A Buying Guide For Caravan Cover With Pros And Cons

Monday, January 10, 2022

A caravan cover is necessary to protect your vehicle against damages and to extend its lifespan. Buying a good cover can be crucial with lots of factors to consider, including the cost. The car itself may require a huge amount of money with all of its accessories. This post will help you find the right caravan cover by introducing its pros and cons. 

Different Types of Caravan Covers

The type of cover that you should buy must be appropriate to your caravan type and its uses. First, measure the vehicle to get the most accurate size of cover in the market. Choose an item that you think is best for your car’s security. 

In addition to that, caravan covers are sold for less than $300 wherein custom-made items are more expensive. Always ensure the cover’s durability by checking on the materials used by the manufacturer. Lastly, it should also be weatherproof and easy to fit. 

Below are the examples of caravan covers that ensure full coverage for better protection. 

  • Universal Caravan Covers: Inexpensive car covers differ in size and are very ideal for mid-range caravans. It may cause scratches due to strong winds, depending on the material used. It is made of an elastic bottom with a strap to tighten its fitting to avoid flapping. 
  • Semi-Tailored Caravan Covers: This one is designed for particular caravan models. It reduces damage to the vehicle exterior because of its accurate sizing. 
  • Made-to-Measure Caravan Covers: If you are looking for high-quality covers, this could be the best choice. It is slightly expensive but can guarantee extra features to assure caravan protection. Additionally, the cover is breathable to avoid moisture buildup. 

The next thing to consider is whether to buy or not to buy a caravan cover. So, check out the list of pros and cons to help you decide!

Why Should You Buy Caravan Covers?

1. Better Security 

Intruders keep an eye on those caravan models that look so expensive. That is why buying a cover helps to store the vehicle away from the bad guys. It will become less of a target when a caravan is concealed, especially when not in use. 

2. It Keeps Caravan Clean

Not driving your caravan for a long time may still get dirty if not in a secure place. It could be a victim of animal droppings that would damage its exterior. A good cover also reduces the need of cleaning the vehicle as often as leaving it anywhere. 

Moreover, caravan covering will prevent water from ruining the car’s exterior. Its overall painting would be preserved until the next trip. 

3. No Scratches 

Dealing with scratches on a vehicle's exterior can be costly and it never looks good. Though some caravan owners experience buying a cover that causes scratches, there are still quality items to choose from. 

Keeping your caravan covered during travels is highly recommended as some roads may have fallen debris that could scratch your car. 

4. Enhances UV Protection 

UV rays can be dangerous to a car’s exterior and other important parts, such as window and door seals. The paintwork may easily fade when exposed to sunlight which demands added cost for repair. It might start with small cracks due to extreme heat that may damage the entire paintwork. 

Why Should You Not Buy Caravan Covers?

The effectiveness of a caravan cover depends on the user’s experience. Some of its disadvantages may be mentioned above, so here are other cons that you should know:

1. Non-Breathable 

Covering a vehicle with non-breathable materials can cause a greenhouse effect. It is dangerous to the car’s bodywork and also to its internal components, like batteries. It is also one of the reasons why caravans overheat when kept for a very long time. Extreme cracks on the exterior would be a great sign that you have bought the wrong cover. 

2. Difficult to Set Up 

Caravan covers can be heavy and tall that an average person would be stressed out to to get it on the vehicle. It will require additional tools to fully assemble the cover by yourself. Better ask for help to avoid pulling away some important parts, such as solar panels and wires. 

3. Non-Water-Resistant 

Some caravan covers do not mention being water-resistant. This is a huge disadvantage especially during cold weather that may cause dampness. Once the water penetrates the cover, you can expect serious damage not just on the paintwork but also from the interiors. 

The most common issue is the occurrence of mold. It will grow over time making the car more difficult to clean. The remedy is to ensure the car is clean before you put on that e cover. This reduces the chances of mildew formation. 

4. Can Cause Scratches 

Strong winds can cause the cover to scratch the vehicle. Thus, do not pick a cover made of cheap and light materials not to easily flap during bad weather. Even more expensive options can scratch a caravan if you are not aware. To avoid this problem, find a cover that could offer proper fitting to protect your caravan finish.

Final Thoughts 

Caravan covers for all conditions are a good buy to ensure you are getting the best protection for your vehicle. First, choose the right type of cover for your caravan model to avoid issues, such as scratches and mold formation. Of all the possible choices, make sure to weigh down their pros and cons to make a better decision.