Dubai's Must See List for Kids

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Dubai is a destination fit for travelers of all ages, but kid-focused attractions provide an extra unique touch. Kids can find endless entertainment, both indoor and outdoor. Enjoy the IMG Worlds of Adventure's themed attractions while participating in over 80 role-playing games at Kidzania. Some of the most popular activities are in Dubai. Both man-made and natural attractions are included in Dubai's kid-friendly activities. Throughout the tour, curious minds can experience the thrill while learning about technology.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure happens to be one premier theme parks situated in Dubai that offers state-of-the-art attractions that revive cartoon characters. This area is bigger than 28 football fields, thus you should wear comfortable shoes when you visit. With everything from live stage shows and meet-and-greets with action heroes like Iron Man to unique experiences like Thor Thunder Spin or the Haunted Hotel, this indoor theme park in Dubai offers nonstop excitement for thrill-seekers of all ages. The largest indoor theme park in the world, IMG Worlds of Adventure, provides an amazing day of fun.

The theme park, which is over 1.5 million square feet in size and has four themed "Epic Zones," receives over 20,000 visitors every day.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of Dubai's biggest parks, is divided into areas based on popular superhero themes. The interiors come to life with The Avengers' vigor, LazyTown's bright motifs, and The Lost Valley's life-size dinosaurs.

At the IMG Boulevard, there are many options for dining and shopping, and the on-site Novo Cinemas offers a wonderful range of blockbusters to satisfy movie buffs. You can rent wheelchairs and strollers for better accessibility.

Kidzania Dubai

For children aged 4 to 6, KidZania in Dubai is an engaging educational experience that provides more than 80 role-playing activities with real-life experiences. During your visit to Dubai, treat the kids to hours of safe entertainment. The kids' experience starts as soon as they enter KidZania Dubai, and it continues as they participate in a variety of activities all over the place. The children are awarded 50 kidzos as soon as they arrive at KidZania and pass through the gates  At KidZania, there are designated supervisors who watch over the children and show them about the city.

With 50 kidzos in their possession, children make their way first to the city bank to pay their checks for cash. The real fun then begins, and children are expected to take use of the chances provided by KidZania Dubai while they explore the city's streets. They must choose a profession—such as a doctor, beautician, police officer, or firefighter—and work in that field until they are able to switch jobs. After a long day of work, children can unwind and spend the kidzos they have earned by purchasing items for themselves and treating themselves to leisure activities like a spa visit or a movie.

Oli Oli Dubai

On Sheikh Zayed Road, there is a play area for kids called OliOli. Children can learn about subjects like Science, Engineering, Arts, Technology, and Mathematics in the galleries, which also offer a happy, fun filled, and safe environment. OliOli has succeeded in winning the hearts of both parents and children in just a few short months thanks to its eight galleries displaying more than 40 exhibits and regular workshops. This interactive museum stood out from the other edutainment centres in Dubai because it offered a hands-on experience that few other places could match. Six galleries have been created within the Oli Oli space, each of which focuses on a different talent or facet of life. The galleries are special places with a variety of exhibits—over 40 in total—that aid in the growth and identification of the child's curiosities. These galleries feature Toddlers, Forts and Dens, Cars and Ramps, Toshi's Net, Future Park, Creative Lab, Air, Water, and Toshi's Net.

Dubai Safari Park

With a stunning 119 hectares of space, the Dubai Safari Park is the home to more than 2,500 creatures from around the globe. Lions, camels, camels, giraffes, elephants, moon bears, and a variety of other species can be found here. There are species unique to each of park's various zones. Prepare to go to a variety of locations, including the Asian jungle, the Arabian desert, and the African rainforest.

Dubai Safari Park is a wildlife park, educational centre, and animal sanctuary all bundled into one. For everyone who is interested in learning more about the world's flora and fauna, a visit to the Dubai Safari Park is a must. Additionally, it provides a variety of interactive programmes that let guests engage directly with a variety of exotic animals.

You can explore the park's various zones and ecosystems and go on a wildlife adventure. You have admission to the live entertainment as well as the Asian Village, African Village, and Arabian Desert Safari with this ticket. 

Garden Glow Dubai

The first glow-in-the-dark theme park is located at Dubai Garden Glow. This location, which is part of Zabeel Park, is well renowned for its spectacular light architecture projects that draw inspiration from artwork from all around the world. Both children and adults have been entranced by photographs of a massive jellyfish drifting above Zabeel Lake in time to the music, while images of the shimmering Burj Khalifa are unquestionably impressive. As of right now, it's closed for the season. 

The sparkling Cinderella carriage, a dinosaur park, and other installations are popular with small children and must be seen. The Garden Glow, which follows a seasonal calendar, is currently in its fourth season and offers four different theme parks inside its grounds, providing guests the chance to visit the park during various seasons to see new exhibits.