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Friday, December 22, 2017

Do you feel a bit stuck in your life and have the need for a change? Probably it’s time to learn a new skill and pursue your passion!

Learning is a process that we should never stop in our lives. If you want to work in the field of your passion, it is vital to find and acquire the right knowledge. The traditional and most accepted route is still graduating from university. While it isn't by any means a bad experience, a lot of time will be spent learning general knowledge and mundane skills that might not help you fulfill your dreams. With the rise of the Internet, there are so many more possibilities. Especially, when it comes to learning useful skills that will significantly increase the likelihood of you getting employed in the field of your passion. If you learn how to use the Internet smartly, you can learn many more skills that are worth it.

Udacity – Learn a New Skill That is Worth It

One of such places where you can acquire worthwhile knowledge is Udacity. It is an online education platform that has helped many students in their desire to learn a new skill that is worth their precious time. The primary focus of Udacity is to offer courses that are organized into vocations, for an affordable price. Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Udacity, wanted this platform to be audacious for every student, and for now, it has succeeded in this goal. Over time, Udacity became sponsored by Google, Amazon and other giants like IBM and NVIDIA. That means that Udacity got a boost in funding, which only enrichened the learning experience for every student and increased the number of skills students can learn.

Pick the field of your interest and start learning.
Pick the field of your interest and start learning.

For now, there are about 30 courses with a strong emphasis on the technology field. The main attraction of a platform like Udacity is that you can learn anything you want, whenever you want, for an affordable price. With the courses available to you, it is much easier to build your portfolio and become employed by a qualified business.

The Nanodegree Program

Completing a Nanodegree program can give you amazing skillset that can land you a job in renowned companies.
Completing a Nanodegree program can give you amazing skillset that can land you a job in renowned companies.

This program is the core of the Udacity learning experience, and it greatly helps in launching a career of an enrolled student. The goal of the Nanodegree program is to educate every student on the project and skill-based methods. When you enroll in this program, you learn a new skill that is worth it, demonstrate your skills by completing projects and earn an affirmation that you have mastered the skill of your choice. As Udacity is partnered with giants like Google and Amazon, you can expect that you will learn valuable skills from the leading experts in the industry. One of the main benefits of the Nanodegree program is that the communication between the mentors and students is the key focus to ensure the best possible learning experience for enrolled students. Students usually get detailed feedback on their projects thanks to the project review system that emphasizes on speed and expertise.

You may wonder if a Nanodegree is valuable to companies over the world, and we can say that it's a worthwhile investment. The main thing that the Nanodegree program encourages is a demonstration of skill and mastery. Almost every company nowadays values skill, and that's why this program is ideal for students looking for more opportunities in this competitive environment. You can be assured that you will gain competent skills over the course of this program thanks to the healthy community of students and mentors this program features. Being in a healthy community only encourages your creativity, and that is the redeeming factor in the technology field. After you're done with the Nanodegree program, you get an indication of your success in the form of a credential. What's important about this credential is that it will offer many opportunities for you as an expert in the skill you choose. The best thing about this credential is the Job Guarantee tag. As Sebastian Thrun has stated, companies hire their graduates without an interview, as this credential speaks for itself. That's where Nanodegree Plus comes into play. The primary goal of the Plus program is to guarantee every student with a job of his passion, or return the money if the student isn't satisfied. That further cements the fact that Udacity is an ideal learning partner if you desire to advance in your career.

The Nanodegree program offers three categories based on the experience level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Whichever one you choose, you can stay assured that you will gain a competent range of skills thanks to the number of specialists that will guide you through these courses.

If you want to be a competitive professional then you never stop learning and Udacity is a perfect platform for continual learning.
If you want to be a competitive professional then you never stop learning and Udacity is a perfect platform for continual learning.


With the help of Udacity's experts, you can be sure that you will learn a new skill that is worth it, and master that skill by doing projects that will eventually earn you a Nanodegree credential, valued by many businesses around the world. The goal of Udacity is to launch your career and make you an expert in the field that interests you. You deserve the life you want, and Udacity can make it a whole heap easier for you.

Antonio Gabric a freelance content writer for aSabbatical.com
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