Coworking Space Investment: Worth It?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

If you have reached this article, chances are you’ve heard of coworking spaces at least a time or two and may even be considering a membership at one near you. However, with membership prices that can put even the swankiest of gyms to shame, a coworking space investment is not a decision to be taken lightly!

Find yourself asking, “what is a coworking space anyway?” Simply put, it is an office without office politics. Coworking spaces are dedicated, open workspaces (usually offering everything from private offices to open tables or lounge chairs) where freelancers from all walks of life can come together to work in peace (and quiet!). 

Coworking spaces also boast the conveniences of traditional offices such as coffee makers and snack stands, printers and scanners, and reliable Internet connections. Many also offer conference rooms and other meetings spaces, which you can rent by the hour or day.

Curious if a coworking space is right for you? I’ve done the hard work for you and given you an inside scoop into the world of coworking spaces. We’ll look at each of the most publicized “perks” of coworking spaces and debunk the myths once and for all so you can make an educated decision and get working! 

Here are the perks we’re going to examine closer:

  • Community Building
  • Productivity
  • Meeting Spaces

Community Building

Coworking spaces can be a great place to make new friends and to build a freelancer community.

One of the biggest reasons freelancers are flocking to coworking spaces is to build a community. Sure, we all left the 9-5 grind to be our own bosses for a reason, but sometimes even the most independent of freelancers can miss the comradery that comes with coworkers. Many coworking spaces advertise members-only events designed to meet this need, but does the mingling really work?

In my experience, not so much. In fact, one of the reasons I love visiting coworking spaces so much is because of the solitude. I rarely run into anyone that I know no matter how many times I visit the same location, and I can enjoy an entire day’s worth of productivity without any interruptions. 

The members-only events that I’ve attended have been enjoyable, and the people have been kind, but none of these short encounters has led to any sort of lasting friendship the way previous coworker relationships have.


Coworking spaces really boost your productivity as you have everything that you need in the palm of your hands.

Here’s where I’m completely sold on coworking spaces. From pristine bathrooms with designer products to cozy workstations, coworking spaces have been a real godsend when I’m working on deadline. 

I also love the unlimited free coffee and snacks that come with most of these memberships, and always find that I am especially productive when I’m more than 10 feet away from my own kitchen or Netflix. This perk is what makes a coworking space investment totally worth it!

Meeting Spaces

Conference rooms are an another great addition you get when investing into a coworking space.

I’m a solo freelancer right now, so I don’t have much use for conference rooms or meeting spaces. That being said, I am a big fan of rentable phone rooms. When I have an important phone or video call with a client, there is something so much more professional about answering when I’m set up in a private room instead of my home office. 

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that the conference rooms are an excellent option for those that need them, and I’m sure I will eventually get to the point myself that these are a welcomed feature of my membership!

Is coworking space investment worth the money?

Summed up, coworking spaces offer a lot of benefits for freelancers that make them worth your money.

Absolutely, for the most part. Sometimes, even the most disciplined of freelancers can become distracted by the sights and sounds of a public library or local café, and these spaces offer a pleasant alternative from the traditional home office. 

Personally, I find that I am at my most productive when I’ve coughed up a coworking space investment of $50 for a day pass, and always walk out the doors of these coworking spaces with a sense of accomplishment and a job well done.

I also enjoy the feeling of community even if I don’t become close friends with the people around me and like the occasional grin I receive from an absolute stranger across the room every now and again. 

Curious to try it out for yourself? Most co-working spaces offer free day passes so potential customers can try out the amenities firsthand. You can even hop from one coworking office to the next collecting day passes as you go (shh…we won’t tell!) until you find one that feels just right.

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Most coworking spaces have different membership tiers based on the frequency by which you think you will visit each month! Whether you just want to pop by once a month for a conference call or reserve a dedicated workspace for yourself each and every day with 24/7 access, most co-working spaces are designed to meet the varying needs of their customers and can even grow with you as your business expands!

All in all, coworking spaces are a wonderful option for new and seasoned freelancers alike or anyone that finds themselves on the hunt for a good work space while traveling. Coworking space investment is definitely a good one.

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