Udemy: Start Learning Some Useful Skills

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Do you want to improve your life by learning new useful skills but don’t know where to start?

We’re living in an information era where almost half of the world’s population has access to a stable internet. Everyone is choosing their way on how to spend the time on the internet. It can be mindless scrolling through the sea of internet content, playing video games or even learning new useful skills. If you’re willing to learn, there is no need spending thousands of dollars on a formal education as you can enroll in online courses that can teach you practical skills. For a very affordable price, you can learn how actually to apply the skill in real life and make money online. One of the skills that are becoming in demand today is Coding, here's a Beginner’s Guide To Learning How To Code.

Start using the internet in the right way, learn useful skills, apply them, build your portfolio and make money using the internet. If you like the idea, I’m going to share more information for you to start.

Udemy – the Ideal Platform to Start with Online Learning

learn useful skills with udemy
learn useful skills with udemy

Udemy is the online learning platform that is enriching lives of people around the globe through easily available education. The platform works as a two-way learning place where you can learn or if you have enough skills, you can even become an instructor. There are more than 55 thousand courses available in many different categories. No matter if you’re already professional or just starting, you can benefit from Udemy.

The idea of Udemy was born in Turkeyinfo-icon when the founder, then a math student, began to research online for his preparations in Math Olympiad. After he won the second place, he started to notice the importance of online learning and he wanted to make the education accessible to everyone in the world. Today, Udemy is a massive company with offices around the world and has partnerships with some of the biggest corporations in different fields.

useful skills
useful skills

Enroll in Courses and Easily Learn New Useful Skills

Udemy is an enormous online learning platform with more than 55 thousand courses available. Basically, you can learn any skill you want through the courses professionals in the field created. If you’re a professional and you believe the people would benefit if you share your knowledge, you can easily create the course and start sharing.

You can choose between 15 main categories and each category has a different number of specializations. Categories vary from business, marketing, programming, music to lifestyle, health, fitness and preparation for exams. Literally, everyone can improve their life taking some of these courses. Every specialization has hundreds of different courses available to the user. Some courses are free, while for others you should be ready to pay. It’s important to mention that the majority of courses cost only $10. Imagine, $10 for the one-time payment and you have a lifetime access to high quality courses and more knowledge you can ever learn!

Start Using Udemy and Get the Access to Valuable Courses

If you decide you want to start with online learning and you pick Udemy as the platform then the first step is to create a free account. Depending on your skillset, you can always create an instructor account and start making your own courses. If you’re specialized in some field, create the course, promote it and earn a little bit extra money for sharing valuable information with your new students. The community of instructors is powerful and responsive to the queries, so you can easily learn how to improve your courses from them.

If you’re a beginner or a professional who want to complement a skillset, Udemy is the way to go! There are many categories and specializations available and if you know what you need, you can simply use their search feature. To check the reliability of the instructor or course, there is an effective feedback system where other students leave their feedback. The courses are interactive and show you the progress as you complete the lessons. The majority of lessons are in a video format and supplemented with articles or written content for a deeper understanding. Once you’re done with the course, you will get the certificate of completion. It won’t have a huge value on the market, but it shows that you invest hours in learning useful skills and you know how to apply it.

find thousands of online courses at udemy
find thousands of online courses at udemy

For people who’re always on the road or commuting and don’t have access to a computer, Udemy created a very effective mobile application. Now, you can learn useful skills wherever you are! The application is available for iOS and Android platform.

The whole platform is relatively easy to use, even for people who’re not proficient using the internet. Categories and specializations are structured intuitively, so you will always find what you’re looking for.

The Internet is a Great Medium for Acquiring Useful Skills

The possibilities of the internet are endless. Using the online learning platforms like Udemy, you can be sure that you won’t spend too much time reading and learning about unimportant stuff. The courses are on-point and the focus is on acquiring and useful skill that can be applicable in real life.

Do you want to improve your life learning and to apply new skills? What are you waiting for? Udemy is the perfect way to educate yourself for very affordable price.

Antonio Gabric a freelance content writer for aSabbatical.com
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