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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The southern jewel of Scandinavia - Denmark, the home of the Danish people, the happiest people in the world. Why are they so happy you ask? Maybe it’s from their minimum wage begin over $20 an hour, or the free education and health, or maybe it's because of hygge. The truth is, the Danes have so many reasons to smile and be happy, and only an adventure to this magnificent place will help you understand why.

Why You Must Visit Denmarkinfo-icon

There must be a reason millions upon millions of people every year journey into the peaceful country of Denmark. For some, it’s the world renown attractions like Legoland (yes, Legos are from Denmark), the Little Mermaid statue (dedicated to children's writer Hans Christian Andersen in 1913), and finally, Tivoli. Tivoli is Denmark’s, and Europeinfo-icon’s, most iconic amusement park and its atmosphere and joy alone gave Walt Disney the inspiration for creating Disney Land.

For some other, like the foodies of the world, come to Denmark for the heavenly Nordic cuisine that is taking the world by storm. With dishes and combinations galore, you could never be disappointed by trying a little bit of everything. Also, one cannot come to Denmark without taking part in the holiest of Danish traditions, hygge. All Danes take part in the Friday night hygge or that extra warm, cozy feeling of togetherness. Involving truckloads of food, salty and sweets, to the mandatory tacos. Nothing is quite like gorging yourself into a food coma alongside family and friends and watching some TV.

Although, if that doesn’t do it for you, the stunning views of the countryside along thousands of miles of coastline will entice you here. From rural to big city living, everywhere in Denmark is full of excitement and activities that captivate you. Such as releasing your inner Viking spirit at Lejne (Land of Legions), or spastically wiggling on the dance floor of one of the 80,000 clubs throughout Denmark, or any water activity you can dream of because water is everywhere. In fact, you're never further than 30 miles from the sea.

However, it may be the food, the fantastic attractions, or the fascinating landscape and cities that make you want to come to Denmark; it’s the Danish people who will make you want to stay.

Meeting the Danish People

There is almost nothing negative to say about the Danish people. Although some travelers have noted that some Danes are very private at first, upon making the first move and saying “Hello” or sending a friendly wave their way, you’ll find that the Danes are incredibly kind people. Overall the people of Denmark are very approachable, friendly, honest, helpful, and fun-loving. They even have a tradition where if you’re unmarried on your 25th birthday you get cinnamon thrown at you, how fun is that?!

They’re the type of people who not only will help a lost traveler with directions but will even take you there themselves. They weren’t named the Happiest People on Earth by the UN Happiness Report twice for nothing. How could you not become instant best friends with them?

Also, the Danes have one of the lowest statistics for Obesity despite being in the top 5 for countries who consume the most food. Although, it could be in part from being the world's greatest consumers of coffee, and for having an out-and-about lifestyle, they have all that caffeine to supercharge their activities.

Danish Culture

There are very few countries that have such an impactful culture on the way of life like that of the Danish people. A major part of their culture includes always being punctual (possible to be late for being early), being extremely outspoken and are encouraged throughout childhood to ask questions and voice opinions, and the ever-famous irony.

However, several other aspects of their culture may stand out even more. For instance, Danes have a higher focus of social life over money. With 80,000 clubs throughout Denmark, it speaks for itself, yet the average income in Denmark is $61,000 a year, and the country has one of the lowest recorded unemployment rates in the world. Businesses struggle to find workers because there are so few people unemployed.

Next, unlike most people around the world, their culture allows them a significant degree of freedom. Being very independent people with healthy support systems give the Danish people a powerful sense of self. It’s clear to see why they are so happy and have an average life expectancy of 80 years.

Not to mention, Denmark has always been at the forefront at minimizing inequality, giving women the right to vote in 1915, 5 years before the USAinfo-icon gave that same overdue right to women. Also, Denmark offers its people with Free Health Care and Free Education (including college). How many people can say that about their own country?

Danish Geography & Nature

One of Scandinavia's finest locations – Denmark’s blessed with a variety of natural beauty that is just begging you to explore it. Classified as an Archipelago, meaning a group of islands, and with over 400 islands under their belt they indeed live up to the labeling. Denmark has no mountains of any kind, it’s flat, and that's exactly why they're more bicycles than cars in their country. It’s a huge aspect of their culture, especially since the government will charge a tax on cars at 150% above retail value (I’d take the bike too). Rain or shine the Danes still bike their way to work, vacation, or anything in between.


Surprisingly enough, Denmark is a much windier place than you might have imagined. For this reason, Denmark is home to the most windmills in the world, providing clean energy in the process. In addition to clean energy, Denmark’s water is some of the cleanest in the world, including the Copenhagen Harbor which can swim in.

Travel Denmark

Visiting Denmark is one of the most fun experiences you will ever have. Don’t let is mostly flat surface fool you, Denmark has a variety of different landscapes that will captivate you wherever you go. Whether it's to Skagen in the north, to venture to The Branch, a spot where two seas collide before your eyes. Or the White Cliffs of Mons, the chalky white cliffs along the coast where you can gaze at the unique fauna of flora while hunting for fossils. Or, Jægersborg Deer Park, just north of Copenhagen where thousands of dear unfear man and will gladly allow you to pet them.

So many reasons to visit Denmark

You won't find too many places in the world with such beauty and excitement where the people radiate with pure happiness, but Denmark certainly does. The Danish people make your trip here even more memorable with their unweaving kindness. Whether you go north of south, or island to island, Denmark lives up to the hype as one of the best and happiest places in the world.


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