Amazing places to visit in the East African Community

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The East African Community can be seen as a geographical or political union of individual countries. The most prominent of them are Kenyainfo-icon, Ugandainfo-icon, Tanzaniainfo-icon, and Rwandainfo-icon. The East African Community has very deep traditional and cultural diversity.  Did you know the fastest marathon runners come from this region?  Okay, away from running let’s explore the beauty in this region, from exotic safaris to simple hikes.  Come with us as we uncover what makes it a haven for tourists.

Tsavo East National Park

Known as the largest and the oldest park in Kenya it is named after the Tsavo River. Interestingly it can be accessed from three different coastal cities, that is, Mombasa, Voi, and Malindi.  A safari tour across this beautiful park will give you a chance to see wildlife at its best, the likes of Elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, cheetah, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, warthogs, monkeys, abundant bird species and the list is endless.  Mzima springs which are made of four natural springs is another site to see.  You can also venture into the Shetani lava flows which are a geological wonder and check out the roaring rocks too.

National Parks in the East African Community
National Parks in the East African Community

Lamu Island

This stunningly beautiful island situated on the Kenyan coast is very rich in culture and a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The main inhabitants are Swahili speakers which are a large ethnic group in the East African Community. The local artichecture has a feel of different cultures Indian Arab, European and Persian because they all played a part in its history. One exceptional thing about Lamu is no cars are allowed, and people get around by donkeys or dhows. Shela is the main village with clean white sanded beaches, and most guest houses are positioned here.

Sipi Falls

This jewel located at the foot of Mt Elgon National Park is a combination of three waterfalls cascading down the cliffs surrounded by such beautiful greenery.  But for you to cover the three waterfalls be ready for a long steep and maybe muddy walk.   Hike up to the Mt Elgon if you can or take a walk through the villages, breathing in some crisp, fresh air and visit the coffee plantations while hanging out with the friendly locals.  The guided coffee tours will show you how the Bugisu Arabica coffee apparently one of the best in the world, is grown, processed and packaged.

Bwindi National Park

Located on the South West of Uganda this park is known for the Bwindi gorilla trekking tours. The word Bwindi which means darkness will fall into place when you visit, as this rainforest is so dense and impenetrable.  You also have to be fit and energetic due to the steep terrain but then again isn’t that the adventure part of it.   You can cycle the tour too if you like.  You will also get to learn about other species like birds and the vegetation variety in this forest.  Did you know that gorillas are the largest primates and almost 100% of its DNA is equal to that of the Homo Sapiens? Need we say more? Make time and let’s go check out our sort of fascinating relatives! This is one of the best spots to meet the gorillas within the East African Community.

Nyungwe Forest

Located in Rwanda, Nyungwe forest is a large mountainous rainforest that was established in 2004.  Chimpanzee tracking is the main attraction here though you will also encounter other mammal species like monkeys, gorillas, and birds too.  During the chimpanzee tracking, the guides will put you in small groups as you set out, and will give elaborate explanations of these primates and the forest life here.  The canopy walk is another highlight which is about 50metres above the ground and the views from up there are just spectacular. Stop by the tea plantations and find out why picking tea is an art.

Lake Tanganyika

Shared between four countries, this is the longest fresh water lake in the world.  Tanzania has the biggest share, followed closely by the Democratic Republic of Congo, then Burundi and lastly Zambiainfo-icon. This tranquil destination’s fresh water offers a buzz of activities from fishing, kayaking, motorboat rides, swimming or just a meal on the dhow cruise.  Early in the morning as you take in the fresh air you are bound to see animals drinking water like leopards, chimpanzees, and antelopes so be careful.  In the lake also look out for crocodiles, snakes, fish eagles, jelly fish to name a few.  For the sport fishing enthusiasts, this is the place for you.

Ngorongoro Crater

Known as the largest inactive volcano in the world, Ngorongoro Crater located in Tanzania is one of the seven natural wonders of Africainfo-icon that was formed after a volcanic eruption. It is one of the East African Community most exceptional safari destinations.  The fantastic game drives are a must do, and you will easily spot the “big Five,” lion, elephant, buffalo rhino and leopard plus other wildlife like the jackals, cheetahs, foxes and some bird life too.  Both day and night treks can be arranged, and due to the non-existent of infrastructure, the guides mostly use donkeys for the longer hikes to carry supplies. Complete your trip with a visit to the intriguing local inhabitants the Maasai who still live a very cultured life away from modern life.

Discover the East African Community

Now that you are spoilt for choice, there is no reason why you should not take a chance and travel to the African continent and more so the East African Community region. Join us for a relaxed holiday combined with magnificent nature.

Crater Lakes in the East African Community
Crater Lakes in the East African Community