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Friday, January 5, 2018

University degrees are getting more and more popular but they are not the only place to acquire your career skills. In fact, those institutions might not even be the best places to prepare yourself for the challenges of today's world. No wonder, people start wondering whether a university is the best way to learn skills necessary for their desired career. Will people really acquire important career skills throughout those strenuous times?

Thankfully, there are alternatives in the form of online education platforms. While many people will label those learning experiences as unreliable, it's far from worthless. The main benefits of online learning are that you can learn from anywhere and at any time you want. There is a lot of flexibility compared to the traditional means of learning. The most important factor, that sets online education apart from other conventional learning methods, is that you can choose the subjects you want to learn, without compromises. That is the main reason why online education platforms have risen in popularity in recent times, and it isn't surprising. People want to learn fast and efficient. If you wish to acquire important career skills, Coursera is an excellent choice.

What is Coursera?

You can pick many career skills to master through Coursera
Learn many demanding skills with Coursera by your own pace.

Coursera is an online education platform that was founded by two Stanford professors in 2012. Their goal was to provide courses from many different fields for everyone online. That idea was backed by many universities and other partners who helped with founding their platform and making it one of the largest online education platforms today. Recently, Coursera offers Specialization courses, which are specifically designed to build skills in a particular field. There are also Degree and Workforce programs which are made to increase the chances of students getting a dream job. Thanks to the universities partnered with Coursera, you can expect to acquire important career skills in a fun and intuitive way.

More About the Courses

The main benefit you get with Coursera compared to the other online education platforms is that there are a lot of fields to choose from. Every course featured on Coursera is taught by top-class teachers from leading universities so you can be assured that you will learn the necessary skills in the best way possible. There are many fields to choose from, like: Languages, Art, Computer and Data Science, Business and more. They also offer degrees and professional certificates that will bounce you up on the professional front.

The courses are mainly based on video lessons that explore the subject in high detail with assignments that are auto-graded as well as being reviewed by the members of the community. Coursera wants you to learn actively, and that is why it is better than most of the traditional educational methods. After completing a course, which should take some 4-6 weeks, you get a Course Certificate that will indicate that you have mastered the wanted skill. These courses are online and available on mobile devices, so the learning possibilities with Coursera are endless. The cost of a course ranges from $29-$99. A small price to pay for knowledge, indeed.

Online education become very popular in the recent times

If you're chasing a career, then the Specializations program from Coursera is an ideal choice. This program emphasizes on learning and mastering specific career-based skills through methods that will increase the interest of students as well as teach them more. The Specialization program is comprised of courses that encourage active thought and problem-solving. You will also do projects that are based on real business situations, and that is the best way to acquire valuable career skills. After finishing a Specialization course, you get an indication that you have mastered the particular skill in the form of Specialization Certificate that is recognized by many employers and professionals. The Specialization program is open to everyone, and it should take 4-6 months to complete it which should be enough for you to master a skill that you want. This offer is yours for $39-$79 a month, which isn't that much when you look at the possibilities this program will give you.

See Coursera in action

Online Degrees program is essential for those who want to transform their career in a right way. Career transformation should be available for everyone, so Coursera has partnered with leading universities to offer degrees that will boost the career of every enrolled student. The degrees are available in Business, Computer Science and Data Science fields. The Online Degrees program is an excellent way to acquire important career skills flexibly and affordable. It is entirely online and powered by leading lectors in the given fields as well a healthy community that strives to improve the skills of their colleagues. With the Online Degrees program, you will learn career-based skills with high-efficiency thanks to the active learning process which is miles better than the traditional learning methods. This program may be expensive for some, with the degree price tags ranging around $20,000 mark, but there are so many possibilities with Coursera that you can find an affordable option for yourself.

Coursera is Perfect for Your Next Career Skills

If your wish is to acquire important career skills, look no further. Coursera is an excellent choice. The partnership with leading universities has enabled Coursera to include many courses that are affordable and worth your time. Gone are the times where you would learn skills that you don't want, only to get a degree and to enter the business. With Coursera and online education in general, you will acquire important career skills that are worth it, anytime and anywhere, with no regrets.

What do you think about online learning platforms? Have you ever tried Coursera?

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