How to Deliver a Presentation in Another Country

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Did you know people stop focusing on a presentation after 10 minutes? Try and keep your next talk short and have a few breaks planned between sessions. Are you looking for tips on how to give a good presentation abroad? Not to worry! In this guide, we'll go over public speaking skills.

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Don't Talk Too Fast

If your audience's first language isn't English, you'll want to speak at a slower pace. Speak in shorter sentences and avoid unusual or difficult words. Pause between sentences, so your listeners have time to translate your words.

Don't Forget to Gesture

When you speak to a foreign audience, hand and body movements help illustrate points. An enthusiastic speaker will move around while talking and keep their audience engaged.

Avoid Slang or Common Sayings

Try not to use popular phrases you say back home. A non-native speaker might not understand the saying 'it's raining cats and dogs.' Make sure you don't use slang in your presentation. Idioms and slang can create confusion.

Think About Where You're Presenting

If you're trying to explain something, remember some stories won't hold the same weight. What's a popular game or pastime in the country you're visiting? Tailor your stories around the culture you're visiting.

Study the Language

A couple of weeks before your presentation, learn some basic greetings and sentences. Know how to say thank you and hello. Practice a few phrases for when you have to say goodbye. This shows that you care about your audience.

Make Use of Photos and Videos

Creating a presentation with too much text will confuse and bore your audience. Add relevant images to each slide so your audience can understand your point. Make sure your presentations have a balance of text and multimedia.

Know Your Audience

Some cultures enjoy an ironic and sarcastic sense of humor. In other cultures, this kind of humor doesn't translate well. Don't tell any jokes unless you know what your audience finds funny. You don't want to cause offense or confuse anyone.

Final Tips on How to Give a Good Presentation

If you know someone who is from the country you're headed to, ask them to look at your presentation. You can see if they find the information vague or too complicated. Learn as much as you can about the culture. Present your topic in front of a friend. Incorporate feedback they provide so you can give the best presentation possible. You can always record yourself and listen for any awkward or confusing phrases. Watch out for any slang you use. By practicing ahead of time, you'll feel more confident and prepared.

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