DoSomething Platform Review

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Do you often think about the social problems that are troubling many people today? Problems always have solutions. What's really important is the initiative from the people. DoSomething is a volunteer platform that encourages people of all ages to take up the initiative and make a difference.

If you care about a cause that could make a huge difference in peoples' lives, then DoSomething is an ideal match for you. It uses the power of the Internet to connect proactive people with similar interests that want to make an impact on the world.

A simple, yet creative idea can make a massive impact on society. DoSomething is a nonprofit organization that cares about people and welcomes every new innovative solution.

Keep reading, as we're going to tell you exactly how DoSomething volunteer platform is ideal for volunteers who want to share a positive message around the world with their contribution.

What Kind of Volunteer Projects Can I Enroll Into?

You can find so many projects there

DoSomething primarily focuses on volunteer projects that boost awareness about social problems that worry many people.

If you decide to spread awareness to more people to take action, you can do so in following categories:

  • Animals - create holiday cards that will encourage people to adopt pets, or encourage people to stop elephant poaching by flagging ivory items on Craigslist.
  • Discrimination - post a simple thing like a selfie to promote tolerance for refugees and encourage more people to look at people with less judgment.
  • Education - spread more awareness about the power of education and how can more people use it to their advantage - to obtain relevant knowledge.
  • Environment - do a creative thing like painting recycle bins to encourage people to recycle more. Simple activities like that are potent when sending a positive message.
  • Health - instead of selling your used phone, why not gift it to people in Africainfo-icon? Essential health services can be significantly enhanced with increased access to mobile technology.
  • Homelessness and Poverty - millions of people have no access to basic things that can keep them going through the day. You can do the right thing by collecting that important stuff and giving it away to a homeless shelter. Little things like this make a huge impact and spread contagious positive energy.

If you've got a lot of power and passion for a specific cause, it's most likely that DoSomething has a project that can help you achieve great things!

What Makes This Volunteer Platform Unique?

The reasons why DoSomething is a very unique platform

The purpose of this volunteer platform is to spread awareness about numerous social problems people today face. That means that this isn't a platform that will arrange adventures for you, it's all up to the user.

These numerous projects are quite simple, but send a message to a lot of people to take action, and improve their community. Spreading word has never been easier, thanks to the Internet, and this platform uses that to its advantage.

There are many ways how participants can contribute to that goal and DoSomething values more creative ideas from their participants.

DoSomething - What Do the Participants Think About It?

The first thing that you can notice is that this volunteer platform doesn't offer any travel programs. As we've said before, it focuses on spreading awareness about problems and encourages people to find a solution for them.

People love this platform because it allows them to express their creative ideas to more people who are fighting for the same cause. Also, everyone from the age of 13 and more can apply to any of their projects. That is great as everyone can do something that can make a difference in the world.

A lot of young people use this volunteer platform, and most of the experiences are positive in making them more active about some issues. That, in turn, contributes to creating a new generation that is more willing to help with problems that are holding back many people from true happiness.

How Can I Get Involved?

How to get involved?

Getting involved with DoSomething is simple. You just need to:

  • Choose from one of the cause categories that you care about (we mentioned most of the categories)
  • Determine how much time you have for a project
  • Choose a type of action - you can donate something to people in need, host an event to spread awareness about a specific problem and to encourage more people to take action and much more!

When you go through these three simple steps, the platform will show the projects that are relevant to your interests. Then you just choose a campaign that has a description of the problem and potential solutions and apply by mail, social media or phone call.

You can also get DoSomething scholarships by signing up for specific projects and uploading a photo that shows that you have completed the projects. Active and passionate people are rewarded that way, and that encourages more people to take action.

If you find yourself as a creative and positive person willing to make the change, stop waiting! Connecting to this platform is an ideal way to do something that will positively impact the world.

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