Exotic Animals That Can Be Found And Bred Around The World

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Proof that nature is the best artist can be found all around us, in different shapes and forms. We are given the privilege to live our lives with creatures of stunning beauty and to witness their existence. Did you know that you are maybe the last generation who lived its life with the White Rhinoceros? This is where the beauty lies. In your awareness, there are exotic animals that are common, rare, and extremely endangered. Here, you will be able to find a list of incredibly unique animals. Enjoy!


Iguanas are lizards that are native to Mexicoinfo-icon, Central America, South Americainfo-icon, and the Caribbean. With proper care, they can reward you as beautiful pets. They are very affectionate and easily trained. They can recognize their owner’s face and learn certain things, such as to eat and drink at the exact time and go to the bathroom when it is needed.  It is mandatory to keep their living space clean and neat. If you are breeding iguanas, you must prepare boxes with a perfect mixture of soil, sand, and water. 

Koi Fish 

Koi fish are originally from Chinainfo-icon, and their breeding started in the 1600s. This specific, ornamental fish can be found in small ponds and water gardens all around the world. A fun fact about this fish is that it can be worth millions of dollars. Maybe you should rush and buy koi fish for your watery garden. They are easily bred and could be bought on the farms. This fish, unlike some other species, can live for hundreds of years. This is a very radiant and colorful fish, with ornaments all over the body. They are usually purchased for their immense beauty and bred for selling. It is interesting that in the very beginning they were bred for eating, but it was not recommended since they are grown in small ponds. 


Chameleons are beloved pets among people who enjoy reptile company. They can grow up to 7 inches and are pretty expensive. They are well-known for their ability to change their color based on the environment. This is a defense mechanism they use to protect themselves from predators. Chameleons are very sensitive and can be injured easily, so you have to give them great attention. Make sure they are always hydrated. 


Emu is the second largest, flightless bird in the world. They are huge, fast, and agile. They can run 30 mph and are very territorial, especially during the breeding season. Female emus lie big, dark green eggs, over one pound in weight. Emus eat grass and insects, but there is also a supplement made especially for them. This supplement is made of soybeans, wheat oats, corn, and alfalfa. All grown emu can eat one pound of food every day. However, this changes. Sometimes, they can eat more than a pound, and sometimes very little. 


This will be the favorite pet of your children. Alpacas demand great attention and proper care. A fun fact about them is that they are domesticated earlier than sheep or cattle. They originate from South America and are grown especially for their fiber which is used for making clothes.  There are two kinds of alpaca: Huacaya and Suri. Huacaya is more common because of its fluffy fur, teddy bear appearance, and friendly personality. The Suri breed has longer hair and is moody. There are just 10% of Suri breeds in America. Alpacas have mild personalities, are friendly, and are gentle. However, beware of the occasional leg, back kicks. 

Ashera Cat

Ashera cats resemble mini leopards. This beautiful cat is a mixture of two bloodlines: African Serval and Asian Leopard- with a domestic cat. Ashera is specific because of their leopard-like spots with some tiger stripes. They require no more attention than a regular cat. They are affectionate, more sociable than a regular domestic cat, and have a huge temperament. Ashera cats are hypo-allergic, meaning they do not cause any kind of allergic reaction. Additionally, they are easier to be trained and take walking on a leash better than normal cats. They are extremely expensive. One can cost more than 125 000 dollars, and because of their hybrid breed, you can expect hefty vet bills. 

Reticulated Python 

If you want a pet to be noticed? Well, this is a pet for you. Reticulated Python is native to South Asiainfo-icon and Southeast Asiainfo-icon. It is the world’s longest snake and is red-listed due to its huge distribution. They have a nasty temperament but can make good and affectionate pets. They are popular because of their appearance and net-like skin. One snake cannot be purchased for less than 25 000 dollars. 

This was just a shortlist of the world’s most popular exotic animals. They are easily bred and good for being in the family surroundings. If you are a fan of having an exotic pet, these are some to be considered.