this is, by all means, thanks to the Bulgarian people. 

Bulgarians are smart and business oriented. They understand that natural beauty is not enough to bring tourists to their country. You have to build modern resorts, roads, and highways; you have to become popular to offer high standards services. Their “all-inclusive” seasonal packages are very attractive for all kinds of visitors. 

People aren't looking just for fun and reasonable prices. They are looking for traditions, history, and authenticity. You can lie to them with a beautiful hotel, but they will finally find out how you truly are.

Bulgarians can scare you with their car-related problems (sometimes the cars simply disappear, and their traffic officers seem to speak only the Bulgarian language), but let's not judge the forest after only one tree. 

They are generous people, who try to speak foreign languages despite their old and complicated national language. They are proud of their traditions and habits, and they still grow organic vegetables and fruits and sell them in markets.

Culture in Bulgaria

This street art perfectly describes the culture of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian civilization began a long time ago with the Getae. The Romans have also left a mark here, but the most important legacy came from the Slavs. Bulgaria still uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Actually, the Cyrillic alphabet was invented here, by St. Cyril and St. Methodius, in the 10th century.

Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the oldest Slavic Orthodox Church as well. That's no surprise that orthodox churches and monasteries are always on your list of places to visit in Bulgaria. You can easily see the respect Bulgarian people have for their church. They respect holidays, church-related traditions, they have religious weddings and turn to church when they have problems. Churches are never empty.

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It isn't uncommon to come across a museum now and then. Places like Varna, Nesebar or Plovdiv are full of artifacts, archaeological sites, and medieval architecture.

There is a genuine bond between Bulgarians and their land. They are savvy farmers and are known worldwide for their vegetables, pickles, and roses. Yes, roses. Bulgaria is famous for its Rose Valley that covers over 1,300 km2. Here is produced 85% of the world's rose oil. Visit between May and June when they are at their best.

Festivals and cultural events take place around roses every year. Because they love roses so much, they sew them on traditional costumes. You'll see that everything in Bulgaria smells like roses and pickles. Not at the same time, of course.

Nature and Geography of Bulgaria

More than 350km of  Black Sea coastline is one of the best gifts nature has given to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is blessed with everything a traveler might want. They have golden sand, large beaches, and a coastline of more than 350 km at the Black Sea; the Balkan Mountains with winter sports opportunities; canyons and adventure; the Danube. National parks protect the many species of plants and animals that live here. Bulgaria still has wildlife and they are trying to protect it by reducing the pollution levels.

The climate is dynamic, because Bulgaria is situated at the border of the continental climate with the Mediterranean climate. But typically, summers are hot and typically winters are cold and snowy, so every season is good to pay a visit.

Travel Ideas

Nesebar, an ancient city and a UNESCO heritage site, was once called the pearl of the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is famous for its seaside resorts that offer “all-inclusive” packages. That means that you won't be hungry long time after you get home from your holiday. 

Because “all-inclusive” in Bulgaria means breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at least two long snacks and sweets and drinks the entire day. Rich food, from local or international cuisine, are suitable for every taste. Children entertainment, pools, and beautiful beaches complete the picture. 

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Outside the resorts, there is a different life. Visit Nesebar, an ancient city, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once called “the pearl of the Black Sea,” Nesebar is a museum-city.

Like all the people in the Balkans, Bulgarian people know how to enjoy life, and they will offer you a seat next to them. If you are looking for adventure, search for canyoning in Bulgaria. The answers will definitely surprise you.  And if you think skiing in Eastern Europeinfo-icon is not as good as Aspen, take a look at Bansko.

All about Bulgaria and Bulgarian People

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, radiates with the heart of the Bulgarian people.

With Roman, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences, the Bulgarian people keep their traditions close to the heart. 

With good food, great drink, rose aromatherapy, traditional handmade costumes, folk music, and a welcoming attitude, the Bulgarians have made from their country a very touristic destination in Eastern Europe. 

Although they don't live as good as their guests, Bulgarian services are impeccable. With old roots and many tests during history, this people succeeded to blossom like the roses they love so much.

After almost 30 years in the Communist Block, Bulgaria has many wounds to heal. It may not have the chances of other countries, but it has the spirit and the determination to do it right and to do it the Bulgarian way. The nation of pickled cucumbers and roses jam is an essential point on European touristic map. 

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