How Much Does It Really Cost to Travel?

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Do the fascinating photos of picturesque landscapes, bustling shopping malls, mesmerizing natural views, and skyscrapers ignite an urge to travel in you? After being in the lockdown for months and closure of borders, we assume that most of you are nodding in the affirmative. But the sad part is pandemic messed up our travel plans and affected our finances negatively.

Here's the solution! Travel on a budget.

When everything seems to be getting more expensive, you can still do it in today's time. Let's see the lowdown of your options!

1. Be adaptable when choosing dates

Being flexible with your dates is one of the best strategies to reduce travel expenses. You can discover less expensive flights and lodging if you can be flexible with your travel dates. For instance, traveling off-peak or midweek can frequently be less expensive than traveling over the weekend or during busy times.

For instance, October is a fantastic time to travel to Tennessee. The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are turning colors. As a result, it is a fantastic time to enjoy the state's many outdoor activities. During the fall, Gatlinburg cabins can be an affordable option. The site is fantastic to see the leaves change color.

2. Set Money Aside for Each Activity Separately

Are you guilty of taking a lump sum of money on tour and worrying about expenses? Don't repeat the mistake.

Break down all the activities and set money aside for each. For example, if you are interested in river rafting, allocate money. Similarly, set aside money for other activities. Once you are on travel, you do not have to worry about different expenses.

3. Conduct an Extensive Search

You live in the internet era, where everything is at your fingertips. There is no reason that you do not search before embarking on a journey.

When it comes to finding out the cost of a trip, you must search rigorously. Instead of zeroing down on accommodation or commute options that appear on the first page of your search, explore more pages. You will find better deals and better options.

Moreover, when it is the offseason, many hotels and airlines launch promo codes and schemes. Take advantage of them. Remember, the more extensive your search will be, the more options will appear in front of you.

4. Go for Travel Insurance

Most of us see travel insurance as an added expense and try to avoid it. Don't do it!

Consider travel insurance a mistake. Life happens, and when you are in a foreign place, an emergency may arise, putting you in a challenging financial situation. Travel insurance will save you from additional money you may have to spend on medical bills.

Furthermore, travel insurance also covers the cost of missing luggage pieces. Since there are many insurance providers, you must search and pick one that suits your circumstances.

Change your mindset. Instead of taking travel insurance as an expense, consider it an investment.

5. Skip the Fancy Restaurants

We understand the temptation of dining in high-end, fancy restaurants. Even if we know that the food is generally not up to the standard, the urge is natural.

Still, be firm on your decision and skip the fancy dining options. Besides, no matter which country you are in, the best traditional food is found in local restaurants. Try local cuisine, eat with local people and taste the authentic flavor of the city.

Eating at local places will bring down your cost by around 20-30 dollars for each meal. All in all, it will help you save a considerable amount of money.

6. Use Public Transportation

Many people argue that they travel for a getaway and crave comfort on their holidays. But understand hailing a taxi or getting a rental car can break your bank. On the contrary, you can use public transport and save some money.

Traveling on public transport gives you an insight into public lives. You get to see natives going about their daily lives, enhancing your exposure. Additionally, when you travel on public transport, you explore the city on foot, allowing you to experience the city firsthand.

7. Choose your Adventures Wisely

Some people travel for comfort, several travels to experience life in another city, and numerous travel to try different activities. When you go on a holiday or a business trip, you may want to indulge in adventurous activities and get an adrenaline rush.

There is no harm in doing adventurous activities when on holiday; however, you need to be vigilant. The prices are sky-rocketing, and they have hiked up exponentially in the last two or three years.

Choose your adventures wisely. Think about what is more important to you. Do not book an adventure only if your companions are doing it. If you want to experience paragliding, river rafting, or jet skiing, only then spend money on it.

8. Shop from Local Markets

Shopping malls are attractive and have a strong pull. We are all guilty of splurging money on things we do not need when shopping at a mall; however, we are less likely to do so at local markets.

Take shopping malls as a recreational place. Explore shops and do window shopping there. You may want to purchase souvenirs for your loved ones, get traditional food, or purchase them from local shops. Also, avoid shopping in touristy places. Instead, go downtown and explore local markets. You will see a meaningful difference in the price.

9. Go for Free Tourist Spots

Not all touristy places require you to buy tickets. In every city, several places are free to explore. Go to parks, free museums, beaches, and other tourist spots where you do not have to spend a dime.

It will add more fun to your trip while saving you money for other adventurous activities.

The Bottom Line

The cost of living has hiked up exponentially in the past two years, making it difficult to travel every year. While it is true that almost everything comes at a higher price, you can still travel at a low cost. Searching for discounts, hit-hiking, and eating at local restaurants can save bucks. Still, we suggest you keep some extra money for unforeseen circumstances. So, buck up and start looking for your next destination already.