The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Everyone who has ever been interested in international relations had a look at the problem of global poverty. There are lots of issues which the modern society together with the world leaders, politicians and economists are facing. It is time to question the methods which are being currently used to fight the global poverty.

The reason for that is simple. Those methods are not effective enough because the poor countries are not getting wealthier! The living standards in certain countries are still not rising. This means that we should change the way we see the problems and the methods we use to tackle them. Let’s come up with a new approach to bring the end of poverty.

Have you ever heard of the book “The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time” by Jeffrey Sachs? It is not just a good read which will make you rethink the traditional ways of fighting poverty. It is also the ultimate guide to solve this global problem once and for all.

The author who currently runs the Earth Institute at Columbia University has a very clear vision of how to help the poor countries get out from the poverty trap and start building up their economies. Even though it is a complex process, it does not require as many resources as people think. There is a common misconception about the amount of money poor nations need to solve their problems and to kick-start their economic growth. 

Listen to the summary at Blinkist to get the idea of the approach the author is talking about.

The Individual Approach

Take an individual approach in fighting the poverty

So, where is the end of poverty and how do we get there? Even Jeffrey Sachs has not a single solution because it is different for each and every country.

First of all, we should research and analyze every particular situation. It is important to understand reasons which lead to the poverty and reasons of being trapped in this situation. Those can include geographical position, poor international relations, political and economic factors.

Only after deep analysis can we make conclusions and start working on reducing the poverty levels in those countries. The end of poverty, however, is not some illusory dream. It should be a goal which can be reached if the richer countries work together and work efficiently to tackle this issue.

Growing Economics

It is clear that without foreign aid the underdeveloped countries will keep being poor and they will hardly be able to find the way out. It is, therefore, important to unite in order to fight global poverty. However, as the author of “The End of Poverty” highlights, it is not necessary to invest huge amounts of money to end poverty once and for all.

This is all about investing it wisely. We have seen the example of success, shown by Chinainfo-icon. The country used to be poor just a couple decades ago. But take a look at the achievements it can boast with right now.

It has not only overcome the obstacles on the way to get rid of the poverty, but it has shown a remarkable economic growth and became one of the fastest developing countries. The end of poverty should be a global priority, a primary goal and the methods of getting to reach this goal should be selected wisely.

Otherwise, we will be stuck at the very same place we had started our fight against poverty. We should learn from those examples, but keep in mind that there is no miracle which will work exactly the same for different countries. That is why it is so important to see the whole picture and analyze all the factors which cause the poverty.  

Actionable Steps to End a Global Poverty Once and for All

All of us can help in fighting the poverty

So, how do we reach the end of poverty? What should we do to make it happen? We should learn about it and we should educate others as well.

Obtaining this knowledge is vital. Without this knowledge we are powerless, because for every country there are different circumstances which cause the poverty trap, and there are obviously different methods which can help to solve this problem.

However, the good news is that if we find the effective way to fight the poverty in this or that country, it is going to be once and for all.

Once, the cause is found, it can be eliminated, and the country can start moving forward to economic growth and stability. Listen to the book at Audible.

There are some key measures which can be taken to start helping the poor countries:

  • Raise awareness. If you start raising awareness and educate others, letting the world know about the issues and the ways they can be solved, you are on your way to making a change in the world.
  • Travel and volunteer. By traveling to poor countries, you will not only create jobs and improve the economy of those countries, but encourage other people to do the same. By sharing your experience, you will inspire more people to make a difference.
  • Donate money to sustainable projects and reliable organizations. Education and healthcare are the spheres which you should probably consider investing in, first of all.
  • Help to develop the global trade. To help the poor countries overcome this period of hardship it is vital to improve international relations and grow the trade. If the geographical position is not favorable it is important to find soma alternative ways the country can develop its trade relations.

The end of poverty is real, but we need to find the wise solutions and work together to help the poor. It is important to work with the cause of poverty and eliminate it so that in future the country will not face it again and will not have to deal with the very same issues as before. There are lots of possibilities for the poor countries to break this poverty circle and open new opportunities for its citizens. 

Dear mindful citizens of the world, get involved and help your neighbors to overcome poverty by finding the root cause and fighting it with innovative solutions.