Five Underrated Destinations To Travel In 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Most travel enthusiasts are now taking a keen interest in exploring the unbeaten trails. While travel experts and influencers tap many destinations in the world, there is no comparison to the feeling one gets after witnessing an unexplored destination.

Unexplored beaches, mountains, deserts, or jungles, the glorious mother earth has so much to offer that it leaves the most intrepid traveler swoon in awe-struck delight.

So, here is a list of handpicked unspoiled global treasures to travel in 2020.

1. Taipei, Taiwaninfo-icon

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is located in the north of the island. With a population of 2.7 million, this city is home to remarkable activities and sightseeings at every turn. Night markets are the most exciting part of Taipei's culture. It's neighborhood district Da'an has the famous Tonghua Night Market. It is rarely explored by tourists and remains low key, making its local vibes feel alive.

Fantastic food options, accessory, and clothing shops line the streets of this market. Be prepared to get your mind-blown after trying its famous delicacies like egg tart, steam fried buns, and fried tofu. Songshan Ciyou Temple is a magnificent temple of Taipei, dedicated to the deity Black Faced Mazu. This six-floor temple represents happiness and longevity.

Also, for all the adventure lovers, take a hiking trip to the Elephant Mountain for the most spectacular views of the city. Taipei is a well connected and technology developed city. So, one would not find any internet difficulty.

The best time to visit Taipei is from November to April when the weather is cool, and one can also witness cherry blossoms, the lantern festival, and the Chinese New year during these months. Though the other famous cities of Taiwan overshadow it, Taipei is worth the visit.

2. Marfa, Texas

Marfa is the place that will make one appreciate the simple things in life. It is a small town near Texas with just 2000 residents, few cafes, art institutions, and stylish food trucks. This charming destination hosts some beautiful art galleries like the Prada Marfa art installation, El Cosmico Airstream, and Teepee park.

A trip to Marfa is incomplete without witnessing the mysterious Marfa Lights in Presidio County. This seemingly sourceless light has been a wonder since the 19th century and continues to astound famous meteorologists. Although it lies secluded from the other Texas cities, Marfa does have some five-star hotels and restaurants.

Take a road trip to this place, pack some fantastic Mexican food and visit the observatory for an amazing planet view through telescopes. Install roof rack accessories to the vehicle if you are traveling with a large group, to easily accommodate all your luggage. March to April is an excellent time to visit Marfa with a cooler climate and no worries about rainfall ruining the trip.

3. Adelaide, Australiainfo-icon

Adelaide, located in South Australia, is one of the top ten liveable cities in the world. It was once a sleepy city but has got a significant evolution with a thriving small-bar, multicultural restaurants, and a packed events calendar. Adelaide is also known as the city of churches, showcasing some beautiful architecture, giving an insight into the city's past.

Take a visit to Australia's first pedestrian-only mall, Rundle Mall, famous for its giant cockroach statue, iconic sculptures, and lined with international retailers. Another lively spot is Central Market, which is the food hub of Adelaide, offering delicious patisseries, charcuterie, gourmet cheeses, and sweets.

Admire the gorgeous botanic garden with a stunning array of beautiful, diverse flora, endangered plants, and useful plants. Another park, named Himeji Garden, designed in Japanese styles, is also a peaceful place for meditation and some bird-spotting.

Apart from these, there are tons of other things to explore in Adelaide, like the jam Factory, National Wine Center, and the Cobbler Creek Recreation Park. The best time to visit is the months of March to May when the temperature is pleasant, and there is little rainfall.

4. Tbisli, Georgiainfo-icon

While some cities take your breath away instantly, others take time to charm you. Tbilisi the capital of Georgia also known as the heart of Caucasus is one such city. It is considered as the world’s most Bohemian city.

If you are aiming to relax after a hectic day, Sulphur Baths located in the Abanotubani district are an amazing option for you. You must visit one of the most scenic places, Mtatsminda Park to capture the mesmerizing view of the city. Enjoy the scenic beauty with your loved ones.

The Georgian cuisine is a must-try, start with Khinkali the kind of dumplings filled with juicy mutton. Other favorites of the locals are Mtsavadi, Kharcho with Ghomi and many more.

Apart from this, you must visit Fabrica and also the Flea market if you are a fan of antiques. The beauty of Tbilisi can be seen throughout the year but the best time to visit is May, June, or September. So plan your trip accordingly.

5. Omaninfo-icon

Oman is an off-beat destination that never gets into any backpackers or travelers, travel list. Although this exotic country has been receiving tourists for decades. Traveling to this Middle Eastern country gives a chance to experience the Arab culture. Most people here speak English, which makes it easy for travelers to communicate with the locals. It is a peaceful country that has modern amenities while preserving its pristine nature.

Adventure lovers must visit the Wadi Shab that has a 35 feet diving cliff and picturesque view. Take a 40 minutes hike to reach the turquoise-green pool surrounded by golden red canyons. During the May and October months, visit the Ras al Jinz beach where one can see turtles nest, laying eggs, and watch them hatch baby turtles.

Muscat, Oman's port capital, should be on every traveler's list. It is home to the beautiful palace, Qasr Al Alam Royal, a breathtaking mosque Sultan Qaboos Grand, and an architectural beauty like the Royal Opera House. There are many malls for the shopaholics, lined up with international and local brands. And lastly, when you are in Oman, do try the Omani foods like Shuwa, Harees, Mishkak, and of course dates, which are too irresistible to ignore.


So, these are the five underrated destinations that should definitely be on the travel list of every traveler in 2020. Remember to plan and book flights and hotels in advance to get good deals and save money.