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Friday, September 28, 2018

Owners of a beautiful country, the Croatian people have become perfect hosts. The natural landscape and stunning historical sites make this European country a place both for relaxation and cultural experiences. 

The coast of the Adriatic Sea and its many islands are a perfect summer destination. Cities with Roman architecture, impeccable preserved, museums, and fortresses will complete your journey. 

Croatian people are welcoming and always ready to speak about their culture and traditions. They organize trips, sports events, traditional fairs, and music festivals. Every Croatian experience is completed in a unique ambiance of joy, relaxation, and tranquility. 

Croatian people are respectful and formal, and take good care of etiquette. Close to Germans and Hungarians in attitude, you’ll find influences from Western Europeinfo-icon in their lifestyle, cuisine, and traditions. 

They like sports, summer sports especially, outdoor activities, and tasty wines. It’s impossible not to appreciate the good life Croatiainfo-icon can offer.

The location and natural beauty made Croatia the desired place. Its history is full of foreign influences such as the Venetian, Ottoman, Austrian, Hungarian, German or Italian. 

With all this, the Croatian people had a hard time preserving their own identity but tried to gain from their foreign influencers. Just their determination and spirit helped them in becoming independent. 

So today, even if they are polite to everyone, they are deep friends only with a few people. 

Culture of Croatia 

Croatian coffee culture is really a big deal and an important part of the Croatian culture.

Croatian people preserve architecture and historical artifacts with great care. The reason is touristic, but also traditional. Visual arts are also prospering, both old and modern. 

Culture is encouraged as well as sports. Croatian people are living on tourism, and this influenced their day to day culture.

Stop in the same café for more than one time. Sit at the same table, order the same thing. Try to look local, and you’ll experience life through their eyes. 

Many of them speak English or German, approach the locals and have a meaningful conversation. You’ll get to know the good manners of Croatian people: good management, patience, tolerance. 

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They are looking for peace within the Catholic Church and their family. You’ll also see that nature encourages them to live an active life, to practice many sports, to eat healthily.

Croatian cuisine is also made of many flavors. Oriental, Mediterranean, or Austrian, all comes together well in a rather stylish food. 

From luxury restaurants to fish based food, local cuisine has something for everybody. Both exotic and familiar, Croatian cuisine is something you should try. Their wines are not world famous but still a pleasure for your taste butts. 

Nature and Geography of Croatia

No matter what the weather is, the Plitvice Lakes will astonish you with its crystal clear waters and peculiar layout.

Croatia is a land of surprises from the Dinaric Alps in the North to the Adriatic Sea in the South. Add over a thousand islands, and you'll have a magnificent view and many places to see. 

If that is not enough, Croatia is home to one of the most spectacular natural park, featuring lakes, waterfalls, and karst landscape. Yes, you guess, Plitvice Lakes National Park. 

The climate is continental, with obvious Mediterranean influences on the Adriatic coastline. Warm weather, rainy and romantic seasons, not much snow, but splendid summers mean pure happiness all year long. 

Plants and animals are also happy to live in Croatia, as it has one of the richest biodiversity in Europeinfo-icon. Ranging from Alpine habitat to Adriatic islands, the nature of Croatia offers a habitat for unusual species, many of them endangered. Law protects more than 1,000 species.

Traveling in Croatia

View from Marjan, a great hill to hike on that overlooks the beautiful Split.

Dubrovnik is the pearl of the Adriatic, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most visited destinations in Europe. It isn't a surprise because it combines medieval architecture, Adriatic Sea, history, and the movie set of Games of Thrones. 

The Old city is full of historic palaces and Baroque architecture. Those magnificent city walls are from the 1st millennium. Beaches, kayak sensations, and a cable car add relaxation and adventure. Dubrovnik has them all.

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But Croatia has many other beautiful places to offer. Natural parks, like Plitvice Lakes, are unique and deserve a visit. The Roman architecture of Split can take you to the beginning of history, while the modern life of Split is a delight for the adventurous.

Climbing, kayaking, trekking, sailing are just some of the activities waiting for you in Split.

Life in Croatia can seem like an endless holiday, but it is not. Croatian people have a life, separated from the inflow of tourists. Try to mingle with them, to live like a local and ignore the crowded places. Find a corner where you can feel at home, and you will not regret it. Croatia is an amazing country, with beautiful natural parks and many historical sites. They have castles, cathedrals, fortresses, medieval or even ancient architecture, amazing city walls, and so many artifacts entered in the universal patrimony. Croatian people have much on their plate. But coffee in a café with a stunning view will take all their worries away.

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