Greatest Places In The World To Go Hiking

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hiking is an adventure activity you wouldn't want to miss if you have free time or you’re in a grand vacation. For a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, hiking is a very fulfilling experience that brings a lot of fun, life, and meaningful experiences. If you love to travel around the world, you might as well know the best places to go hiking to make your stay more memorable.

Below are the greatest places around the world to go hiking:

GR20: Europeinfo-icon's Toughest Long-Distance Trail

GR20 in Franceinfo-icon is a long-distance trail traversing Corsica from north to south. This 180-kilometer trail can be walked within 15 days with a height variation of about 10,000 meters. While the GR20 does not require climbing techniques, it's necessary to be prepared by having the confidence and perfect fitness level to walk in rugged terrains.

The trail consists of the northern part, which starts in Calenzana and ends in Vizzavona. Even with the rocky and steep paths, the view is so beautiful. On the other hand, the southern part is easier, which starts from Vizzavona and stops at Conca. Here, the Coscione plateau with green meadows is spectacular.

Here are some tips when preparing to hike the GR20:

  • The best time for hiking is late June or early September. During these times, most huts in GR20 are open. Also, the weather isn't so hot.
  • If you want to go there in less crowded times, the best months would be July to August. However, avoid visiting the place between November and May because the trail is dangerous due to snowy mountains.
  • Always be prepared with all your hiking gear, supplies, and equipment. You can find high-quality hiking essentials online, like in

Inca Trail: Experience Peruinfo-icon's Famous Trail

Hiking Peru's famous trail, the Inca Trail, is a truly inspiring and exciting experience that you can share, invoking a bit of jealousy among your friends while also inciting a combination of slight fear and a sense of wonder in your soul. Start your backpacking and digital nomad experience in Peru.

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous hikes in the world, bringing hikers through narrow ancient paths that are deep-seated into the Peruvian countryside. Also, the gorgeous Andean mountains are Instagram-worthy, along with the cloud forest, majestic valley views, and Incan ruins. Since Machu Picchu sits at an elevation of 2.400 meters, it's important to layer your clothes. At the beginning of the trail, the weather won't be that cold, but as you progress to a higher elevation, you'll definitely feel the humidity on your skin.  

The Inca Trail is very popular because of its lush green forest, steep mountain passes, and Andean peaks. You'll find centuries-old ruins as you hike, which are only accessible to those who follow this pathway. Also, the Inca Trail is popular because you'll pass through the Sun Gate and see the magical sight of Machu Picchu. At sunrise, only Inca Trail hikers can access the Gate and witness this crescendo of a new day.

Pays Dogon: Maliinfo-icon's Breathtaking Trail

One of the most breathtaking regions of Africainfo-icon is Pays Dogon in Mali, “The land of the Dogon people.” A trek can last two to 10 days, which takes the Bandiagara escarpment with old cliff dwellings. The Dogon villages are the extraordinary highlight of the journey to the Pays Dogon trail.

Everest Base Camp: Spectacular Scenery Trail in Nepalinfo-icon

This is a two- to three-week hiking experience that is extremely popular because of its spectacular scenery. Also, the romanticism involved is more prominent. Just imagine proudly saying that you've stood at the base of the highest mountain in the world.

Indian Himalayas: Indiainfo-icon's Greatest Mountain Range

If you don't want to be with a big crowd and being solitary is more your thing, hiking in Himachal Pradesh is a good idea. Hardcore hikers teeter along the mountain tops from Spiti to Ladakh for 24 days. It is an extremely challenging and remote walk following ancient trade routes. On a sunny day, you'll see the trail surrounded by beautiful green bushes.

Routeburn Track: Stunning Subalpine Trail in New Zealandinfo-icon

The Routeburn track is a medium three-day track or about 32 kilometers in distance. It is found at the base of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Mt. Aspiring and Fiordland are the two national parks you'll pass through when taking this trail. The main highlights of this trail include the views from atop Conical Hill and Harris Saddle. You'll see waves that are breaking on the beach.


Hiking in different parts of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. The beautiful mountains, lush green forests, the birds and other animals, the locals, and the totality of these places are impressive. Planning your next hiking journey should be exciting and memorable, whether you want to be alone, or with friends and family.