GoOverseas Platform Review

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You want to travel abroad and make a positive impact on the places you travel to? Then GoOverseas is an ideal platform for you.

Volunteering abroad is a huge step in the right direction for every traveler. You are expected to travel consciously and responsibly. That responsibility is to help others and bring joy to places you visit.

It is also a great way to experience something that can change your perspective on life. Positive life-changing experiences are great. We are happy to say that GoOverseas volunteer platform is full of them.

GoOverseas is run by travelers who want to inspire more people to travel or volunteer abroad and make a positive impact on their own life as well as lives of others.

What Kind of Volunteer Projects Can I Enroll Into?

Getting into so many different projects through the platform

GoOverseas emphasizes on cultural exchange projects that are meaningful and impactful. It doesn't specialize in international volunteering only.

You can choose from a wide variety of program categories that will leave a positive impact on you as a person and on the community around you. If you decide to study abroad, you have a huge selection of possibilities to choose from. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone to gain a new perspective on things and learn more.

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Good news is, there are a lot of GoOverseas jobs for volunteers. Do you have experience working with children? You can arrange to teach children English language, volunteer at summer camps or mentor children.

If you're more of a nature person, GoOverseas has got you covered. There are numerous environmental conservation programs across the globe, where you will work with magnificent animals like elephants and lions.

You can also develop your professional skills with GoOverseas while volunteering in community development. That way you can spread love and positivity wherever you go.

What Makes This Volunteer Platform Unique?

Learn why the platform is unique

Other than volunteering opportunities, this volunteer platform offers something unique. The GoOverseas scholarship is an excellent way for students to apply for an adventure for a lifetime that will positively impact their lives.

The team behind GoOverseas is filled with enthusiastic travelers who are doing their best to inspire other people to make this experience a reality. They work passionately to improve their platform, and it can be seen in the design of their page.

It is very intuitive and is community-driven, and are open to any questions their applicants might have. They have many different opportunities for travelers, like study programs, internships and gap year programs. There is something for everyone, and if you're not sure about something, you will get quick feedback on your concerns.

That is not just a volunteer platform. It is a platform that encourages young people all over the world to travel consciously and embrace the diversity of the world around us.

What Do the Participants Think About It?

Is GoOverseas legit at all? GoOverseas reviews from participants tell us that they are. They also tell us much about how this volunteer platform can positively impact the lives of their applicants.

People love the diversity of the programs and the experiences that they can offer to each individual. They also provide a lot of information about their programs, which are encouraging more and more people to apply to one of the programs.

Most of the impressions are inspiring, and seeing how much positive energy flows through this platform makes us recommend it even more. If you want to improve your skills and expand your horizons, then GoOverseas is a no-brainer for you. The sheer amount of possibilities are huge, and there is something for everyone.

How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved and changing the world

Finding a project that fits you perfectly is simple with this volunteer platform. You just choose from a wide array of categories and pick one of the volunteer or study programs. There are over 50 countries to choose from, so you have many choices:

Africainfo-icon: Benininfo-icon. Botswanainfo-icon, Cameroon, Egyptinfo-icon, Ethiopiainfo-icon, Ghanainfo-icon, Kenyainfo-icon, Madagascar, Malawiinfo-icon, Moroccoinfo-icon, Mozambiqueinfo-icon, Namibiainfo-icon, Nigeriainfo-icon, Rwandainfo-icon, Senegalinfo-icon, Seychelles, Sierra Leoneinfo-icon, South Africainfo-icon, Sudan, Swazilandinfo-icon, Tanzaniainfo-icon, Togoinfo-icon, Ugandainfo-icon, Zambiainfo-icon, Zimbabweinfo-icon

Asiainfo-icon: Armeniainfo-icon, Bangladeshinfo-icon, Cambodiainfo-icon, Chinainfo-icon, Indiainfo-icon, Indonesiainfo-icon, Israelinfo-icon, Japaninfo-icon, Jordan, Laosinfo-icon, Malaysiainfo-icon, Maldivesinfo-icon, Mongolia, Myanmarinfo-icon, Nepalinfo-icon, Palestineinfo-icon, Philippinesinfo-icon, Singaporeinfo-icon, South Koreainfo-icon, Sri Lankainfo-icon, Taiwaninfo-icon, Thailandinfo-icon, Tibetinfo-icon, Turkeyinfo-icon, Vietnaminfo-icon

Australiainfo-icon & Oceaniainfo-icon: Australia, Fijiinfo-icon, New Zealandinfo-icon, Papua New Guineainfo-icon, Vanuatu

Europeinfo-icon: Albaniainfo-icon, Austriainfo-icon, Belgiuminfo-icon, Croatiainfo-icon, Czech Republicinfo-icon, Englandinfo-icon, Franceinfo-icon, Germanyinfo-icon, Greeceinfo-icon, Hungaryinfo-icon, Icelandinfo-icon, Irelandinfo-icon, Italyinfo-icon, Moldovainfo-icon, Polandinfo-icon, Portugalinfo-icon, Romaniainfo-icon, Russiainfo-icon, Sloveniainfo-icon, Spaininfo-icon, Swedeninfo-icon, Switzerlandinfo-icon, Ukraineinfo-icon

North Americainfo-icon: Bahamasinfo-icon, Belizeinfo-icon, Canadainfo-icon, Costa Ricainfo-icon, Cuba, Dominican Republicinfo-icon, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haitiinfo-icon, Honduras, Jamaicainfo-icon, Mexicoinfo-icon, Nicaragua, Panamainfo-icon, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincentinfo-icon, United States

South Americainfo-icon: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazilinfo-icon, Chile, Colombiainfo-icon, Ecuadorinfo-icon, Guyana, Paraguay, Peruinfo-icon, Uruguay, Venezuelainfo-icon

Choose what culture you want to experience, as well as the field you wish to assist with, and you're all set to go.

Every program has a few reviews attached to them. Before choosing, it is ideal to check some reviews to get a sense of what is waiting for you. Some programs may be harder than others, but that doesn't make them less rewarding.

After you've picked an ideal choice, you can contact the organizations themselves and talk about the specific project more. There you will get more information about the project costs and the cost of living, as well as how to optimize your overall experience abroad.

Everyone should experience a different culture at least once. Thankfully, our world is full of diverse cultures, and GoOverseas is a perfect platform to experience them. Immersing yourself in that makes you grow as a person and impacts your life positively.

Challenge yourself and change your life for the better!

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Traveling is a powerful tool to change yourself and the world around you, use it responsibly for a good cause!