The Rift: all about the future Africa

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The future Africainfo-icon is becoming a subject of interest not only for politicians and sociologists but also investors and travelers. The hottest continent has been seen as a place of corruption, war and extreme poverty for a long time. However, the situation is changing. 

Africa has a huge potential to develop and emerge as a continent. If you want to learn more about Africa and many ways in which the continent is growing, there is an excellent book for you. This book can become an eye-opening experience. 

Written by the Time and Newsweek reporter Alex Perry the book “The Rift: all about the future Africa” reveals obscure facts about the African continent. It also suggests the ways to help the Africans break the poverty trap and open new opportunities for their countries. Listen to the summary at Blinkist or listen to the book at Audible.

Exploring Africa Today

Experiencing unique African landscape has never been more accessible than today!

When thinking about Africa, you probably imagine those starving children and piles of garbage which we constantly see on TV. Well, it still takes place, but the future Africa is not going to look like that. 

Those who are interested in international news and history notice that the African continent is experiencing considerable growth in all spheres. It is much safer to travel to Africa than before and to explore the unique treasures the continent has to offer. For this reason, there is hope that in the next decade African countries will become a popular destination for tourists.

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It will give them a chance to build up their economy. Even though Africa is still experiencing devastating consequences of war conflicts and deaths from famine and diseases, these rates are decreasing. Some positive tendencies are also taking place in many countries of the African continent. 

The Key to Ending Poverty

Farming in Africa is the key of getting out of the poverty cycle.

It is a well-known fact that farming and agriculture can help the country get out of the poverty trap and start its economic development. We can see a great example Chinainfo-icon has shown the world. In few decades the nation reached amazing results due to the development of these spheres. 

This is a key to ending poverty and a first step to building future Africa. The continent has so many resources to develop its agricultural sector. However, no significant progress has been seen in this area because of the risks of bad crops. Today this situation starts to change. Some trade organizations are functioning to help farmers develop their businesses and protect them from possible hazards. 

There are some innovative farming methods and techniques brought to Africa which proved to be very effective. Moreover, professional inspectors check produce quality and help establish fair prices as well as provide the farmers with relevant information regarding the crops via a mobile network. 

All these factors have a positive impact on the development of farming on the continent. Africa has enough resources to feed the whole world, so the continent should focus on ending starvation and famine once and for all. 

Light at the End of the Tunnel 

Africa has started implementing renewable energy sources for a brighter future.

You can see that future Africa is a great place to be. New cities are being built where the slums used to be. Technology is making a huge difference because the Africans now have a chance to communicate with each other and open up the whole world of opportunities for themselves. 

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Moreover, natural resources are used more actively in Africa now. Solar panels and windmills are becoming the most effective and ecological solution to power shortage in Africa. It used to be the most burning problem of the African continent before. 

So, if you want to participate in making future Africa it is highly recommended to:

  • Do your research. News and TV programs will not give you a full picture of what is going on. Reading books like “The Rift: all about the future Africa” will broaden your views and give you a better idea of how the continent is changing
  • Travel to Africa and immerse yourself in the local culture. This will offer you a chance to feel the life in a different surrounding, as well as to make your conclusions about needs of the local people.
  • Think of investing money to help Africa. Do it wisely though, because you should aim the lasting change and not just temporary results. The best idea is to invest in projects which will help the African continent become independent. Being dependent on the West does not help the continent solve its problems. It only makes the poverty cycle tighter
  • Raise people’s awareness. This probably is one of the most important things you can do to make a difference. People should know what Africa is going through and how to help the continent. 

So, if you want to make a difference and help the people of Africa, it is a right time to put your ideas into action. The continent is looking forward to a change, and the bright future is close as ever.