Cultural Exchange Through Volunteering

Sunday, November 19, 2017

If you’re interested in exploring the world and helping the world and local communities to become better places for life, you’re at the right place! Cultural exchange has become pretty popular last years as many people realized the importance of traveling and blending into the new cultures. Traveling doesn’t offer you only discovering the new places, but it enables you to see things from different perspectives, meet new people, live as a local and ultimately change you into a better person. What else to look for?

There are so many different options for a cultural exchange today that it can become hard to choose which option to prefer. In this article, you will get familiar with how volunteering can help you in cultural exchange and what is the best choice to start with you volunteering journey.

Volunteer to Get a Cultural Exchange Experience

As we already mention, volunteering is a perfect way to blend in and learn about new cultures around the world. There are thousands of different options where you can go, so you can choose which country or what culture would you like to know more about. With a few single clicks on the internet, you can set and arrange your trip to the foreign country to volunteer there for a specific period.

Volunteering is so different than a regular traveling experience as you’re living and interacting with locals on a daily basis to that level that you’re living a life of a local. That way of life affects you and them very much, so each can benefit from interactions. For example, you live with the local family during your stay, eat, work and connect with them.

Did you get an idea by now how a cultural exchange during your volunteering could look like?

Volunteering abroad have so many benefits for the personal and professional development that is a tough job to include all of them. The most obvious one on your cultural exchange is learning a new language. You will probably live with a local family that isn’t so familiar with the English language and you will be forced to learn at least the basic phrases of the foreign language. It’s also effortless to learn to cook their cuisine if you’re passionate about food. What more can you ask for than preparing a traditional food in your country when you’re back. Such a valuable skill! Once you’re living abroad, you will be forced to make friends with locals and other volunteers who will form lasting relationships and friendships. Every time you see someone new try to force yourself to talk as much as possible with them. That way you will share your experiences and stories as well they will share theirs – an excellent way of cultural exchange.

cultural exchanges

It’s undeniable that volunteering in a foreign country is a step forward in your personal development. There is no better way to experience cultural exchange then living, working, eating and interacting with local family and people.

We will introduce you with one of the best platforms for choosing the volunteering project around the globe so that you could start your journey as soon as possible.

There are thousands of different platforms for finding a volunteering project, but we find  Workaway as very effective one, so we want to share our opinion about it with you!

What is Workaway You May Ask?

It’s a platform for connecting like-minded people in one place. It’s like a big community of travelers who love to help the communities around the world through volunteering. The platform itself offers so many opportunities and projects around the world so people can become a part of it and develop further.

The platform works on a principle that you need to register there and choose if you want to be a host or volunteer. If you register as a host, you should be able to provide a volunteer with accommodation and food as an exchange for their work. Hosts are usually people who want to take part in a cultural exchange to getting foreign people help them on the small projects like babysitting, cooking, constructing, etc. To be a host, you should be sure to do everything for the volunteers to feel like at home.

If you’re using a platform as a volunteer, you have an opportunity to connect with more than 1000 hosts located in over 135 countries around the world. You should create an appealing profile with the skills you have to offer and experiences you’re looking for. The Workaway isn’t an agency, but it’s a medium between hosts and volunteers, so you will be responsible for contacting the hosts and keep everything arranged. No matter if you’re looking to explore the foreign countries or you want to learn a new language, you will be able to do it surrounded by locals for a minimal cost.

Workaway offers a beautiful gallery of people who already participated in an exchange through volunteering, and you can also connect with them, talk about experiences and share ideas. Also, before going to any place, we advise you to read at least few of more than 100 000 user reviews available.

Volunteer Your Way to Discover the World

Volunteering is a perfect way to travel around the world, especially if you’re on a strict budget. You’re investing your time to better the communities in the foreign countries and return, you will get unforgettable experiences, memories and lifelong friends.

Have you ever thought about discovering some far country or learn a new language? It’s never been easier to do it while you’re living and helping locals.

Check out Workaway, register there and see how many opportunities for growth are available at one place!