How Many Countries You Can Visit with Your Passport

Friday, October 13, 2017

Do you know how many countries you can visit with your passport?

Preparing your trip can be a very exhausting process as there are so many things you need to arrange and be careful of. The majority of travelers are checking all the information on the country they are planning to visit. That’s a logical thing as you don’t want to find yourself in an entirely different country than you thought. Comprehensive research is crucial as you should at least know some facts about the culture, etiquette, and people where you’re going. These facts will make your visit much safer and enjoyable. When you’re done with the research, and you decided that you’re going to visit the country, the boring process comes up.

The process of gathering the required documents to enter and stay the country could be very boring and long, so it’s important to start with the process at the time. Do you have a valid passport? That’s the thing you must check before traveling! Once you’re sure that you have a valid passport, you should arrange all the documents required to get a visa. Each country has different process while some countries don’t require a visa as the passport will do the job.

Let’s talk about the process of gathering all the information about getting in the country only with your passport.

Documents You Need to Enter and Stay in the Country

While you probably know that you need some documentation to enter and stay in a country, you might not know the exact process of it. Each country has something different and for some countries is pretty easy to get the documentation to visit it, while for other countries it could be a nightmare. The excellent news is that if you’re a holder of a passport from a particular country, you won’t need to have any process as you can enter the country only with the passport.

Imagine how easier the process of visiting the country would be if you only need to have a valid passport to enter the country. Passport index is the thing you must check before your trip as you’ll find the information about the rank and how many countries you can visit with the passport.

How Many Countries You Can Visit with Your Passport

How to Check Which Countries You Can Visit with Passport

While there are many different ways to check this information, before each trip, checking in on Passport Index is always a great idea. Why choosing this site over the other resources?

Well, it’s straightforward to use it and you’re not filled with so many information while you’re on the site. Interactivity is at a high level and everyone can use it effectively as the design is very intuitive even for not experienced users.

There are so many options and information you can discover on the site. You can explore the world’s passports by the countries, regions, color, and location. Checking some information of foreign passports is interesting. While you’re examining the passports from different countries, you can see how many countries holders can enter without visa and ranking of the passport on individual and global rank. Kind of interesting information, if you’re passionate traveler who loves to expand their horizons and knowledge.

Another great option is global passport power rank where the passports are ranked regarding their visa-free score. The higher the passport is listed, the more countries you can visit with your passport. The site has an adequate filtering option so you could filter the passports by different aspects. For example, if you’re a holder of a German passport, you could filter the list by countries in European Union, Europe or Schengen Area. Once you set the filter, you’ll get all the passports listed by their visa-free score.

Another fascinating option is a comparison of passports. For example, you are a holder of German passport and you want to compare it with an Australian passport, you just add these two passports and you will get listed visa status of both countries. A handy tool if you’re interested in exploring different countries and their passport strength.

If you’re a passionate traveler who’s not only interested in some information but you always want to learn more, there is an interesting section called “Discover”. That section is like a blog filled with useful information about different passports and things you should know about your passport. It might be worth reading that section too as it is very interesting.

Check How Many Countries You Can Visit with the Passport

Each month, there are changes regarding the passport rank and countries you can enter only with your passport. The world is moving in an outstanding direction because the majority of countries are working on enabling their passport holders to travel to more countries only with their passport. That’s a great thing!

You should always check how many countries you can visit with your passport as it may give you an idea where should you travel next. The Passport Index is a beneficial site filled with many information that is crucial for you before taking a plane ticket.

Are you satisfied with the strength of the passport you hold?