How To Pack For A Weekend Trip

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The more you travel, the easier packing becomes. But, if you're just starting your journey as a world traveler, putting together your stuff can be stressful. If you're planning a shorter trip, you don't need to take everything and the kitchen sink. Instead, developing an efficient system to pack for short trips will save you a lot of time and stress. By following this guide, you'll learn how to make those weekend getaways a breeze. 

Here are some tips for packing for a weekend trip so that you'll have the process down to a science in no time.

Think About Carry-On Sizes

Whether you're flying on a plane or not, trying to fit everything into a standard carry-on-sized bag will make the trip a lot easier. While you might have to bring some extra gear if your trip involves camping or something else outdoors, most other trips can be fit into a carry-on, so you don't spend your weekend lugging around your luggage.

Here are a couple of specific tips to get you started: 

  1. Practice the 5,4,3,2,1 rule: For trips less than a week, bring five pairs of underwear and socks, four shirts, three pants or shorts, two pairs of shoes, and one hat or accessory. This method is a good approach, so you don't end up packing way more articles of clothing than you need. 
  2. Have a set toiletry bag: If you travel often, it's much easier to have a second set of toiletries in a bag that you only use for traveling. This way, you don't have to spend all that extra time getting your shampoos and such into those little containers. 
  3. Maximize space: There are a few ways to maximize space in a carry-on, whether in a suitcase or a tote bag. You can roll up your clothes or use packing cubes. 


These three tips are a good jump-off point for packing quickly, but you'll likely have to make some edits if you're an over-packer.

Consider Your Destination

When packing, it's easy to try and include items for every contingency plan. While being prepared is admirable, many people tend to plan for scenarios that are unlikely to happen. If you're going somewhere where it's easy to purchase anything you missed, it's usually not worth the stress and extra space to include all those repeated pairs of underwear or two toothbrushes. 

Of course, you might need to be a bit more prepared if you're headed somewhere that doesn't have as much access to stores, but still, try not to overdo it.

Set Things Out, Then Take Things Away

Before getting everything into your bags, gather together everything you think you'll need for the trip. Set these items out on your floor or bed. At this point, you don't have to try to cut anything out; just get it all together. 

Then, once everything is in the same spot, you'll get a better sense of what may be unnecessary. At this point, try to take out any extras and make a few edits to ensure your luggage isn't bulging with too much stuff.

Relax And Have Fun

Travel is good for your mental health, so stressing about packing defeats the purpose of getting away. The more you pack for short trips, the better you'll get at the process. It's also up to you to decide what works best. 

Some people feel more relaxed if they are over-prepared, while others can't stand having a lot of stuff to carry around. It's really up to your own preferences and finding what's easiest for you.