What Is the Cheapest Way to Rent An RV?

Sunday, October 3, 2021

With the pandemic hit, everyone is looking for ways to get out to the beaches, the mountains, the local markets, and everywhere around on long drives with family and friends. Do you also dream of renting an RV but are bothered by the costs? Well, there are many things you need to consider before you can rent an affordable one. Dive right in to find out the most effective ways to help you find a cheap RV. 

Understand different types of RVs

Before picking an RV for a long ride from home, you should know about different types to select the most suitable one. There are two types of RVs: towable RVs and motorized RVs. 

Travel trailers are towable RVs that come in a wide range of sizes accommodating three to six people with catchy features like modern kitchens and bathrooms. Fifth wheeler RVs are bigger and more equipped with multiple slide-outs and add-ons that extend the sidewalls on the vehicles. It creates more space for bigger groups. 

When it comes to motorized RVs, Class A motorhomes are more significant and give a luxurious finish to the vehicle. It has plenty of space and posh amenities like lounges and individual bedrooms. In contrast, Class C motorhomes are smaller than Class A, with almost the same amenities minus the luxury. 

Among both, towable RVs are cheaper, and even class C motorhomes are more affordable. If you’re looking for a well-equipped yet economical RV, go through Trekkn.co for the best options! 

Pick RV for the need

Before you go renting an RV, decide what you need an RV for. Decide the location, the path you would be driving, and how many people are going on the trip for how many days. Some trips are short and rough to manage in a smaller RV with a higher ground level. 

If your travels are long and into the woods, you will need RVs with a comfortable sleeping area, kitchen space, and better washrooms. When going with a huge crowd, pick a bigger RV with better space and amenities. 

Before renting an RV, understand the area you are going to. If it's civilization, you might want a smaller RV to park easily into the parking lot. Smaller RVs are cheaper compared to the big ones. 

Find a reputable company

What's the best way to find a perfect RV if not for regular RV travelers? They would have a better idea about RVs and recommend what would be the ideal choice for different locations. After picking the right RV, you need to research the RV renting companies to find the cheap one. 

Always keep a few alternatives, and venture into the market before you pick a company. Check for the reviews, the rating, and the customer opinions on the company. Make sure they have a negotiation policy for pricing adjustment. Reputable companies have a wide range of RVs to pick from, the quality is also better, the maintenance is done correctly, and you can definitely choose the best one for your trip. 

Consider additional costs and fees

RV travel is way cheaper than planes or pricey hotels for tourists, but it is vital to check all the costs and fees to fit perfectly in your budget. RV rental prices can vary broadly, and you have to pick a place with good quality RVs for a reasonable price. Some RV rental companies give limited generator time and only certain miles beyond which you will have to pay extra. So it's better to go for rental companies that charge you per day than the miles. 

Costs and fees also include state permits and taxes. You might have to pay a lot if you do not have the proper documents and licenses. Poorly maintained RVs can give you poor gas mileage and bad drive. 

Book rentals and campgrounds well in advance

The ideal way to plan a trip is to be organized and plan everything well in advance. It is better to book an RV almost 2 months in advance to get cheaper rates. Last-minute bookings are expensive, and there would be limited options. 

It is better to start your research about RV companies and book your RV in advance. Campgrounds are hard to find, especially during the festive and holiday season. It is better to start booking them three months prior to avoid expensive prices and lack of space. Some places need permissions, and it would not be easy to get them approved at the last minute. 


RVs are the best way to travel for a long, smooth drive with family and friends. You can crash anywhere, stop and cook with family and make some beautiful memories on the roads. To make the journey the best one, you have to fit it into your budget. 

Cheap RVs with good quality and neatly maintained are not hard to find, but you have to do your homework to pick the right one. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab an RV to escape the chaos!