How to Stay Safe on a Long Road-Trip

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Just about everyone loves a good road trip. While we certainly don't want to ruin anyone's fun, we should remind you that travel can be a dangerous thing. Although most road trips do not end in disaster, there is a certain percentage of them that do end in complete disaster. To help you avoid becoming one of those statistics, let's discuss a few effective ways to stay safe on a long road trip.

Avoiding Vehicle Accidents

Let's not forget that vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death in the world. This kind of thing can come out of nowhere and take your life. For that reason, it is essential that you maintain good road safety habits on a road trip. The longer you are on the road, the greater the need for caution.

First of all, make sure that you have more than one driver. Driving while tired is one of the easiest ways to make a road trip go wrong. You must always have a driver who is fresh and rested. You should also make sure that everyone wears their seatbelts for as long as the car remains in motion. It might be a little uncomfortable after a few hours, but you must insist. It's also a good idea to check out your vehicle thoroughly before taking a road trip. Check with an extra-close eye on the safety features like mirrors, signals, lights, e-brake, etc.

The Danger Of Attack

From the earliest times, there have always been criminals who prey upon unwary travelers. People used to refer to such robbers as "highwaymen" and this is also the origin of the term "highway robbery." No matter what you call them, you need to protect yourself from the human predators of the world.

Obviously, the surest protection from attack would involve multiple firearms, proximity alarms, and one or more guard dogs. Obviously, that kind of ideal situation will not be possible in many situations. Due to various laws and the constraints of practicality, you have to make do with what is available and practical.

Basically, you want to have some sort of defensive weapon, whether it be a pistol, some pepper spray, or anything in between. Even if you live in an area where such implements are heavily restricted, you can surely carry a nice big stick! Bringing a protection dog is also never a bad idea if that is feasible. If you know someone with martial arts experience, you might consider inviting them along.

However, the best defensive weapon is caution. You should avoid placing yourself in dangerous areas and dangerous situations at all costs. Remember that no amount of convenience or time is worth compromising your safety, or that of others. When in doubt, go with your instincts and listen when they tell you to leave a certain area.

Be Prepared For The Legal Consequences Of A Crash

Unfortunately, vehicle collisions can sometimes happen despite your best efforts. Even if you make no mistakes whatsoever, you can become the victim of another driver's bad judgment. This is an unpleasant thought, but it's important to be prepared for such a situation. After your physical safety, your second priority should be to cover yourself from a legal perspective.

It would be a good idea to seek out a good New York motorcycle accident lawyer so that you can have their number handy in case of an emergency. If their services need to be retained, you will be able to get help immediately. Obviously, this is less useful for those of you outside New York but it does give you a good benchmark for comparison.

As a final note, we would also advise those traveling a long way to do more research before taking that road trip. If you are going to an area with different laws and/or customs, it is important to familiarize yourself with them. For any dangers of the road that we haven't covered, you should simply refer to good old-fashioned common sense. Your instincts can be great protectors, so listen to them well.