German People

Monday, December 11, 2017

There's little doubt that I'm a fan of most things German—from the German people, their culture, the endless food options, to the historic and scenic cities and locations scattered throughout its magnificent landscapes.

What's not to love about das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers)? Germanyinfo-icon has it all; the views, the history, the attractions, the lifestyle, and most importantly, the beer. But Germany is so much more than its world-famous beer; it's livelier and more exciting than meets the eye. A country so full of attraction and places to go and things to see that a trip another else is simply just a waste.

Say Hello to the German People

In the heart of Europeinfo-icon, you'll find Germany—and at the heart of Germany, you'll find the German people. You won't find a more friendly and kinder bunch of individuals. Family always comes first for these tall and strikingly good-looking people. Life here is all about structure and organization, striving for perfection is the goal. Taking the utmost care in making every choice, every task, as thorough and analytical as possible. The error is not in the German people's vocabulary; neither is the word late. You will never find a German late to anything besides being early, and forever event and occasion they are the epitome of the perfect well-mannered guest.

Germans seemingly are born good at everything. Whether it's sports, engineering, inventions (insulin, the light bulb, the automobile, books, and diesel and gas engines), cars, beer, they have a truly unique way of always being right – except for The Second World War maybe.

The German Culture

Very few countries can compete with Europe’s 6th largest country regarding culture. Where else can you find a country that does not believe in putting their youth in debt with college? Germany has abolished college tuition not only for citizens, but noncitizens as well.

The German people are some of the most unified people on the planet, just back to 2014 when the Germans won the World Cup in Football. Have you ever seen 80 million people (the most populous country in Europe) so consumed with excitement over winning a game?

However, sports are just a sample of having passionate this culture is about life. Germans adore and cherish all their traditions. From religion to the long-standing festivals (they have more festivals and social event than any other country) like Volkesfest and Oktoberfest. This fun-loving, beer drinking culture doesn't mind sliding into a classic dirndl or strapping into some amazingly comfy lederhosen to socialize and enjoy life with family, friends, and stranger alike.

A stranger to the Germans or not, they enjoy using their English they learned throughout schooling, and from the other end, their dialects through all the different regions in Germany (over 35 dialects) will surely amaze you.

Where to Go in Germany?

You cannot make a wrong choice on where to start or end your travels. However, for first timers venturing into Deutschland, there are a few places that you can't miss the first time around. Berlin, the German capital, is one of the most exciting cities you will ever find. Located in northern Germany, Berlin combines historical architecture throughout a growing and increasing advancing city. Museums, shopping squares, tour buses, and the great Zoologischer Garten, which is home to the largest assortment and populations of animals in the world.

As you venture south, cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt all have a city life that will captivate and electrify you with joy. Venturing deeper into beautiful Bavaria, no trip is complete without seeing the infamous city of Munich, the fairytale city of Stuttgart, and the beautiful heavenly town of Füssen.

What to See in Germany?

To go is one thing, to see is an entirely separate thing. Germany has some of the most amazing sights in all the world. None more infamous than Schloss Neuschwanstein. The remote Bavarian castle near the German-Austrian border that is so awe-inspiring, that even the king of dreams, Walt Disney modeled Disneyland’s Cinderella and Rapunzel's Castles after it. However, Germany is home to over 200 more castles, spread out all over.

German People

Also, don't forget to take in some time along the Rhine River, full of incredible sights and views that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The Black Forest of Bavaria is another can't miss gem. These words are what fairy tales are created from, no joke. The tales of the Brothers Grimm are based on the Black Forest due to their dark and creepy nature. Along the way, make sure to drop into the small and quaint villages to get a taste of the small-town life with the big city sights. These little communities pack a punch of excitement many travelers overlook.

What to do in Germany?

Germany is one of the few countries that have cheap travel options by bus and train readily available to all the main cities. Along the path, feel free to gaze upon all the small villages and towns you will path and view from your window. Walking, hiking, running, cycling, mountain climbing, football, skiing, or my favorite, zip lining from Germany highest peak Zugspitze.

However, I saved the absolute best things to do for last. What is everyone's favorite thing to do? Eat and Drink. The food here is like a religion, and believe it or not; beer is considered food, not alcohol.  Germans have over 1,000 different kinds of sausages or wursts as the Germans call it. None more famous than Currywurst, which consumed more than 800 million times last year alone. Aside from that food such as Rouladen, Kasespatzle, Glühwein, Wiener Schnitzel, Spätzle, apple strudel, and the traditional German Bretzels.

What do You Think of Germany?

What makes Germany so appealing to the millions of tourists who travel there every single year is the quality and kindness of its people. I loved the breathtaking sights from the port of Hamburg to the millions of Germans and German alike celebrating together with beer at Oktoberfest. The people are genuine and kind, and at times distance, but only because they never break focus on completing whatever they're setting their mind on. It's a magical place full of excitement and history. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. I only have one question for you. Learning and reading all that I've written, when do you plan on visiting?


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