Hungarian People

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hungarian people are one of the descendants of the Finno-Ugric people. Actually, just Hungarians, Estonians, and Finnish speak languages originated from this language family. 

But in the last thousands of years, the culture of Hungaryinfo-icon was influenced by many peoples, including the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austrians. 

With a beautiful country which they love and a hardworking attitude, Hungarian people succeeded to have a mark in history.

Culture of Hungary

The traditional folk dance is just one of the many things that make Hungary a more authentic culture.

Since old times, Hungarian people were known for their love of music. This includes Hungarian folk music and dances, but also classical music. 

We all heard of Csárdás and Brahms' Hungarian dances. Dance and music are performed with enthusiasm and joy. They are present at holidays and festivals, but also in concert halls and even on the streets.
Cruises on the Danube are frequently accompanied with classical music, chords especially.

This people love beauty and color and are experts in architecture as well. Their medieval cities are well-maintained, and the urbanism plans take into account the historical value. 

Hungarian houses are sometimes really old, especially in small towns, but people take care of them, and you can hardly find houses cleaner than theirs.

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Although they've had many influences and a long history behind them, Hungarians have something unique in their culture. 

Maybe it is the language, perhaps it is the spirit or maybe is the tradition. But what is Hungarian cannot be confused.

Hungarian Cuisine

You absolutely must try the Hungarian goulash soup when visiting Hungary!

Hungarian food culture is also well known. Who didn't hear of paprika, the famous condiment made from red pepper? 

You probably heard of goulash also, and if you like alcohol, you know for sure about palinka. 

Here you'll find a rich and heavy cuisine, with a lot of meat and creamy sauces, with slow-cooked food, and lovely deserts. 

But palinka is strong and washes out everything. Hungarians like to cook. Their green-eyed women have a tradition in homemade foods and pastries. 

You should also try the wines. It seems that this country without mountains and seas has a favorable soil for vineyards. Blessed indeed.

Places to Visit in Hungary

The amazing Lake Balaton is called the Hungarian sea regarding the fact that Hungary is a landlocked country.

Budapest is the first place you must see during your journey to Hungary. The capital of the country, Budapest is actually made of two different cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River. 

Considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Budapest is the Hungarian culture center, a romantic city, and a place to experience a cruise on the Danube. 

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It is an old city, with a long history and stunning architecture. It is also known for its love of classical music, amazing bridges, and thermal baths.
While Buda is full of old palaces, museums, and history, Pesta is the heart of modern Hungarian lifestyle. 

Here you can find restaurants and bars, nightlife, and the Parliament.

Hungary is a landlocked country, but it has Lake Balaton, which is named the Hungarian Sea. 

Along with many summer resorts, thermal baths, water activities, and relaxation, at Lake Balaton, you really get to know the Hungarian nature and their most authentic customs. 

Hungarian Mentality

Hungary is proud of their villages and their national heritage.

Since the old times, Hungarian people have been proud and nationalists. The Hungarian temper is well known. 

Military and aristocrats used to challenge to a duel for almost nothing. Nowadays, duels are not common, but the mentality didn't change much. 

In a world fighting for globalization, the Hungarians fight for their nation. They use and promote their products, their people, their dogs. 

They have good relationships with the Hungarians living in the neighboring countries and sometimes dream of a big Hungary.

This nationalist attitude has another face. Although they like to party, to sing and dance, Hungarians are hardworking people and very good households. 

Their gardens are impeccable. Their villages and towns are jewelry. And when they speak of their country, they have just nice things to say. 

This is the mentality of a winner; you cannot argue about that. 

Hungarian people are one of a kind. With glorious ancestors and a daring attitude, they've built a country to love and protect. Even when they had been defeated they still remained proud and… Hungarians. They gave the world artists, writers, composers, and condiments. They dream big and build high. What is theirs is theirs and no one can say differently. Hungarians are mostly made of attitude and nerve, of courage and heart, of impatience and diligence. They are hard to argue with, especially because they have a really hard to learn language. Even they say it is the hardest language in the world. It isn't, but Hungarians like to think so. In conclusion, a journey to Hungary will assure you a great experience in two ways. First is given by the romantic views, the medieval atmosphere, and the indulgent food. Second is given by a unique cultural and social experience.

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